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  1. 91-94 Socketed ECU ready for Link

    For sale 91-94 Socketed ECU ready for Link

    For sale is a stock ecu that was just refreshed from ECM Tuning. The caps were replaced and eprom was socketed. The ecu is from a federal auto car but shouldn’t matter when you put the ecmlink chip in. Price includes shipping and PayPal. I’ve got a 90 so I don’t plan on using.
  2. _matheson_

    ECMlink Self Diagnostic Output from ECU stops/ ECMlink connection issue

    Hi everyone. I'm totally new to DSMs and ECMlink, so I tried to do plenty of research before posting anything, but I think what I've found is weird enough to ask for advice...I recently purchased a V3 chip and cable for my 1990 talon TSI, and for the past few days I've been attempting to get...

    ECMlink OBDII to ECMLink? (BimmerGeeks Cable)

    Just curious!Getting ready to have my GSX tuned, but realized I need to check the way my ECMLink (v3) was setup by the previous owner.Researching, it seems there’s more than one way that people do it. However… I’m having a hard time figuring out whether I can plug in a USB to OBDII...
  4. 2g DSMLink V3 full

    For sale 2g 2g DSMLink V3 full

    selling my 2g dsmlink v3 full edition. this is for a 95-96 car, will work on 97-99 but you need to swap plug wires, $800 firm, includes shipping, venmo/cash app/ zelle/ paypal as friends, i have a good selling rep, but dont want to get screwed by buyer. serious buyers only pleaseRich 631-905-9432
  5. Slo2gen

    ECMlink Anyone care to look at my log?

    Having some issues with boost taper as well as I have melted 3 AC fans even without running the AC. The car runs good otherwise, however I have recently run into issues with melting the fans. I recently purchased a PTP turbo blanket and sock for the FP manifold. Current setup is a ETS FMIC...
  6. 2g Eprom ECU with new socket/caps

    For sale 2g 2g Eprom ECU with new socket/caps

    I have a eprom ecu that I just received back from ecmtuning. They went through the ecu, tested it, replaced the caps and socket. It’s ready for ecmlink. My price is $250 firm PLUS shipping and paypal fees I’m also a dealer for ECMtuning so if you’re interested in purchasing ecmlink, I can ship...
  7. 1g Eprom ECU w/ new socket/caps

    For sale 1g 1g Eprom ECU w/ new socket/caps

    I have an eprom ecu that I just received back from ecmtuning. They went through the ecu, tested it, replaced the caps and socket. It’s ready for ecmlink. My price is $250 firm PLUS shipping and paypal fees. I’m also a dealer for ECMtuning so if you’re interested in purchasing ecmlink, I can ship...
  8. 1994 Laser

    1994 Laser

  9. Saving red GSX!

    Hello! I'm new to this thread and the world of DSM. So I bought a 1998 GSX last year with a 6 bolt swap in it, when I drove it back home it was really running rough. So I tried to fix it becuase I thought it was just maintenance problems. This winter, the car didnt start at all, I was thinking...
  10. ncarson91

    Need help wiring coolant temp

    So when I bought the project car the coolant temp wires were missing why idk so I bought a aftermarket gauge from glow shift and need to know how I’d wire it up for accurate reading on ecm link. Any help would be greatly appreciated mind you I’m a newbie and far from an electrician. I also know...
  11. Mielo5280

    ECMlink Look at my log and provide feedback please and thank you

    I was wondering if anyone could look over this log I got and give me feedback. I did a pull from 2nd to my redline in 3rd. My redline was set to 6500 cause I let a friend drive it a while back and didn't want them to rev it too far out before the car went down for work. The cars build list is up...
  12. punk3rz

    2G HOW TO: Hardwire Speed Density (MAP&AIT) and Flex Fuel sensors to MAF wires

    I'm going to show you how to hard-wire your SD kit and Flex Fuel sensors instead of using an adapter harness for those either redoing their engine harness or you simply don't have the funds for the adapter harness.There was very little information on MAF wiring that I could find but maybe I...
  13. Anfurnyy

    Street Build 1g build - The Real Life Trials and Tribulations of building a DSM

    *EDIT* As I'm updating this build, it seems that this is turning more into a story than just a build. I've updated the title to reflect this, I suppose. This build is really going to showcase the real life issues behind building / working on a DSM and the problems, solutions that other might run...
  14. Sjd6795

    ECMlink Purchase questions

    When purchasing link v3 it's kind of unclear on their website if it comes with a ecu with it installed or if you have to supply an ecu. I have my stock ecu but it isn't eprom. What are the cost I'd be looking at for full v3 with the ecu?
  15. pearl4gtsi

    1G A little help with adding sensors to ecmlink

    Hey all, its been a long time since I've posted anything and am in need of some clarification on wiring in some sensors as I'm currently working on my harness.I am going to wire in a wideband o2 and a fuel pressure sensor. I am not running the factory o2 and will use NBsim. So that leaves...
  16. MikeG90

    For Sale 1800cc FIC LZ Injectors

    1G DSMlink V3 Socketed ECU $500 Shipped Can take pictures of the inside if interested.1800cc FIC LZ Injectors - $420 Shipped used only a few months, Flow tested with data sheetMy engine picked up a noise just selling to pay bills. I accept PayPal
  17. tdykes1234

    ECMlink Fuel Pumps Cut Off With Throttle!?

    So I installed my new throttle body today and while doing my tps adjustment with link, I discovered another issue the car seems to be having. With both fuel pumps running, when I would ease the throttle in and tps would read 3.6v, both pumps would shut off!? Now if I eased up on the throttle...
  18. ECMlink Dies on speed density but runs perfect on maf?

    Hey guys! Have a conundrum I cant seem to figure out. I just installed speed density plug and play bundle from ecmtuning and the car starts, idles really high (2500+rpm) for 10-15 seconds then slowly dies out... Giving throttle immediately kills it. Plugged the 2g maf back in and it runs and...
  19. mitsubishikid

    Sold 2g Eprom ECU '95 awd manual

    Greetings tuners, I got a good condition "95 Eclipse GSX CA emission eprom ecu up for grabs part number on the case is MD312464 , it has no signs of damage or any funny smells, it has to be sent to dsmlink to have them socket it if you plan to run dsmlink with it I'm asking $155 shipped 3 day...
  20. 91tsiawdtalon4g63

    1G Ebc issue

    Have a Mac 3 port hooked up, hose diagram is correct (both top and bottom holes used on wastegate), one wire to pin 105 of the ecu with full continuity from ecu to ebc, hooked up to 12v power with full continuity to ebc, enabled boost control on ecmlink, put duty cycle between 0%-75% and it did...
  21. DogWhistle

    ECMlink Help With Base SD Tune (logs attached)

    Okay, so this is my first time tuning with SD, and I've made the basic sensor input changes, fuel base settings, and it likes to stall every now and then on let off, and idles funky. This is a 2.0L, 264* cams, b16g turbo, FMIC, Evo 3 IM, and PTE 1000cc injectors. Let me know if there is anything...
  22. DogWhistle

    ECMlink Resolved: No ECMLink connection with EPROM ECU

    This issue is occurring on the new 1999 GSX of ours, using an EPROM ECU (corrected for 97-99) from ECMTuning, and ECMLink V3 on Windows 7, 2 different cables, and all the pins on the ECU and OBD2 checked/redone, using different com ports, and everything, there is NO way this will connect to the...
  23. Compound1g

    ECMlink Breaking up under boost?

    1). No boost, vac, or exhaust leaks. No noticeable leaks 2). Verify mechanical timing. Fresh timing belt, properly setup 3). Verify base timing. 5° 4). Ignition system. 028, NGk br7es 5). Motor health. Fresh Build, about 1k kms on it 6). Basic throttle body adjustments. Adjusted and tight, TPS...
  24. Compound1g

    AEM 1g aem EMS series 1 tune

    1g 1993 AWD 7 bolt 550cc injectors 268/272 cams 8.5:1 Cr Forged internals Water meth kit Speed density, gm 3bar and iat Aem wideband Compound turbo setup 14b/16g Trying to tune for 20psi (I'd do waaay more, but these injectors just can't do more than 20)I bought an aem ems (30-1300) used...
  25. 95pandagsx

    2G Need help getting my car running on speed density

    Car was running great when I first bought it but due to a recent battery drain issue all of the previous owners ecmlink settings reset and now it just cranks and backfires if there's anyone around westchester who be willing to help me get my car running again I'd really appreciate and i would be...
  26. Artago

    Immediately dies after start. Logs

    I did a head rebuild and pulled the evap equipment. Can't get the car to stay running. It turns over, revs to 3000 rpm and immediately dies. Giving it throttle will keep it alive for a few seconds but the RPMs go wild and it dies again. Log attached.
  27. punk3rz

    How To: Install a fuel pressure sensor & log with ECMLink

    I'm going to show you how to install a fuel pressure sensor and log it with ECMLink.First off, I was going to purchase a name brand fuel pressure sensor but after talking to a few people, I just went with an el-cheapo off eBay. Just make sure it's a 5v fuel pressure switch- I went with 100...
  28. Kai Hefner

    General Evo 3 eprom ecu: can it replace 2g dsm ecu?

    There is a guy in my area selling an evo 3 eprom ecu. I'm prepping to get ecmlink and my buddy told me I could save a bit of money with the eprom because I wouldn't have to get the full ecmlink package. Does the evo 3 eprom ecu work in a 2g dsm? If so, what else do I have to buy to get ecmlink...
  29. smoked28

    Sold 1995 Eagle Talon TSI AWD - DSMLINK V3 (Price Reduced)

    For sale is a '95 Eagle Talon TSI AWD, top of the line in its year. I bought it months back to restore it, but have lost interest in the project. It was making 430+ all wheel horse power when it was last running. I bought and installed all the necessary parts to get it in running order and found...
  30. DSMinAK

    For Sale 2G Front Fenders. 2Ga TSI hatch.

    2G Front Fenders (pair) asking $150 a fender (minor scratches, no dents or rust.)2Ga TSI Rear Hatch w/h spoiler, harness, and window wiper assembly $200You cover shipping. All prices are obo, please no low ballers. Thank you.
  31. smoked28

    2G X-POST -- ECU Identification and Advice?

    Hello DSMers,I bought a 95 TSI AWD over the weekend and now have it in my yard and have been tinkering with it. It has 1200 cc injectors, HX35, along with many other mods. When I bought the car, the guy pulled DSMLINK off his other car to get it to start because it apparently had a bad MAF. He...
  32. smoked28

    ECMlink ECU Identification and Advice?

    Hello DSMers,I bought a 95 TSI AWD over the weekend and now have it in my yard and have been tinkering with it. It has 1200 cc injectors, HX35, along with many other mods. When I bought the car, the guy pulled DSMLINK off his other car to get it to start because it apparently had a bad MAF. He...
  33. Wildwomper

    General Unknown chip in purchased 90 socketed EPROM

    Hello all, I recently purchased a socketed eprom ecu and I want to get this figured out before it comes in. It has four vertical boards in it which based on my research it proves to be a 90 along with the code along the plug section, but the seller tells me it’s coming out of a 92. So I’m...
  34. akamiller

    1G MTX-L Wideband and ECMLink Issues (No Closed Loop)

    Hi All, I tinker with this car once very 2 months or so and have recently fixed all vacuum leaks and basic maintenance and was ready to begin basic tuning. One of the first steps is to take a log while in closed loop. I noticed my car was staying in Open Loop at idle. More I read I found that...
  35. Engine knock help

    ok so I have just installed ecmlink v3 in my car and decide to take it for a ride and make sure everything is good. Driving it around and pretty early the check engine light flashes while moving and I’m aware that it will flash after 5 degrees knock. So I data logged and it knocked all the way...
  36. Bo0sTeD 4G63

    ECMlink Car stalls when put into 1st gear

    1). Any boost, vac, or exhaust leaks? Boost leak tested 5psi above your max boost with no leaks? No2). Verified mechanical timing? Yes3). Verified base timing? Yes4). Ignition system COP or Stock Coil: Stock Wire brand and Age: NGK, 3 Months Old Spark plug brand, type and Gap: NGK BPR7ES...
  37. lasershark

    Resolved ECM Link stops capturing randomly (Freezes)

    So while trying to data log, so I can tune for the new turbo setup, the computer just stops/freezes. It never records the same amount of time before it stops data logging. Sometimes it will record 90sec other times I will only get 20secs, never the same amount and it is making tuning a...
  38. ECMLink V3, Can't get car to idle...

    What's up party people!? New to the tuning game and it's starting off about as expected... can't get my car to idle-2g gsx running ecmlinkv3 -1g swap, plug order switched -non 95/96 CAS checked -3" gm maft set to aux4 base2, everything else zeroed out -base maf type set to stock in link...
  39. TSiBOLO

    Connecting AEM wideband to ECMLink

    I have my AEM digital wideband all wired up and working properly (as far as I can tell). The sensor is installed on my test pipe in front of the rear o2 sensor. I am trying to tune for speed density right now before I throw in ID 1050X's, Fuel lab FPR, AEM fuel rail, comp 102s and kiggly SS...
  40. smbgsx

    432WHP But Slight Miss/Stumble @ 6500 RPM WOT (datalog)

    I just switched to e85 and had a tune done. the car pulls good and cruises very good 99% of the time. there are some issues that have started recently though including... when I go WOT I have a stumble/miss at 6500 basically on the dot everytime. the whole fuel system was just redone and I...
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