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    DSMPT replied to the thread 420A Ebay turbo question.
    Put aside the differences between the eBay knock-off turbo and original, this plan that you will put a filter in the oil return line may be a bad idea. You may end up blowing smoke.
  • Imback
    You and me both. Looks beautiful in the sun and reminds me of my first 2g I got back in 2000.
  • CrackedDSM
    God I love that color.
  • Imback
    Finally installed my valve cover that I had done 2 summers ago LOL. I ended up using a vibrant Gen 3 catch can since I don't have the time to design the and fabricate the one I wanted to make. After we move to our new building I'll start on that...
    • PXL_20231202_014611214.jpg
  • sebastian81296
    Looking for a working 2g awd trans and Tcase, mine went bye bye after a slight pull .Located in san antonio Tx , willing to pay shipping.
  • CrackedDSM
    CrackedDSM replied to the thread AMS Black Talon.
    I love those cams. Good friend of mine in Orlando swapped from S1's to S2's in his 68HTA car and loves them. I'm gonna stick with the BC cams I have now just because they're here, they're brand new, they're installed...but if they give me any...
  • Sirius1995
    Sirius1995 replied to the thread 420A Ebay turbo question.
    I had ebay garrett gt3582ar on 1.6L (4g92) sleeper lancer, running with 11psi, running on e85, with denso 1000cc injectors, big fmic, civic "half size" radiator, exedy 6 pluck clutch, straight pipe with one muffler, Megasqruit v2.2 standalone, as...
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    • IMG_20190307_170624.jpg
  • DreamChaser7
    DreamChaser7 replied to the thread AMS Black Talon.
    Same to you Corey. Santa might have already came here.…😬 there might have been some S2’s in his bag with other goodies.
  • Yes it’s a 95 GST ECU. This is exactly the info I needed. Thank you! I’ll use the ingersoll-rand 3 port.
  • CrackedDSM
    CrackedDSM replied to the thread AMS Black Talon.
    New slave came in from Jacks. God I love how these new OEM parts look, man. It feels just as tight as the old one, but hopefully this one doesn't leak. Lol. So after I drop the trans tomorrow(if it doesn't rain me out), I'll order a new...
    • new slave 1.jpg
    • new slave 2.jpg
  • jdxnc
    If you're on Ecmlink, I'm assuming it's the actual GST ecu, which means you can wire in a ebc direct to the output for it and run it to the bay. Only needs a fused 12v source and ground signal from the ECU, pin 11...
  • jersygsx
    jersygsx posted the classified ad For sale 2g 2G 7 Bolt Cylinder Head in DSM Parts Classifieds.
    2G 7 Bolt Cylinder Head $190 + shipping and PayPal fees
    • IMG_6351.jpeg
    • IMG_6352.jpeg
    • IMG_6350.jpeg
    • IMG_6353.jpeg
  • I am on ECMLink. Do you know of any write ups on how to install it?Issue I’m having is that mine is a hybrid I have no plug on the harness for a boost controller. I have no template to work off of. That’s why I was considering a digital...
  • 1cleangsx
    1cleangsx replied to the thread 1G 1990 Arc-2 Help.
    Thank you for this :thumb:
  • turbomister2
    I recently had an issue with my car Outside of boost I could drive the car anywhere but the moment you went to roll into it it would buck and pop like a 2 step and wouldn’t go over 4200 Rpms but randomly would be fine. Long story short I swapped...
  • pauleyman
    pauleyman replied to the thread new hobby - DSM.
    Try and post a profile with mods to the best of yiur ability. Post pics and we can visually identify some things. If this guy only owned it a month be wary. Lots if things to check and make sure are done correctly and/or there isn't hidden damage...
  • jdxnc
    Just get a 3 port mac valve and control it with whatever tuning solution you intend to use.
  • Spleen8urLSX
    If you’re going to be using ecmlink just control boost with an ingersol rand solenoid. All of the control of an expensive electronic boost controller built into your ecu at a fraction of the price.
    Cleaning my garage now and found this. This part is not for DSM/EVO. It's for Delica, Montero/Pajero etc etc. I remember I bought it in Japan because the vender was selling it for really cheap, because of open package and the part number is not...
    • IMG_20231127_205341226_HDR.jpg
  • Can anyone recommend a good boost controller for a 4g64 hybrid?I do have a cheap manual boost controller on order. Already have a boost gauge installed.I was thinking of getting a decent electronic boost controller that can work with my...
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