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    • When I purchased the car, I unfortunately had very little history of what modifications or parts that were thrown into it. Given the information it sounds like the I may have a 1990 eclipse engine, however, the vin number and bill of sale state...
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    • For anyone that is interested in an update. I ended up purchasing the 92 Eagle Talon harness and found that it WAS NOT compatible with the components in my engine bay. The fuel injector plugs, coil pack plug, and even the crank shaft position...
    • jlust07 replied to the thread Project Eclipse.
      All cylinders hold compression at 150 PSI! Time to start ripping out the old harness and install a new one! May tuck my new harness for a more organized engine bay.
    • jlust07 replied to the thread 1G Coil Pack F089 vs F630.
      That's interesting. I noticed pulling out my old harness, it was connected to the coil pack shown in the original post, however, the ECU that I pulled out of the car was marked as a 91 eclipse ECU. I haven't yet verified this, but if it is a 91...
    • jlust07 replied to the thread 1G Coil Pack F089 vs F630.
      This is the picture of the engine bay. Looking at the vin number as well as the bill of sale, it is described as a 1991. It's definitely possible that the engine has been swapped at some point, it was my understanding that the 90-94 all had the...
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    • Hello,I have a 1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX with a F630 Coil pack in it. The coil pack, TACHO Interface J602, and other wiring is in pretty rough shape. I found a used F089 that came out of a 90 eclipse and was wondering if it would be...
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    • Not much luck in a junk yard as these are all almost 30 years old now. Basically the two options are build your own or
    • Hello there,I am looking to get a wiring harness for a 1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX. I was curious to know if anyone had any recommendations on where I could find one and if newer gens like the 95-99 G2 would fit in the G1.Are there junk...
    • This is the Build Thread for Project Eclipse. Reply below.
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