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  1. 2G 420A Piston Identification Help

    Hey everyone, I’ve searched around and doesn’t seem like anyone’s had this issue before so hoping somebody might be able to help! I have a 420A motor that I bought off marketplace and was told it was in “good working order”. I dropped it in my car and while it does run and drive it smokes and...
  2. 420A Just getting Started

    Hello,I bought a 98 Eclipse manual non turbo, about two years ago. My wife drove it while I was out of town working and forgot to have fluids checked regularly. I now have an engine knock and the car has been sitting for about 6months now. I drained the oil there is no metal shavings or...
  3. T'd Up Steve

    2G Need help with Evo III 16g turbo setup.

    Hello guys I am getting ready to order the last parts I need to get started on my 99 GSX turbo upgrade.For reference this is what I have done already. -Boost Gauge, A/F gauge, oil pressure gauge -HKS catback exhaust - 1g BOV - Injen intake - Boost Control Solenoid delete.Parts I am planning...
  4. Valley_DSM

    420A Car stalling problem

    Hello, so I’ve had my Eclipse for almost a year now and I’ve had this problem where I guess at low rpm’s, the car struggles. For example, once the car is running, it’s fine but when I come to a stop at a light or stop sign, the rpm will drop down to around 500 and start bouncing under 1000 and...
  5. T'd Up Steve

    2G Do I have all the parts necessary to upgrade my car?

    Hello guys, I am in the process of building up my 99 GSX.I have a couple of questions that hopefully you guys can help me with since I am not a very mechanically inclined DSMer.In the last few months I have following the upgrade path for the 2g. What I have done in terms of upgrades to my...
  6. In over my head in Las Vegas, need help

    So, I pulled the car out of storage after many years, set up ECM link, and decided that even though the timing belt had been replaced less than 10k miles ago, it had been ten years and was advised to replace it. I have everything off and installed the new water pump, reinstalled the radiator and...
  7. To325ni8

    1G My car just lost this, I have no idea what it is

    When I was braking and coming to a stop I heard a "bump" sound and I think I lost this part. I have no clue what it is or if it is even part of my car. The car accelerates, turns and brakes normally. All help is very much appreciated
  8. 2G Too much negative camber with OEM suspension

    Hey guys as the title says, my front tires have too much negative camber. It’s wearing on the inside pretty bad. With no camber adjustment from factory, how do I fix this?
  9. BG33

    420A 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS not Starting

    Hello everyone,I’m new to the DSM culture and would like an opinion on this subject. I bought a 1999 Eclipse GS from a mechanic shop and put a new battery and spark plugs in so far. Will be doing an oil change and will drain the gas tank and put new gas in it. I attempted to start it (I know I...
  10. SAUBIK

    2G OBX FWD LSD speed sensor help !

    Hi guys, i need help, i bought OBX FWD LSD and when i tear the transmission, i figured out on the LSD missing helical ring for speed sensor. On stock diff is casted with the case, but on LSD is place to put the ring on … but here is few problems - i have measured dimensions, but dont know what...
  11. 1997 mitsubishi gst

    1997 mitsubishi gst

  12. 141Comet

    2G Euro Eclipse 2G, need explaination regarding engine component, muffler and intake

    Hello, hope everyone is having a great day!So basically, I have owned my Eclipse GS for aprox 3 months. It has been fun so far and I did all the required maintenence and more...New spark plugs, new radiator hoses (namely silicone HPS ones, cuz why not), valve cover gasket, belts, termostat...
  13. Kniesy

    2G 1998 Eclipse GST ran good, now low idle and wants to die.

    How’s it going, I have a 98 Eclipse GST 5 speed and it was running fine till I went to drive home a few hours later. It had a rough idle and low idle and when giving it more throttle made it choppy as well. Putting it into neutral, the RPM’s would drop all the way down and the motor would die...
  14. To325ni8

    1G I blew my cooling loop, need advice (Eclipse 1G)

    Long story short I blew my cooling loop while parking after driving a mountain road. I just want to say in advance I am new to cars, but I work as a machinist so I would say I'm quite competent with using tools. I'm not sure where I should be looking, the steam came from the right side of the...
  15. CertifiedBot

    2G Exhaust questions for GSX

    I have a 95 GSX and have been working to get it running.I had to drop the tank and realized the exhaust is going to need a new flex pipe and the muffler is welded to the car, not on a hanger. I’d like to fix the muffler hanger and mount it correctly, and I think I’m going to put 2 v clamps on...
  16. NotoriousGSX

    2G Timing Side Leak

    Here we go.I've had this car for about 8 months now. Always had an oil leak near the timing side of the motor. Timing belt drenched in oil, entire driver side covered, and I mean everything.After taking it out after being garaged for almost 6 months, it ran fine to work but broke down omw...
  17. 95talon_ian

    2G '95 Talon TSi misifires

    Hi everyone,I'm new around here haha, but I come to ask for help on my 1995 Eagle Talon TSi. I was driving it a couple days ago, and it randomly started misfiring, didn't give me power and was like hesitating/buffering while I was driving around 15mph. The tach needle dropped to a little...
  18. FredRider

    2G My Car stopped working

    So today my eagle Talon Tsi 1997 decided to give me its final hail Mary and luckily nothing happened to me or my sister who was in the car. The car shut itself off and the steering wheel was hard to turn. It still hasn’t been able to crank over or turn on electrically.
  19. NotoriousGSX

    2G Broke down after winter :(

    Hey everyone. Apologies if this is in the wrong category but I couldn't think of any other placeFirst off, I decided to take the car out after being put away for 4-5 months for winter. Before it was put away I had changed the oil, changed the air filter (OE), coil packs and lightning cables...
  20. 2G Noticeable Misfire Under Load

    Hello all, I have a 1997 Eclipse GST stock 2.0 Turbo with an auto transmission. 115k miles. Lately it has been missing when you get on the gas or even when just trying to accelerate between 40-60 mph, but runs totally fine at idle or lower speeds.We've recently put in new plugs and wires...
  21. 2G 1996 Eclipse GS Headliner

    To start off the headliner on my 1996 Eclipse GS is sagging. I know about how to normally fix those but this is different. There is not really an actual headliner. It seems to be some sort of foam just put in place so it looked alright. (I was 16 and stupid when I bought the car) but I’ve been...
  22. FredRider

    2G What would I need to swap a 99 Manual GST transmission to my 98 Eagle Talon Tsi?

    I've been having issues with my tranny going out at 2000 rpms it just slips and I have to be on O/D to be able to drive it normally. So I came across a GST for sale that is also FWD like my Talon and I was just wondering if I could just interchange the parts without having to do too much to my...
  23. August578

    2G Should I assume the worse?

    So I did an oil change not to long ago, and welp it looks like this. It 100% looks worse on camera. But I’m not sure if this is an upcoming death.This was about a month ago and it still keeps me awake at night lol. Since then I have driven the car extremely hard and beat on it pretty well...
  24. 2G Weird Sound From Passengers Side

    About 2 days ago I’ve noticed that the passengers side of the car will begin to rattle, the sound stops completely after 1.5k rpms, any ideas as to what it could be ? Car is an auto if that matters.Here’s video
  25. Spyder Bought my first DSM and am in quite a situation

    This is a long story and a lot of stuff happened so bare with me, I’m aware I’m kinda at fault for most of this, it’s my first DSM however I have some experience with them from family who owned multiple.So I went out and bought a 97 GST Spyder with 160k miles, replaced belts, replaced seals...
  26. What Turbo is this? [Merged] Turbo ID Identification

    sorry, dumb question, i am new to dsm's...i got a turbo and manifold off a 1g laser at the junkyard, it was a 5 speed....the turbo looks in good question, i plan on using it for a custom setup on another says TD05H on the side, which type is this...i see all these 16G and 14B...
  27. How bad do you guys think the head gasket is blown on this gst I just got

    So I just bought a gst eclipse for $1500 guy didn’t know what was wrong with it I go to drain the oil and coolant rushes out with oil but it wasn’t milky it seemed it was separated like the oil sitting on top of the coolant but I was wonder since it wasn’t milky yet but obviously the head gasket...
  28. 2G Rear axles

    hey, does anybody have a link to some rear axles preferably a rear passenger side, been looking everywhere, I bought a pair but the right side axle doesn’t match, closest thing that matches it is some front cv axles but pretty sure that won’t fit, need one like the bottom one in the picture, thanks
  29. 1G 4G37 starts up and when it idles low it just dies

    Had this 94 eclipse 1.8 for a while and decided to fix the codes it had. Oki replaced the Maf sensor as well as the distributor and set it in time. Now the car starts up and when it idles low it just dies. I’m just stumped. The only things this car has given me is problems. But I just don’t want...
  30. Which gasket kits are best? And how do i know if the oil pump still in good condition? On my 4g63 6 bolt 500hp goal

    Hey yooo! Im almost getting my block and head from the machine shop! I was just wondering. I see the cometic gasket kit where there is pretty much everything i need for the seals and o rings and gaskets, are these recomended? Or should i buy em 1 by 1 like fell pros and stuff?And also can...
  31. 420A AC Compressor or expansion valve?

    On my 1996 eclipse GS (420A) I don’t know if my expansion valve or compressor is bad. When I turn in the AC with a gauge connected to the high and low side of the AC, the high side doesn’t drop pressure and low side doesn’t gain pressure. I’m not sure if this is a symptom of a bad expansion...
  32. FredRider

    2G URGENT!!! My RPMs are high and I gain No acceleration losing speed.

    Hey everyone! I come again to seek help. I think this time might be my last attempt at trying to fix it. I’ll be driving down the road and it’ll rev high rpm’s sounding like I’m going fast but in reality losing speed. I have an automatic Eagle Talon Tsi 1997 Here’s a video of me explaining...
  33. which alternator to use

    Hello friends.First of all i have to say, im from germany. So english is not my native language. Sometimes, reading Tech. Article is not easy for me, this is why i write this post. please be kind with me.I run Electrical Power steering, a Walbro 450, 2 Spal fans and so on. my Car keeps...
  34. 2G What engine does my Eclipse GS have?

    I’ve heard that I have the 4g63 but then other sources tell me I have 420A. It’s a 1996 Eclipse GS. I don’t know what to believe.Can someone please give me clarification. I want to turbo charge it but I’ve heard the 420A with send a piston through the head. Thank you!
  35. 2G Recently bought a 1999 eclipse GS-T, having issues with starting it.

    Hey all, i just bought an eclipse GS-T with about 123k miles on it and its bone-stock. Got it for a great deal! Problem though, it doesn't wanna start!Heres the details. When i bought the car it started fine, I drove it home about 40 miles. And then the next morning, it didn't start! We tested...
  36. August578

    2G Leaking Power Steering

    Hi, I’ve never done power steering before and not too familiar on how it works. It decided to go out on me and lose all of its fluids. I’m not entirely sure on how to diagnose it either.I’m not sure where the leak is but I think it might from inside the inner tie rod boot. Or this big nut. Any...
  37. ethancemer

    2G NEW OWNER IN PITTSBURGH PA NEED HELP finding body shop and mechanic!!!!!

    Hello my name is Ethan and I just recently bought a 99gsx in the Pittsburgh area. The car needs a lot of work around the body due to rust and proper maintenance is definitely my first priority.I am honestly not sure where to start though, since the DSM community isn’t much of a presence here...
  38. August578

    2G How to remove ECT sensor pins

    Hi does anyone know how to remove ECT sensor pins, one of my pin wires got snagged and ripped off. :(I’m trying to just reattach new wire to it and just connect it.
  39. August578

    Should I buy this 1995 Gsx

    Hi there! So there’s this STOCK and decent condition gsx with a 2gb body upgrade for sale for a good price around me.But here’s the catch, after running a car fax the miles were potentially rolled back. I’m assuming it is because all of the miles line up until the owner previous of this guy...
  40. 2G Is there a way to stiffen the blitz style polyurethane front bumper 95-99 eclipse

    I recently bought a polyurethane front bumper for my 96 eclipse and it’s all over the place. Wobbling everywhere not very rigid. I’m not expecting it to be like an actual body panel but is there a way I can stiffen it and paint it so the paint looks good and it has a tad bit more righty to it?
  41. August578

    2G Fuel line off hanger

    Does this come off towards me or away . I’ve done this before and I totally forgot and it’s giving me a hard ass time. And it’s slowly rounding off.
  42. Aleque

    ECMlink DSMLink reporting ECT 300* Is ECU fried?

    Found out my ECU that has DSMLink installed is fried, it seems like just 1 part of the circuit I believe. The circuit that is damaged is coolant temp, the ECU will read 300 degrees. DSMLink does still work it will connect to it just fine and I’m able to check data list and adjust fuel...
  43. T'd Up Steve

    How much is a clean GST/GSX worth in 2022?

    Hey guys, I just recently sold my 97 GST Spyder in hopes of finding a clean hardtop 98-99 GST/GSX. Question is what is a good price range nowadays to buy one at considering the inflation of used cars? There are 2 GSX that are near me. One wants 15k for a stock, clean 1998 GSX gray leather...
  44. LucasGst97

    2G Need help and turbo advice, new to DSMs

    Hi guys! I need help knowing what kind of turbo I have and what kind of turbo I have bought and which one should I put back in the car?-The purple one was the Turbo i had on the car. Previous owner does not know what the turbo or the manifold is called as it was not he who replaced it. I can...
  45. FredRider

    2G Valve Cover Keeps Leaking And White Smoke comes out

    So my previous post have been me just trying to find out why my valve cover keeps leaking. I have a Hyundai Rocker Valve Cover. It didn’t leak for the first 3 days and now recently started to leak again.It is also throwing white smoke out of the exhaust and I used a scanner and it told me it...
  46. FredRider

    Resolved Need Help with Valve Cover Bolts! (Hyundai Cover)

    So What went from a simple Valve Cover Gasket job to now looking for the bolts has been a nightmare! I ordered the bolts from STMtuned and they didn’t fit my valve cover any help please! I don’t know what size I need for them I have these weird looking at least to me bolts that were on the valve...
  47. tonydl

    2G 1997 Eclipse Spyder GST

    Ok sooo here's what I've done and what I know so far and I'm still haven issues, Ok most recently my clutch went out and I replaced it with an HD clutch and the one before was stock, I replaced pressure plate and had the flywheel resurfaced to proper spec. I say "proper spec" because I trust the...
  48. 420A Help me turbo my 420a

    Im new to boosting cars and I want to turbo my 420a dsm i need specific instructions on what im supposed tk do and any problems i may run into this is the kit i was looking into...
  49. Looking for help. (Spokane area)

    Hello, I have a 98 eclipse. I believe I bent a rod or f***ed up a piston. I bought this car for a daily driver until I can fix it up and make a fun project out of it. It’s a manual. I’m looking for someone who has a bit more experience in this area. I’m no mechanic, I generally do all my own...
  50. TheDude236

    2G How does everyone here clean their engine bays?

    I'd like to clean my engine bay the right way before I put the engine back in the car. My engine bay has a lot of oil residue everywhere due to an old leak, and it also has a spot of something that looks like early rust. I'd love to pressure wash it but my car is currently on jacks without a way...
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