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What Turbo is this? [Merged] Turbo ID Identification

What turbo is this?

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Proven Member
Oct 14, 2002
sorry, dumb question, i am new to dsm's...i got a turbo and manifold off a 1g laser at the junkyard, it was a 5 speed....the turbo looks in good question, i plan on using it for a custom setup on another says TD05H on the side, which type is this...i see all these 16G and 14B phrases being thrown around, which kind do i have, is it stock, and what is its normal boost range, small...large? thanks


Proven Member
Jul 14, 2002
Unless you got lucky and someone had done a swap prior to wrecking their car, you have a stock 14b. It is pretty much accepted that it will flow 405 cfm @ 15psi, and is good for 12's on an AWD DSM. Good luck on your project. for more specific info.

Mike C.


Proven Member
Apr 18, 2003
i bought my car very used and very raced mods were done so i dont know what turbo i have. It says td05h on it i dont have it out yet so thats all i can read.

so is this good what kind is it or is it stock


Proven Member
Jul 1, 2002
Springfield, Ohio
That's going to be difficult to tell without removing the compressor housing. Sure you have a TD05H, but it could be a 14B, 16g, 16G, and in some rare instances a 20G.


Proven Member
Jun 25, 2002
St. Louis, Missouri
Here is a picture of a 20g vs a 16g vs a 14b. Notice that the 14b and 16g use the same housing the tdo5h the only way to tell is to look at the turbine blades. Look at the picture and then you can see the diference in the blade patern.

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Proven Member
Sep 1, 2002
Glen Burnie / Balt, Baltimore_Maryland
If it's the stock turbo then yes it's 14b


Proven Member
Apr 28, 2002
Chilliwack, B.C._Canada
if its a stick shift. If auto then its a 13g.

And yea, it can be changed by now. I saw a 5spd up here with a 13g on it.

Could also be a 16g, you might get lucky :)


Proven Member
Oct 23, 2002
Belleville, Illinois
If it is a stock turbo then you have a T25. If it's not stock then if you can take a picture of it and post it up.



Proven Member
Dec 1, 2002
San Luis Obispo, California
yeh just take off the intake hose to the turbo...shine a flash light at the blades and take a pic...we can tell you what it is...but it has to do with the compressor wheel and turbine housing.

14b has a 6cm housing
16g/big16g have a 7cm housing


Proven Member
Apr 7, 2003
Coon Rapids, Minnesota
Yes, Mitsubishi turbos are compatible with 2gs. You can either get a mitsu turbo and install kit, or you can find a mitsu turbo that has been customized to bolt right up to the 2g manifold. Slowboy Racing makes a turbo that does just this. I recently purchased a 2g20g turbo from them. Basically I wanted the reputation of a turbo like the 20g carries with it, as well as an easier install. Here's a link if you're at all interested.

You'd be looking at either the 2g16g or the 2g20g if you want a bolt up mitsu turbo.


Proven Member
Jan 14, 2003
Hey, a friend of mine has a 1991 Talon TSi AWD, he bought it modded (intake, exhaust, boost controller, gauges, etc.). So we check out the turbo and on the side it says TD05H - and thats it, i did some research and found out that 14g, 16g, and 18g, are all TD05H.

So my question is, how do I tell which this is? I belive its a 14g because max boost my friend reaches is 8psi (he is going to change this with the HKS EVC IV once he finds out what the turbo is)

Thanks guys :thumb:


Proven Member
Nov 24, 2002
yeah check out the fins, the fins on a 14b are all the same... a 16 g have different size fins


Proven Member
Sep 29, 2003
Hialeah, Florida
Bro whats up i have a 1991 Tsi AWD too, you are right 14B, 16G, and 18G are all TDO5H but the 1G(1990-1994) with manuel transmission bring a 14B factory and the 1G Automatic bring a TDO4H which is a 13B. The 2g (1995-1999) Manuel or Automatic bring a T25 which is TDO4H too. So if your friends cars turbo hasent been changed it is a 14B. By the way just so you know the reason why automatic transmission 1G's have 13B's is because they spool up quicker than the TDO5H 14B which is found on the 5 Speed tranny. 2G's Auto or stick both have T25's which is basically the same thing as the 13B spool up very quickly. Also the max boost on a 14B is 20-22 PSi's which is open boost. Just by a manual boost controller to raise boost pressure is saves a lot of money and also the hoses that are under the hood that run the water the the little windshield cleaner things on the hood the one on the right side are put together by a Tee which is a little plastic T looking thing just disconnect it and put in the wastegate actuator hose the goes from the waste gate to the IC hose that connects to the turbo don't cut it though just find another peace of little hose and connect both of them to the Tee it should boost around 15 PSI's which is perfect no fuel cut or nothing thats how i run my car.

Larry L

Proven Member
Jul 4, 2003
HEMET, California
The 1G manual tranny came with a TD05H-14B, The auto however came with a TD04, and although this turbo is like the T25 is is not the same turbo... The t25 is actually a better turbo..But that is only my opinion...
TD05H only refers to the exaust housing. Like it was stated earlier the 14b, s16G, B16G all utilize this exaust housing. So one must visualize the fins to see which it is...More than likely your friend has a 14B...Enjoy it is a good turbo...Not the best but not shitty either. I use a ported 14B on my 2G and it is great.


Proven Member
Sep 21, 2002
Buffalo, New_York
Originally posted by Larry L

TD05H only refers to the exaust housing. Like it was stated earlier the 14b, s16G, B16G all utilize this exaust housing. So one must visualize the fins to see which it is...More than likely your friend has a 14B...Enjoy it is a good turbo...Not the best but not shitty either. I use a ported 14B on my 2G and it is great.

Compressor housing, not the exhaust housing...
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