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  • TK's9d2TSi
    Adjust BISS so ISCposition is at 30ish with car fully warmed up and no load (fans off). Repost an idle log after this. Is your WB gauge reading different from what you see in link?
    DSMPT replied to the thread 2G Name that sound (video).
    Since you have already ran solid lifters with improper clearance, the worst case scenario would be valves/valve seats already got damaged, burnt, deformed by heat slightly due to too tight clearance and causing compression leak. I would do a leak...
  • Kryndon
    I have gone through that page a few times and it says you CAN tie the ground to the ECU ground pin however you can also tie it to the main ECU grounding location which is under the radio on the chassis. Thats how i have it set up. My wideband...
  • *San jose
  • A good friends very unfortunate circumstances resulted in a long lost love falling back into my life and getting to meet the new love of my life...had alot of fun with her about 12 yrs ago! Life is crazy...can't believe she's back! No motor in...
    • 20220809_111928.jpg
  • ec17pse
    Go search the site using the top search bar and perhaps stop high jacking other peoples threads!
  • Imback
    Imback replied to the thread 92 Galant VR4.
    I feel like i have gotten a bit sloppy with my SS work since i've been doing mostly 6 series aluminum..Sorry:sosad:.... Anyway i got the o2 housing decent after a few tries LOL. In hindsight i should drove my vr4 to work and left it there since...
    • PXL_20220610_224617623.jpg
  • Imback
    Imback replied to the thread 92 Galant VR4.
    • PXL_20220610_185858834.jpg
    • PXL_20220608_192933424.jpg
    • PXL_20220610_191410386.jpg
    • PXL_20220610_160600460.jpg
    • PXL_20220610_200435644.jpg
  • Imback
    Imback replied to the thread 92 Galant VR4.
    Well now was finally the day got my last package. I was ready to begin. It's hard for me to articulate my thought process when i makes exhaust systems for cars but for my self my only thought was EASY ACCESS lol And i still lost that battle lol...
    • PXL_20220610_160518536.jpg
    • PXL_20220609_190521167 (1).jpg
  • TheFlashDSM
    good point, here's a little incite on how I set up my solids. basically I say zero but it was really like 2 pieces of paper gap. I then took the car to dyno session 1 and the tuner said I have a higher chance of throwing a rocker. after he said...
    DSMPT replied to the thread 2G Name that sound (video).
    Totally no offense and I don't know if this is related or not to the sound. But I wanted to let you know that I just noticed that you had the solid lifters installed improperly in one of your videos. In the video, you set the lash as zero but you...
  • llxkevinxll
    UPDATE #47 - 8/12/2022 - Return to AutocrossAfter nearly 2 years since the last time I ran this car and lost the engine, the Talon has made it to another autocross event, competed, and driven home. Big accomplishment for this car. The car...
    • IMG_4341.JPG
    • IMG_4428.JPG
    • IMG_4334.JPG
    • IMG_4426.JPG
  • llxkevinxll
    Just something to consider: The ECMLink wiki has a page on wiring of these gauges, and other sensors. The biggest key is to ensure the wideband signal ground is tied to a signal ground pin on the ecu. Not chassis. If you do not do this, the...
  • Kryndon
    So this log was from the other day when I had to replace my AFPR since the diaphragm tore itself. Naturally it messed up my tune and now I have to re-add some more global fuel to compensate for the fuel loss as well as re-tweak my injbattadjust...
  • 98gstJames
    98gstJames replied to the thread 2G Car still won’t start.
    Definitely a blown head gasket, honestly worse than I thought, kinda surprised at the psi numbers I had
    • B3807030-8526-4A67-9F3F-07D109DC88E7.jpeg
  • 98gstJames
    98gstJames replied to the thread 2G Car still won’t start.
    I can’t afford to have it machined at a shop but I have a buddy that has built his car and gone through the motor many times and has resurfaced before so I’m going to have him do it.
  • TheFlashDSM
    Problem happened last Friday at the dyno. Today I did new lifters and rockers. Problem is still there lol So guess again lol
  • Dusty Landrum
    I am definitely no expert man, but to me it sounds like lifter tick. Just my opinion and it's not a super informed one lol.
  • kingje1 replied to the thread 2G AC Pulsing.
    Derisch, thanks, that's a great idea. Maybe I can get it to start pulsing by messing some with the wires. I need to pull the ECU anyway to find out what I need for ECM Link but I'd like to do the electrical tests before doing that just so I...
  • TheFlashDSM
    Well this happened after the dyno the other day. So far I’ve change new rockers (cast) new lifters Still has sound. I’m trying to get some input before I rip the head off. 1g head on 2g block Head work +1/+1mm valves Super tech comp plus valves...
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