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For sale Freelancer 3D Printed Cup Holder Switch Panel (V2)

V2 Bolt-in Cup Holder Switch Panel
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I revisited my design for the cup holder switch panel insert for 2g DSMs. The original V1 thread can be found here:

The largest revision is the mounting mechanism to the center console. Instead of having standoffs on the bottom of the switch panel piece, which were made of plastic and designed to be snap-fit, instead I made these threaded TPU (rubberized) inserts. They simply pop into all 4 corners of the opening in the center console, and the panel bolts down on top. These TPU inserts have heated threaded inserts. The threaded piece is melted into the TPU insert, which is the strongest solution for threading 3D printed parts. Now, instead of trying to snap-in and snap-out some plastic pieces, the switch panel can be simply unbolted. The TPU inserts help a lot because they can be designed to lock into place, but are rubbery enough that they can be pushed in and out if needed. They are strong. It takes a good amount off force to push them in, and the same to push them out. These threaded inserts are M5x1.
View attachment 630789
The switch panel design changed a little as well. Since I'm using more TPU, I've designed my own rubber inserts for the cup and phone holders. It gives me a lot more adjustability in the designs, and I can use the space a lot more effectively. Both inserts can be actively removed to be cleaned or emptied.
View attachment 630790
Another benefit of these pieces being TPU, is that they are virtually indestructible, and can be manipulated to crazy shapes. For the phone holder in particular this might be useful. Sometimes I just throw some trash or spare change down the phone holder slot. Now, out of TPU it can be deformed to get stuff out of it. It will always return to it's normal shape.
View attachment 630791
I figured 6 switches was a lot. For the primary design, and based on the needs for @kidmet 's switch panel, there were 3 switches included on the switch panel. This freed up some room for labelling of the various buttons. I wasn't sure exactly how I was going to go about the labeling. I tried a couple different solutions until I landed back on TPU. Each switch has an accompanying hole that fits a TPU logo of the switch's function. I wanted to keep the labeling creative, so I made all of them pictures. Each kit will come with an assortment of inserts to put in these places. If there is a particular logo that you would want, I can accommodate.
View attachment 630794
The number of buttons can change, but for now I'm going to keep it to 3. I figure most people don't need 6 buttons. If you need more, or less, let me know! These are completely customizable so I can accommodate. The panel itself is still made from ABS+.
The pricing is still going to be similar as before, $200 USD (shipped in NA) for the panel with 3 switches. I can do more or less, let me know and I can figure out pricing. The pricing is staying roughly the same as V1, even with less switches, but there is significantly more printing and work involved. If you need a switch-less solution, I can also make that!
View attachment 630795View attachment 630796
The switches also have snap connectors, so that the panel can be disconnected by the single switches instead of individual wires.
View attachment 630806
I'm also curious what you guys think. I wasn't able to incorporate every design opinion in this version, but I'm trying to constantly improve. Let me know what you would like to see. This will also be available on If you're into this sort of stuff, follow me on Instagram @hef_shop.

Latest questions

Interested. What are the dimensions of the phone holder?
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Kai Hefner
Kai Hefner
It's just about 80mm across. Chamfers down a bit towards the bottom. It won't hold JUMBO sizes, but it's around the same size as the stock cup holder. There isn't a crazy amount of space in this area for a jumbo cup holder. I've been playing around with 2x cup holder designs for a long time. Trust me when I say there is a good reason for only 1 cup holder in stock form.
I'll post pics when installed!
I like it, cool idea!
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