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  1. 1G 4G37 starts up and when it idles low it just dies

    Had this 94 eclipse 1.8 for a while and decided to fix the codes it had. Oki replaced the Maf sensor as well as the distributor and set it in time. Now the car starts up and when it idles low it just dies. I’m just stumped. The only things this car has given me is problems. But I just don’t want...
  2. Which gasket kits are best? And how do i know if the oil pump still in good condition? On my 4g63 6 bolt 500hp goal

    Hey yooo! Im almost getting my block and head from the machine shop! I was just wondering. I see the cometic gasket kit where there is pretty much everything i need for the seals and o rings and gaskets, are these recomended? Or should i buy em 1 by 1 like fell pros and stuff?And also can...
  3. 420A AC Compressor or expansion valve?

    On my 1996 eclipse GS (420A) I don’t know if my expansion valve or compressor is bad. When I turn in the AC with a gauge connected to the high and low side of the AC, the high side doesn’t drop pressure and low side doesn’t gain pressure. I’m not sure if this is a symptom of a bad expansion...
  4. FredRider

    2G URGENT!!! My RPMs are high and I gain No acceleration losing speed.

    Hey everyone! I come again to seek help. I think this time might be my last attempt at trying to fix it. I’ll be driving down the road and it’ll rev high rpm’s sounding like I’m going fast but in reality losing speed. I have an automatic Eagle Talon Tsi 1997 Here’s a video of me explaining...
  5. which alternator to use

    Hello friends.First of all i have to say, im from germany. So english is not my native language. Sometimes, reading Tech. Article is not easy for me, this is why i write this post. please be kind with me.I run Electrical Power steering, a Walbro 450, 2 Spal fans and so on. my Car keeps...
  6. What engine does my eclipse have?

    I’ve heard that I have the 4g63 but then other sources tell me I have 420A. It’s a 1996 eclipse gs. I don’t know what to believe. Can someone please give me clarification. I want to turbo charge it but I’ve heard the 420A with send a piston through the head. Thank you!
  7. 2G Recently bought a 1999 eclipse GS-T, having issues with starting it.

    Hey all, i just bought an eclipse GS-T with about 123k miles on it and its bone-stock. Got it for a great deal! Problem though, it doesn't wanna start!Heres the details. When i bought the car it started fine, I drove it home about 40 miles. And then the next morning, it didn't start! We tested...
  8. August578

    2G Leaking Power Steering

    Hi, I’ve never done power steering before and not too familiar on how it works. It decided to go out on me and lose all of its fluids. I’m not entirely sure on how to diagnose it either.I’m not sure where the leak is but I think it might from inside the inner tie rod boot. Or this big nut. Any...
  9. 2G NEW OWNER IN PITTSBURGH PA NEED HELP finding body shop and mechanic!!!!!

    Hello my name is Ethan and I just recently bought a 99gsx in the Pittsburgh area. The car needs a lot of work around the body due to rust and proper maintenance is definitely my first priority.I am honestly not sure where to start though, since the DSM community isn’t much of a presence here...
  10. August578

    2G How to remove ECT sensor pins

    Hi does anyone know how to remove ECT sensor pins, one of my pin wires got snagged and ripped off. :(I’m trying to just reattach new wire to it and just connect it.
  11. August578

    Should I buy this 1995 Gsx

    Hi there! So there’s this STOCK and decent condition gsx with a 2gb body upgrade for sale for a good price around me.But here’s the catch, after running a car fax the miles were potentially rolled back. I’m assuming it is because all of the miles line up until the owner previous of this guy...
  12. 2G Is there a way to stiffen the blitz style polyurethane front bumper 95-99 eclipse

    I recently bought a polyurethane front bumper for my 96 eclipse and it’s all over the place. Wobbling everywhere not very rigid. I’m not expecting it to be like an actual body panel but is there a way I can stiffen it and paint it so the paint looks good and it has a tad bit more righty to it?
  13. August578

    2G Fuel line off hanger

    Does this come off towards me or away . I’ve done this before and I totally forgot and it’s giving me a hard ass time. And it’s slowly rounding off.
  14. Aleque

    ECMlink DSMLink reporting ECT 300* Is ECU fried?

    Found out my ECU that has DSMLink installed is fried, it seems like just 1 part of the circuit I believe. The circuit that is damaged is coolant temp, the ECU will read 300 degrees. DSMLink does still work it will connect to it just fine and I’m able to check data list and adjust fuel...
  15. T'd Up Steve

    How much is a clean GST/GSX worth in 2022?

    Hey guys, I just recently sold my 97 GST Spyder in hopes of finding a clean hardtop 98-99 GST/GSX. Question is what is a good price range nowadays to buy one at considering the inflation of used cars? There are 2 GSX that are near me. One wants 15k for a stock, clean 1998 GSX gray leather...
  16. LucasGst97

    2G Need help and turbo advice, new to DSMs

    Hi guys! I need help knowing what kind of turbo I have and what kind of turbo I have bought and which one should I put back in the car?-The purple one was the Turbo i had on the car. Previous owner does not know what the turbo or the manifold is called as it was not he who replaced it. I can...
  17. FredRider

    2G Valve Cover Keeps Leaking And White Smoke comes out

    So my previous post have been me just trying to find out why my valve cover keeps leaking. I have a Hyundai Rocker Valve Cover. It didn’t leak for the first 3 days and now recently started to leak again.It is also throwing white smoke out of the exhaust and I used a scanner and it told me it...
  18. FredRider

    2G Need Help with Valve Cover Bolts!

    So What went from a simple Valve Cover Gasket job to now looking for the bolts has been a nightmare! I ordered the bolts from STMtuned and they didn’t fit my valve cover any help please! I don’t know what size I need for them I have these weird looking at least to me bolts that were on the valve...
  19. tonydl

    2G 1997 Eclipse Spyder GST

    Ok sooo here's what I've done and what I know so far and I'm still haven issues, Ok most recently my clutch went out and I replaced it with an HD clutch and the one before was stock, I replaced pressure plate and had the flywheel resurfaced to proper spec. I say "proper spec" because I trust the...
  20. 420A Help me turbo my 420a

    Im new to boosting cars and I want to turbo my 420a dsm i need specific instructions on what im supposed tk do and any problems i may run into this is the kit i was looking into...
  21. Looking for help. (Spokane area)

    Hello, I have a 98 eclipse. I believe I bent a rod or f***ed up a piston. I bought this car for a daily driver until I can fix it up and make a fun project out of it. It’s a manual. I’m looking for someone who has a bit more experience in this area. I’m no mechanic, I generally do all my own...
  22. TheDude236

    2G How does everyone here clean their engine bays?

    I'd like to clean my engine bay the right way before I put the engine back in the car. My engine bay has a lot of oil residue everywhere due to an old leak, and it also has a spot of something that looks like early rust. I'd love to pressure wash it but my car is currently on jacks without a way...
  23. 93eclipse113

    1G Cooling Fans

    So i have recently bought my first DSM, a 1993 Gs that was 6 bolt swapped. Currently the fans are wired to a fuse then to the battery and i have to connect two wires before i take it out to drive and disconnect them when i leave the car. How can i get them to run by themselves?
  24. 2g Donation

    Street Build 2g Donation

  25. August578

    2G Bubbling in coolant system

    Hi I did my first head gasket change on my 4g64 98 Eclipse Spyder and when starting and putting coolant in it still has air bubbles and white smoke vapor from exhaust manifold. When first starting there was a lot of foam but went away on its own. The car runs and idles fine at operating...
  26. 2G Just a beginner

    Hey, just starting to get into this DSM world. One of my friends got a 99 GSX and I have loved it ever since. Now I want to get one of my own. I’ve been doing tons or research about them and would love to get A GSX eventually but have been having a hard time finding a good one. Or even one in...
  27. ncarson91

    Anyone help me do timing belt? Near cle ohio

    Hey can anyone that’s from Cleveland Ohio or nearby help me do my timing belt? Never done it. Not super confident in myself to do it myself rather have someone who knows. Have no money but lots of dsm parts to offer… such as 190 walboro 345 aem fuel pumps 2g 1g 190 walboro. Greddy bov. 2g...
  28. 2G Quick rack

    i recently bought a 1995 gsx and the guy deleted the power steering. i was wondering if there was a quick rack available for our cars? or if i should just buy the necessary stuff to install power steering again
  29. FredRider

    2G Eagle Talon Tsi 1997 New Hose Kit? Where To Find?

    I need to replace all my hoses since they've been there since the factory I'm assuming. They are starting to finally show wear and some minor tear and was wondering where I could buy a kit or something like that, maybe on amazon or something I did see in a thread someone mentioning this website...
  30. General This DSM is going to be the death of me- I need help!

    Okay- I have a 99 Eclipse GST I also have a 95 Talon with the 4G63T. The eclipse jumped time and needless to say the engine was trashed. So we took the engine out of the Talon, swapped some parts and threw it in along with the ECU. Wouldn’t run. Come to find out it was a 2G-a vs 2G-b cam sensor...
  31. Gilly17

    2G Cant decide on alternator and other parts

    Hey all, I have a 97 eagle talon tsi awd with the 6 bolt swap and my alternator is on the way out. Im trying to find a replacement, and other parts, but I keep seeing so many conflicting answers that I just need to be set straight. This is my first project car let alone my first DSM and I just...
  32. Gilly17

    2G WOT hesitation

    Hey I just picked up a 97 eagle talon tsi awd a few days back and I love the thing. Unfortunately I am having a little issue when I get to about 4-5k rpms it kinda pops or hesitates right when the boost starts to kick. I thought it might have been a boost leak but it does not seem like I am...
  33. stugotsv10

    2G Car died while driving, won't restart. I need serious help!!!

    So I picked up a 99 GST yesterday, Fully rebuilt engine, Forged everything, AEM whole 9 yards, other then running a little rich, it ran flawless the whole way home (200 miles or so) about 25 miles from my house, rolling up to a light (now since this is a new build with like 400 miles on it now...
  34. 1999RSfwd

    EVOscan Cannot log Fuel Trim Low

    Hello everyone. I have a 98 GSX, with a blackbox. I have EVOscan for logging, and ECUflash for flashing.I've owned the car for almost a year, and it runs ok, but I want to get my injectors dialed in. For some reason I cannot log "Fuel Trim Low" or "Fuel Trim Mid" in EVOscan. I do have a P0105...
  35. Advice on buying eagle talon tsi 1996

    Guys I'm thinking about buying a 96 talon she has the dsm link v3 and seller claims a 86k on body rebuild less than 20k miles ago she runs ok buts she's cutting off when pushing clutch in to stop I'm not rich but I have income coming every week and I'm wondering what Is should do here it hasn't...
  36. DSM newbie

    2G New owner electrical problem

    Hey everyone,I’m glad to be the new owner of a 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS. Car has a 420A motor with a manual transmission. I am in the process of tearing the car apart and then rebuilding it but I am having problems with some of the wiring the previous owner did to the car. I would like to...
  37. 420A HELP! P0731 fault

    I have a 1998 eclipse gs automatic i got it a year ago, it's my daily not looking for performance I just use it to go out to the stores, work etc.. Not too long ago on my way home I got a p0731 code gear 1 incorrect ratio and p0715 input speed sensor circuit. Well I changed that sensor already...
  38. General Apexi Neo fuel management system help

    i bought a 1997 eclipse gst spyder and it came with the apexi neo fuel management when i first bought the car it was running perfectly fine. after inspecting the car i hit initialize on the apexi neo system and now my car barely runs i have very little experience in that system and i would just...
  39. FredRider

    2G Eagle Talon Tsi 1997 Headlight Wiring Help!

    Hey all! So here’s the situation I’m in. I noticed that one of my headlight bulbs went out so I decided to change it But as soon as I went to change it it went out again so I decided to look into the wiring and it was completely just I guess burnt off or chipped off. I’ll put some pictures down...
  40. Mitzu Garage

    98 Eclipse GS | LS1 Swap Help

    Please be respectful, this is very sentimental to me. I have a bunch of questions. I have a 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS. I’ve been debating on what to do with it. I’m really into the 4G63 platform and have a GS-T as well already in my garage. I’ve always wanted to work on a car with my dad but...
  41. 2g MENTOR in FTW TX

    Hello everyone ! I bought a 2g 99 spyder gst (Auto) 4 months ago! Im not the brightest tool in the shed nor mechanically inclined/ good with cars. im relatively new to cars. But I want to learn, anyways the point of this post...Im looking for someone to help me replace lash adjusters in the...
  42. Sjd6795

    ECMlink DSMLINK v3 questions it arrives today

    My DSMLINK v3 is out for delivery right now, it is a used unit. I have done some reading and gathered that I should Download a stock file configuration and or make sure all sliders are set to 0 and I adjust for my injector size.I've recently did maintenance such as head gasket, timing...
  43. Spyder Help I can’t find part to convertible top

    I just bought a 1999 eclipse spyder gst with a convertible top. And as I was fixing it, I found that the bow #2 wasn’t attached. So I bought the repair kit thing because the frame linkage arms, for some reason, didn’t come with the car. The thing is when I was about to put them on, I notice I...
  44. Andrew Dussap

    2G Car died while driving

    Got my car today early in the morning, turned on the car and begin my day without any problems until I hit a stop sign, as I proceeded to make a right and start to accelerate just under of around 20 mph the car immediately shut off and Died. I Car has gas, the fuel pump is working, ignition...
  45. Koda

    2G Bad Knock/Screeching

    My 1995 Gsx started making this awful sound after pushing 18psi on my brand new hx40. It gets worse the louder it revs and the knocking is accompanied by a terrible screeching sound from the valve cover it sounds like. I have a data log and video to go with it. I have no idea what this sound is...
  46. Sjd6795

    2G Canister some hoses unhooked

    So going over all the vacuum lines and replacing any bad ones on my car and I noticed this has some hoses missing from it. I don't know exactly where they all go to but it seems to be half assed removed. Can I get rid of it completely or what are some issues I may have?
  47. 2G Crank but No Start! HELP!

    I wanna keep this AS short AS POSSIBLE haha but give as much info to you guys reading it to further help me out, so here it goes.So last year in September I had issues with crank (cranks like any normal time, not slow like a dead battery) but no start. So I came on here and read a few forums...
  48. 2G Does my ECU look okay?

    Having a issue with crank but no start. First it turned out to be cam sensor and car has been running for a while maybe two months, do not daily drive anymore though. Now car won’t start again. Acting up the same way. Replaced cam sensor finally with a new OEM one. Maybe the OEM one I bought was...
  49. Sjd6795

    Two lose wires any ideas?

    So i have a feeling the lower one with the spade connector is the oil pressure sensor or switch. I'm not sure which one is which though. And the other one with the small black rubber boot I have no idea.
  50. YungTlon

    Engine break in

    Hello all. I’m sure this post is beating a dead horse but I wanted to make this post regarding my exact situation . So here’s the plan for the engine It is at a pretty badass machine shop as we speak Alignhone for the mains Either a hone or a bore depending what machinist thinks And it’s getting...
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