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2g dsm


    2G Jammed! Stub Axle Shaft

    Alright, I’ve avoided this for as long as I could…Go ahead and clown on me 😂 At this point I just want the answer.I did find an old thread addressing a similar issue, but I need new ideas. Any clue how to get this thing out?I was all proud of myself for getting out the axle, but I guess I...
  2. TheFlashDSM


    FIRST OFF! I would like to give a HUGE thanks to DSM tuners for supplying such a great platform for me to figure out how to build this car! legit I couldn't have done it without dsmtuners and some select members! weather it was wiring problems, engine building components, fuel system, engine...
  3. guerreroandrew4688

    2G Phantom Coolant leak?

    I’m not sure if it’s the head gasket or not but i seen on another thread on here about a “phantom coolant leak” and i have the same issue. Where the coolant keeps draining but it’s not overheating or nothing. It has white or gray smoke coming out the exhaust. My next step is if it’s something...
  4. Rigoberto

    420A OBD Issues

    Does anyone know how to fix a OBD that won’t read at a smog inspection shop? but will read through a regular OBD scanner
  5. 1998 Eclipse GSX

    Street Build 1998 Eclipse GSX

  6. TheFlashDSM

    2G W4A33 performance upgrade guide (please add)

    Howdy yawl LOLA lot of information for our transmission (w4a33) can be found on the first link of the W4a33 wiki, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX/GST automatic 4wa33 upgrade guide/information (please add if you know of any extra parts/vendors/suppliers/guides)Information for the...
  7. TheFlashDSM

    Haltech How to frame/remote mount an oil pressure sensor (video) (any ecu/dsm)

    me and @Jacolu3 frame mounting his oil temp/oil pressure sensor for his haltech 1500, this can be done with all 1g, 2g dsm and in fact most cars too, (some require an oil filter sandwich plate) enjoy :thumb:
  8. Mikesam

    1995 eagle talon tsi

    This is my 1995 eagle talon tsi manual. It is a was conveted to a 2gb. This is my daily driver it has 150k miles. It is mostly stock only upgrades are a 16g turbo manual boost controller and a eprom ecu with a ecmlink v3 package. I am planning of running a hx35 turbo in the future with a walbro...
  9. 2G Won’t accelerate past 20mph, dies when going slow speed

    I have a 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse gsx. The car drove just fine before for a while. The main problem I had was my speedometer didn’t work. I drove for a while without getting that fixed.Sometimes it hesitates getting it to start up. When I accelerate it won’t catch up to speed. It dies when...
  10. 2g DSMLink V3 full

    For sale 2g 2g DSMLink V3 full

    selling my 2g dsmlink v3 full edition. this is for a 95-96 car, will work on 97-99 but you need to swap plug wires, $800 firm, includes shipping, venmo/cash app/ zelle/ paypal as friends, i have a good selling rep, but dont want to get screwed by buyer. serious buyers only pleaseRich 631-905-9432
  11. 1999 Eclipse GS

    1999 Eclipse GS

  12. ncarson91

    Problem?? Crank is different

    Hey guys I have a slight issue with my dsm you will have to see pictures but. The one crank has a lip on the end for the flywheel my other one on my trashed block doesn’t? Thus my flywheel won’t line up ect ect anyways can someone tell me why or what crank this is? First photo is trashed block...
  13. 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-2000 16V

    Street Build 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-2000 16V

  14. 99GS4G63Swap

    420A 4g63t engine & transmission swap

    Hello looking to swap from a 420a into a 4g63t with trans. Took a brief look at transmissions and was only able to find 2 2g dsm trans for 10k a piece. Is there a suitable aftermarket transmission that will pair well?
  15. 3D Printed Cup Holder Switch Panel (V2)

    For sale Freelancer 3D Printed Cup Holder Switch Panel (V2)

    I revisited my design for the cup holder switch panel insert for 2g DSMs. The original V1 thread can be found here: largest revision is the mounting mechanism to the center console. Instead of...
  16. 2g eagle talon

    Road Race Build 2g eagle talon

  17. About mufflers/cat-back for a 420A

    Hi tuners. I have a 97 Eclipse RS and I'm planning on changing the exhaust so I can get a little bit louder. I read a lot about this, and I know that 420A models tend to sound ricer if you do a straight pipe since they are non turbo. Do you guys know a good setup for a muffler/cat-back that...
  18. 95FullSend99

    2G First time road course

    Hello guys and gals. I am interested in trying my hand at some entry level road course events. I have been searching alot online and for the most part I have been pointed at HPDE events to learn. And learning is exactly what I need. I want an entry level experiance where I can learn what I...
  19. Evoked-GSX

    For Sale AUS 1600cc Injectors

    AUS Injection 1600cc Injectors for DSM or EVO Recently serviced, original paperwork and box, comes with seals, and plug and play adapters.450 shipped.
  20. bstaley

    2G Sand fell into injector hole

    So I'm in the process of pulling the motor/trans in my 2g awd. While removing the electrical clips I pulled the injectors. I had just cleaned the whole engine bay in the beginning of summer. Though, when I pulled the fuel rail I noticed it was dirty around the injectors. Sand could have fell in...
  21. NWHTanK

    For Sale 2g billet roll stops

    160 shipped
  22. Volkan-Eclipse

    2G SRS light issue

    Hello Guys! for the best i start at the beginning so.. Last winter i kept my car my friends place nice and secure from the evil salt haha, anyway in that time i decided to do some things with the car one of the changes was the Evo steering wheel swap most DSM'ers do, the Car was of course...
  23. 2G Vi-pec Standalone

    Hi everyone,I was wondering if anyone here is familiar with a Vi-pec standalone? I had one installed in my car and I was told I can use it to help diagnose the issue I've been having. I didn't receive a book for it and have had troubles finding much info about it online. I've been trying to...
  24. drthorp

    2G OE Rear Brake Assembly Replacement

    So I have been trying to replace the OE brake assembly on the back of my '96 gsx. I have everything together now and have yet to flush/bleed everything when I notice the original brake line (the rubber soft ones) are not mating flush with the new calipers... I ordered the powerstop rear brake...
  25. Draxomulus

    2G New to the Community, 1st time DSM owner

    I picked up my 1998 Eclipse 2.0l (420a), 5 speed manual (NV-T350) a few years ago. It came home with me on a trailer and in numerous boxes of parts. I also found a 1997 a couple of months later that had been rear-ended and picked it up for nearly nothing to use as a parts car. Several trips to...
  26. For Sale 2g Parts Must Sell! Best Offer

    Need to sell this stuff. Let me know what you need and make your best offer. Prices are negotiable just need this stuff gone 312 536 8787 MarioBaer big brake kit (front) 2g- 450 plus shippingAEM EMS V1- 450 shippedtaylor battery box- 75 shippedhalf radiator- 100mishimoto hoses red - 40...
  27. 2g eclipse 420A

    I've driven my 1995 Eclipse RS 420A for about two weeks and it died on me out of nowhere, I've read the forums here and I'm still at a standstill I've replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter along with relays and a new crank sensor and I get no prime of the fuel pump when turning the key to on...
  28. mitsubishikid

    Sold 2g Eprom ECU '95 awd manual

    Greetings tuners, I got a good condition "95 Eclipse GSX CA emission eprom ecu up for grabs part number on the case is MD312464 , it has no signs of damage or any funny smells, it has to be sent to dsmlink to have them socket it if you plan to run dsmlink with it I'm asking $155 shipped 3 day...
  29. For Sale 95 talon tsi awd $7500

    Im selling my 95 talon tsi awd $ 7500 very low miles 60,000 in great condition one owner car its stock and has been garage sold
  30. Turbodhi

    AEM x series wideband install

    This thing has so many more wires than the Innovate mtx-l+ that I have. I'm not sure what wires to use. The innovate really only uses 3. If I'm wiring this thing up similarly I'm going to need power, ground, and signal. The signal wires are analog wires are white (analog +) and brown (analog -)...
  31. BrockDSM

    For Sale 97 GST - Extra clean

    97 GST w/ 95k on motor New paint, wheels, tires. Custom fender pull. Too much to list. Well cared for car. Interior is the cleanest you will ever see in a 2G. Plastics are scratch free.I bought this car bone stock 3 or so years ago. Car came from a Doctor that just used it to drive to work...
  32. UndeadPancake

    2G 98 GSX, strange no power issue

    Having a strange problem with my 98 GSX where the car is not getting any power at all until I disconnect and reconnect the battery. The issue doesn’t happen every time but both times the issue happened, I drove the car for a short time, turned the car off and then once I go to start it again the...
  33. Kruthers

    General Wideband O2 fail with lamba stuck at 1.00?

    I've been trying to diagnose a new problem - car stumbles/hesitates horribly under high boost. Zeitronix ZT2 wideband O2 reads a lamba of 1.00 at all times, AFR stays at 14.8 during accelaration or lift, only sometimes flickering to 14.7.So the question... is this a likely symptom of sensor...
  34. Jacob5se

    Period correct 1998 Eclipse GSX

    Jacob5se submitted a new DSM Profile :1998 Eclipse GSX „Evil GSX”Read more about this vehicle here...
  35. Stock infinity radio wont pick up Fm radio stations

    Hello, i Have a 1999 mistubishi eclipse gst thats been having troubles picking up Fm radio stations. The Radio in question is the stock cd/cassette player am/fm infinity radio. I had just figured out my radios code and replaced my old broken antenna, only to find that my radio was only picking...
  36. BLACK'98DSM

    420A Disc brake conversion

    Anyone know what all is required to convert these ugly drums to discs on the rear? Does someone make a kit where the emergency brake is still functional? Cheapest place to buy kit? Amount of time required? Any real performance car has discs on all 4's
  37. 2g rear lower shock mount? anyone know if its available?

    Anyone know if the rear lower shock mount on a 2g gsx is available to buy somewhere? Its the mount the goes into the knuckle then the shock slides onto it then the 17mm bolt threads inside of it.
  38. michael neff

    2G Finally the build began!

    Hey Guys/Girls Ive owned a 95 GST for about 4 years and used it as a daily until today. I pulled a used 7 bolt from a bone yard last week and undressed it. i will be sending out the block to get a magnaflux done to confirm i have a strong block. I'm excited for the build! knowing its only FWD i...
  39. Turbodhi

    2G Smoking when it's cold outside

    Hey guys I live in Kansas where it's been 20 degrees and below lately. Since it's been this cold my car has started smoking like my turbo has blown. And I'm driving on aa rebuilt 16g I'm not sure if I just need to wait longer before driving it or what. Any thoughts on what it could be? It...
  40. 2G TSI Front Wheels not driving

    I will try and make this long story short, I loaned my car out to my brother inlaw to drive to school for a bit and one day he said there was something wrong with it. That trip ended with him stranded on the side of the road and the clutch toasted on the car. I went to get the car with a...
  41. Turbodhi

    2G No start after car wash

    Hey guys,I went through the car wash and as I was leaving and pulling up to the stop sign, the car died and has not started back up.I checked under the hood and the battery was covered in water so I dried it off in a quick attempt to fix the problem. Nothing. I have not begun the diagnosis...
  42. Volkan-Eclipse

    2G Easy Way to disconnect Antenna?

    Hello guys.. sorry if i'm posting in the wrong place i'm new here... so anyway since we are now in winter my Antenna refuses to come fully up which i expected i always thought about disconnecting it, my first guess was to disconnect it on the Head Unit well dumb me it Antenna still worked ouf...
  43. Rust questions

    so I’m looking into buying a 1998 Eclipse GSX, and I’ve test drove it and everything and it runs smooth and shifts fine and everything is good except, it has rust. And I know rust is car cancer and you should for the most part steer clear of a car with it, but it’s a rare car for only 2500$ and...
  44. For Sale 2g rad, big h1c turbo,1g dash

    2g oem radiator came off a 95 n/a m/t was replaced by past owner before car was parked for 1 month. It does not fit in my 1g comes with both fans 140 oboHolset h1c turbo has 0 shaft play in/out. Came off motor with 20k miles when i bought it. Needs compressor housing clamp. 240 obo1g dash...
  45. For Sale New-2g 7 bolt Center Force Clutch kit

    I have a new unopened center force dual friction clutch kit. Bought it for my 97 Eagle Talon TSI FWD 4G63T but never finished the car. Im trying to get rid of the parts I have stashed in the garage. $350 OBO through paypal Free Shipping
  46. Zero6391

    Sold 2g Eagle Talon Tsi AWD

    Hello I am selling my Tsi racecar project along with every part I have collected for it. the car runs and drives and has a clean title. asking 3700 for the whole lot.Mods: AEM Dry Flow Filter (does not use oil)Evo 3 16g turbo (Only 1000 miles on it)Evo 8 Blow off valveAeromotive...
  47. Kai Hefner

    General Evo 3 eprom ecu: can it replace 2g dsm ecu?

    There is a guy in my area selling an evo 3 eprom ecu. I'm prepping to get ecmlink and my buddy told me I could save a bit of money with the eprom because I wouldn't have to get the full ecmlink package. Does the evo 3 eprom ecu work in a 2g dsm? If so, what else do I have to buy to get ecmlink...
  48. james green

    Jgreens 1st dsm

    james green submitted a new DSM Profile :Jgreens 1st dsmRead more about this vehicle here...
  49. UndeadPancake

    2G Accelerator cable adjustment

    Hi everyone, first post here and I have a question about adjusting the accelerator cable on my 98 eclipse GSX. There is about a quarter to half an inch of the accelerator cable that sticks out from my gas pedal. This causes the pedal to move a bit before you can give it any gas (the pedal moves...
  50. Dasean Real

    Low beam headlamp problem

    Hey guys I was looking for some help on my 2gb dsm. I recently just installed new 9006 bulbs for my low beam headlamps and they only work when i have my highbeams on as well as when i flash the headlights. All my fuses are good and the headlamp bulb wiring seems fine, however i do have two wires...
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