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How to use the Search Function to find info

Posted by Ludachris, Feb 21, 2005

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  1. Ludachris

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    How to Search DSMtuners
    It's best to search for multiple keywords for any given topic. If you try searching for one or two keyword combos, you'll find that the results are overwhelming and sometimes not very relevant for what you're looking for. Try using unique keyword combinations that include terms that might also be used in the topic you're searching for. Avoid using single word searches that will return thousands of thread results. Using two or three word combinations works best.


    Take note of the "Search titles only" checkbox, it's very useful. This will give results with discussions of the keywords in the title of the thread. It's great for limiting the search to find what you're looking for. We have it checked by default, but you can un-check it to get more broad results.

    You can also type in a username of the member if you want to limit the search results by someone (ore multiple members) you trust in the "Posted by Member" box. If they posted any messages with your keyword in it, those will come up.

    The "Newer Than" box let's you search for newer results, which is helpful when newer content is more relevant to you.

    The "Search this thread only" field is useful if you want to dig through a long thread and find keywords in only that thread.

    The "Search this forum only" will allow you to limit your search results in a particular forum, which is great if you're in say, one of the 420A sub-forums. Only posts from that forum will show up, excluding all the other forums. This one is usually checked by default when you're browsing a sub-forum, so be sure to un-check it if you want to see results from all forums.

    The "More..." Button will take you to an Advanced Search page with a few more tools and options. One of the best options there is the Search Posts tab where you can also select Order By options to, which is good if you want to see the threads with the Most Replies first.

    Try Google Next
    If you can't find it via our search tool, jump over to Google and do some keyword searches there, as sometimes you'll get different results. Try adding "dsmtuners" at the end of your keywords, like "1g fwd dsm axle differences dsmtuners". This will bring up more results from the website - the site is usually near the top of the search results anyway, but it can be useful when you're browsing a generic set of keywords.

    When you have some time, educate yourself on past Q&A and read through all the topics and searched in our DSM FAQ Forum:

    Most of the basic DSM questions have already been answered in our forums and can be found in our FAQ Forum. You can find the FAQ forum listed on our Forums index page.
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  2. GST with PSI

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    Chris wrote his initial post here back when we were using a completely different website. Since then, our website has changed, and with it, the search has greatly improved. We've all been in threads where a new member asks a question that's been answered a thousand times before. We've all probably been the guy who simply says "Use the search", too. So, let's define how to do that effectively in our current environment. I'll outline some of the basic search features to that will hopefully enable all members to get the most out of their searches, and allow you to find what you're looking for quickly and easily.

    It's important to note, that as you navigate from the top level of the forum down into specific threads, the default search box has more options to select from. For example, here I'm viewing the "Forums" which renders the top level search box when you click in the search field.

    Here's a close up of the top level search box pictured above (It's also the same as the one first pictured). We'll go into the specific fields here in a minute.

    Now, notice I've navigated down one level from the "Forums" to the "420A DSM Tech" section. When I click on the search box, there are additional fields (check boxes) displayed. The "Search this forum only" field lets you to perform searches that will allow you to quickly confine your search results to the sub-forum you're currently in. Simply, if all you care about is finding an answer relating to your 420A specific question in the "420A DSM Tech" section of the forum, this feature will quickly allow you to do so.

    Here's a close up of the sub-forum level search box pictured above. Again, the addition of the "Search this forum only" and "Display results as threads" check boxes are added to the search box. The "Display results as threads" check box is pretty straight forward, and means exactly what it says. It's used in conjunction with "Search this forum only".

    OK, now I've navigated down another level from the "420A DSM Tech" section into a specific thread. And, once again, the search box will be populated with more fields. This is as specific as the "basic" search box will get. Meaning, these are the most search options you'll get until you go into the "Advanced" search function. Using the example from before, I could select the "Search this forum only" check box if all I cared about is finding an answer relating to a 420A specific question in the 420A section of the forum. Likewise, if I want to limit my search to a specific thread, I can select the "Search this thread only" check box, limiting my results only to those found in a specific thread.

    Here's a close up of the thread level search box pictured above. Notice the addition of the "Search this thread only" check box.

    Alright, now that we've covered the fields and what they mean, let's go over how to use them effectively.

    We'll start with the "Search..." field itself. I think it goes without saying, just enter in the word, term, or phrase you wish to find and that's it. As you do this, try and limit the use of common words to narrow your results. For example, if I'm looking for information on "variable geometry turbos on DSMs", I'd probably start by simply searching for "geometry", since "variable", "turbos" and "DSM" could be words commonly found in unrelated posts. Use multiple unique keywords to further limit your search. Chris gives good examples of how to do effective keyword searches in his initial post here, so use that as a reference.

    Next, use the "Search titles only" check box if you wish to only get results based on key words found in thread titles. This search will not look through thread content.

    The "Posted by Member" feature in nice because it allows you to narrow your search to only posts made by a specific member. To populate this field, begin typing the screen name of the desired member. As you type, a list of members matching your characters should auto-populate the search field. Select the member you want, and conduct your search. You can select multiple members by comma separating their screen names.

    Lastly, the "Newer Than" feature will allow you to search from a specified past date to current. So, let's say you want only results from threads posted in the last year, rather than threads from 2006, you can specify that.

    That's pretty much it for the basic search feature. I'll cover the advanced search features in a later post.
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