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  1. 2G OBD2 ECU connection problem

    Hello. So my 95 Eclipse has this weird issue. I bought a cheap bluetooth OBD2 scanner so i could check why the ABS light is on. Well, it just said that "connection with ecu failed"OMG. I thought it was the cheap scanner, so I bought a more expensive one. Didn't work either, same message...

    Help with Identify the CHIP

    Hi, i have in hand 95 eprom ecu and need help with identify the chip, what is inside.ECU is socketed, so i hope its a custom chip, or something like that … can you somebody tell me more from this photo?I can get inside of the chip with some tool ? I heard that exist some eprom readers
  3. cswindel

    ECMlink The ECMLink Parts Guide

    BLUF: Make an easily searchable, one-stop shop for time tested and proven aftermarket/upgrade parts that talk to ECMLink for those starting from an all OEM platform to those that have a far from OEM set up but want to run ECMLink.Intent: To create a forum to consolidate the time tested parts...
  4. General Best standalone ECU for 96 Eclipse Spyder GS-T

    i have a 1996 mitsubishi eclipse spyder gs-t with an automatic trans, im rebuilding my engine and i want a tuneable and reliable ecu, i plan to track race as well as daily drive, which ecu would work for my applications i cant seem to find any good ones for automatic transmissions
  5. kornmstr1

    Resolved 1990 ECU pin 15 5volts?

    I'm attempting to wire my LC-1 into my 1990 ECU.First start DSMLink reads full lean. Impossible, the cars was still running. I cut the LC-1 connection and DSMLink still reads full lean, 5v. Okay, that's weird, I'll send it to ECMTuning to check my traces etc, in the mean time let's put in my...
  6. Elpizer2

    AEM AEM EMS v1 PnP 1g

    hi guysI finally installed my AEM EMS v1, but I can't connect to the ECUI tried 2 cables Serial to USB CH340 driver and prolific USB serial driver but didn't workI am running windows 10 laptop trying to connect AEM pro.i really need helpthanks
  7. cswindel

    General Microtech ECU Tuning/Remote Tuners

    I have looked through the threads related to these ECUs and have reached out to remote tuners, (Rix Racing, Kevin Jewer, etc.) but have had no luck in finding anyone or any guidance on how to properly manage/tune this system.I got the car in somewhat bad condition, (built in Puerto Rico, no...
  8. DallasM

    ECMlink 1G No Start After AEM Wideband Install

    1G DSM 1990 Plymouth Laser RS. Just Installed a AEM UEGO Wideband. I threw the old O2 out since I'm running ECMlink V3 (brand new chip). Wired into pin 4 which is my O2 wire on my ECU harness, used my cigarette lighter as my 12v, and grounded my black wire to the walls of where the ECU sat...
  9. CrackedDSM

    General Does this ECU look okay/what size screws for ECU case?

    Hey guys, I bought this ECU recently and it's got some...sketchy..repairs. I've done a little soldering and a tiny bit of stuff like that, so I know a little about what I'm looking at. However, I'm not a pro or an expert. That's where you guys come in.In your expert and experienced...
  10. Ricecar

    420A Split Second VC2 voltage clamp wired into ECU

    I have a 97 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS with a turbo kit on it from the previous owner, it’s had tons of money dumped into it but I don’t want to run it until it’s been serviced and with an aftermarket ecu since the stock ecu is still in the car with a “split second voltage clamp” wired in, my friend...
  11. PoiBoi

    GVR-4 Galant ECU burnt up, questions

    Hello all, the ecu in my Non-Turbo, manual, awd Galant GSX went out recently. It looks like what i think is an ISC driver chip went up (attached picture). I will be contacting ECMtuning to get this sent in and repaired, however I have some questions about it that im not finding solid answers for...
  12. General EPROM or stand-alone/piggyback

    I am new to the whole tuning process and I am wondering for a daily street car is it best to buy a eprom ecu to install into my 2g gst or is their a standalone option that’s much better. I am currently running extremely rich due to larger injectors and would need to remap. What do you all think...
  13. Etterkc86

    ECMlink ECU and tune question

    Alright guys, if this was 20 years ago I would have figured it out but…I’m putting together a 97 gst spyder and it has a non eprom ecu. I don’t know much about this, and ecmtuning won’t get back to me. I’m located in Ohio, and I pretty much need guidance on what to do. I’ve seen eprom ecus for...
  14. GHSTII

    General FuelTech Dash & Harness

    Hey folks!Anyone running on the FuelTech dash/ecu and wiring? How hard was it to install? Was it worth it?Car has a lot of improperly spliced wires from before my ownership, and I’m not very experienced despite being up to the challenge.In a position in which I should properly either...
  15. NlandTalon

    2G Found this silver box In My talon I just purchased, any idea what it is ?

    Need help figuring out this unit, is it worth keeping ? Was not installed just hung by the ecu.
  16. Aleque

    ECMlink DSMLink reporting ECT 300* Is ECU fried?

    Found out my ECU that has DSMLink installed is fried, it seems like just 1 part of the circuit I believe. The circuit that is damaged is coolant temp, the ECU will read 300 degrees. DSMLink does still work it will connect to it just fine and I’m able to check data list and adjust fuel...
  17. WTB Iso early 95 (07/94) 2gNT eagle talon esi ecu for sale.

    I am looking for an ecu for a early 95(07/94) eagle talon esi non turbo manual transmission car. I have looked at several 96 ecus and bought a late 95 ecu which had a different woring connector. This is the one I need. Thabks in advance.
  18. illicit_kd

    420A 2gNT Wiring harness

    Hey it’s me again, I’m still looking for a way to get a new wiring harness for my 95 rs 420a. Would anyone know where to find one or a link to a business that makes them flush? I’m trying to put myself to fix the problem itself so i’m asking for help from the gods of this forum. Please and thank...
  19. XC92

    General Thinking of Building a Very Basic 1G OBD1 Diagnostic Scan Tool

    Yes, I realize that several already exist and are very mature, reliable and respected, but they're for tuners, of which I'm not one nor likely to become one any time soon. Way above my current pay grade and my stock 1G DSM. Plus they're kind of pricey.Rather, I'm looking to build a fairly...
  20. 95 eprom chip

    For sale 95 eprom chip

    $40 + buyer pays shipping Came out of 95 eclipse
  21. Scrubos

    Resolved '90 Talon TSI weird ECU pinout?? No connection to diagport, no wire at all for pin 2

    Hello, title pretty much sums up my situation.Just purchased this mostly stock 90 Talon TSI awd, this is my first turbo car, so it's all a little new to me, but I rebuilt my 4g37 1ga, for what that's worth.Long story short, I've gone down the list confirming everything mechanical. Fixed all...
  22. 1g ecmlink v3

    For sale 1g 1g ecmlink v3

    Selling my Ecmlink v3 ECU.. Came out of my 93 TSI manual car. It's an EPROM ECU.Caps checked and tested by ecm tuning. Comes with the factory EPROM chip, the serial cable (have to retrieve from car. It's just zip tied under dash) the software disk, clutch cut wire( I think that's what it is?)...
  23. Colinssweeney

    1G 1g talon wiring mess

    Bought a 1g talon recently, looks like someone ripped some tuning components out of it before selling it to me. There are several connectors under the dash that connect the main wire line and also to a couple hidden switches. I was hoping someone could tell me what they are for. Here are some...
  24. RWD4G63

    Feeler: Interest in Motorsports-spec Wiring?

    Hi there. The point of this thread is discuss the interest for motorsports-spec wiring for the DSM community and what specifically the community needs.First I'll give you some examples of the kind of wiring I'm talking about (my work):(Not yet booted)Secondly, you might have seen my...
  25. 91-94 Socketed ECU ready for Link

    For sale 91-94 Socketed ECU ready for Link

    For sale is a stock ecu that was just refreshed from ECM Tuning. The caps were replaced and eprom was socketed. The ecu is from a federal auto car but shouldn’t matter when you put the ecmlink chip in. Price includes shipping and PayPal. I’ve got a 90 so I don’t plan on using.
  26. Haltech Best ECU for a 4g63 2g (europe)

    Hi guys,i am thinking about buying the haltech 550 for my 4g63 n/t to turbo conversion. But i was wondering if 34 pins are enough. Or should i get the 1500 elite (has also knock control) ? please let me know what i have to remove or disable if i am going to run the 550 or should everything...
  27. AEM EMS 30-1310 2g DSM

    For sale AEM EMS 30-1310 2g DSM

    Fully functioning AEM EMS 30-1310 for 2g DSM.
  28. 2g Donation

    Street Build 2g Donation

  29. Junzu

    2G Stock ECU installation for stock GST

    Picked up a 97 GST stock ECU, I have stock 97 GST. I have never done work with ECUs before, I was told I could just take old one out, plug new one in, and ready to go, with no tuning required!Just wanted to make sure, if there's anything else I would need to do plz let me know, as I've said...
  30. GHSTII

    General Is AEM the Only Legit EMS?

    As I've been looking into standalone ECUs, AEM constantly keeps coming up. I've got two questions:1. Are there any alternatives would you consider? I am familiar with Haltech, but I could use some additional insight. 2. Are all of them $2k? 😆 😆The important thing to note is that I need to...
  31. Non eprom ecu

    For sale 1g Non eprom ecu

    I have a 1g non-eprom ecu that I just received back from ecmtuning. They went through the ecu, tested it, and replaced a driver. My price is $100 firm which includes insured shipping with signature and PayPal fees.
  32. 2g Eprom ECU with new socket/caps

    For sale 2g 2g Eprom ECU with new socket/caps

    I have a eprom ecu that I just received back from ecmtuning. They went through the ecu, tested it, replaced the caps and socket. It’s ready for ecmlink. My price is $250 firm PLUS shipping and paypal fees I’m also a dealer for ECMtuning so if you’re interested in purchasing ecmlink, I can ship...
  33. 1g Eprom ECU w/ new socket/caps

    For sale 1g 1g Eprom ECU w/ new socket/caps

    I have an eprom ecu that I just received back from ecmtuning. They went through the ecu, tested it, replaced the caps and socket. It’s ready for ecmlink. My price is $250 firm PLUS shipping and paypal fees. I’m also a dealer for ECMtuning so if you’re interested in purchasing ecmlink, I can ship...
  34. Sjd6795

    ECMlink Boostest vs map sensor

    So I have done some reading and cant find an answer. Both my boost gauge and map sensor are showing around 15-17 psi at full boost, however the boostest calculated from the mas is reading 33. Why would this be showing basically double what my actual readings are? My first guess would be boost...
  35. Sjd6795

    For Sale Blackbox with openport 2.0

    Openport 2.0 has been sold.Black box ECU $70 + Shipping.I also have a stock 97 gsx ecu for $40 + shipping.Will update with pictures later or you can text me 256 630 0541
  36. Sjd6795

    For Sale Stock parts from my 2g

    I have some stock parts that I pulled out of my 2g, the valves are well used and missing one exhaust valve due to some damage. The rest are all fine when I pulled from my head, the cams I'm pretty sure are just stock cams if anyone can identify the markings on them further that'd be great.I...
  37. Sjd6795

    General Blackbox to evo 8 ECU

    I have a 1997 GSX that the previous owner had put in a black box ECU, I am having trouble finding a shop that will tune it. I was told by english racing if I install an Evo 8 ECU they will tune the car.I found this guide...
  38. ECMlink 2gb dsm dsmlink starting issues

    So I’m trying to start my dsm with the eprom dsmlink ecu and all i get is cranking and cranking no start. I’m also on speed density with a gm iat and 3-bar. Have gone through several settings in dsm link and also got my battery changed and alternator bench tested. I put my non-eprom 97 ecu back...
  39. SwanneeShane

    ECMlink Help look at my recent DSM Link Log

    So my car has been acting really funky, i noticed a rattling noise coming from my timing belt side of my engine, so i noticed when i rev the car, my timing belt in-between the intake cam to the idler pulley my belt vibrates and looks wavy, so now im doing all the pulleys and new belt and a new...
  40. eclipsedx

    2G Engine not starting. Missing Plug?

    Hey, i drive a D30 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse non turbo and I am having problems after rebuilding the engine. I had a bearing failure, so I took the engine out to rebuild it. After I installed the engine back in my chassis, i tried to start the car, but the Car did not start.The engine did crank...
  41. all black 4G63

    Resolved 1G CAS signals

    Are the 92, 93 and 94 CAS output signals the same?I need to use a 93/94 CAS with a 92 ECU.All I know about the CAS sensor I am using is that it has the black plastic cap, but not 100% sure which MY it is out of.Thank you for the info.
  42. MikeG90

    For Sale 1990 1G Non-Eprom ECU MD128625 $120 Shipped

    I have for sale a 1990 1G DSM ECU. This came out of my 1990 Eagle Talon Turbo AWD in great working condition.If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message.This ECU is also listed on Ebay
  43. Harrison Scholten

    General Speeduino standalone

    I was wondering if anyone has any info about the speeduino/arduino standalone ECU and tuner studio software. Specifically how user friendly the software is, how hands on the ECU installation is.Does the board require assembly or come with a harness that can be soldered to the factory wiring...
  44. Seangoodie2

    For Sale 97 GSX Non-Eprom ECU

    Selling my 97 GSX Non-Eprom ECU. Bought an EPROM ECU so this is no longer needed. Looking for $145 but open to offers.
  45. ECUflash Anyone in or around Illinois that knows how to flash a 98 Ecu?

    Hey i'm really in a hole right now with my car. I have 98 Eagle Talon Tsi and I'm looking to pay someone for either help or if willing to meet up and flash my car for me. The shop I was working with is now denying service to finish tuning it after having me pay up front for the tune and other...
  46. Tyler’s_DSM

    2G Does my ECU look okay?

    Having a issue with crank but no start. First it turned out to be cam sensor and car has been running for a while maybe two months, do not daily drive anymore though. Now car won’t start again. Acting up the same way. Replaced cam sensor finally with a new OEM one. Maybe the OEM one I bought was...
  47. Sjd6795

    EVOscan Tactrix OP 2.0

    So my car has a black box ECU and I was wondering if there would be any benefit in getting the open port and cables if I don't plan to tune the car right now. What all does this offer for my car outside of flashing?
  48. Brando_DSM

    Sold AEM V2 EMS for 1G/VR4

    Works perfectly. Still have the box, original cables and accessories. Price is $1000. Buyer pays shipping and PayPal fees, thanks.
  49. Spdfreak

    For Sale 1995-1999 GSX/GST Aem Ems V1 1310 plug and play $600 obo

    Aem standalone 1995-1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse gsx/gst plug and play ecu includes serial to USB data cable $650 shipped
  50. gabeem01

    Sold 95 Eprom ECU

    1995 Eprom ECU. $150 shipped.
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