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  1. '02 eclipse 4G64 engine mounted in a '99 Eclipse

    Can someone point me in the right direction on this swap? My wife and I have her dream car, a 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS. The engine in the 99 blew up and has a massive hole in the block. Instead of buying a crate engine, we found a 2002 Eclipse GS for $650 for the whole car. We want to take...
  2. Zen Hakuren

    Best recommendations tips and tricks to moving motor mounts for non slandered engines

    Just wanted to ask the community the best methos and secure locations where new motor mounts could be placed or old mounts be removed and moved to. Is welding the best option in all locations? It it safer of better to drill and bolt in other locations and so on. Mostly asking due to the want for...
  3. 1G Coil Pack F089 vs F630

    Hello,I have a 1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX with a F630 Coil pack in it. The coil pack, TACHO Interface J602, and other wiring is in pretty rough shape. I found a used F089 that came out of a 90 eclipse and was wondering if it would be compatible with the 91?Also for some context, the...
  4. Calm Before The Storm

    Street Build Calm Before The Storm

  5. AdroitPostal

    1G Talon TSi AWD turbo swap, what do I need?

    I have a 4g63t in a 92 eagle talon TSi awd, the turbo currently installed in the engine is blown, I do have a replacement hx35 turbo, I was wondering what all parts I’d need to make the transition between turbos?
  6. BoostJunkie17

    420A Replacement 420A or Evo 8/3G Eclipse 4G64 SOHC swap?

    Hey brothers! I am still new to the DSM world and I will admit I'm not too keen on most of the stuff these cars are capable of or as in tune with all the things you can do with these mechanically since I'm more of a 3G Eclipse 6G7X guy and I have more knowledge on the V6 SOHC 24V cars as I own 2...
  7. habitatguy187

    Upgrade evo 16g to downfiring 20g comp housing and wheel. Possible? Worth it?

    What do you guys think?'s so many damn 20g options out there that it can be hard to find good info on...
  8. 6G72 Eclipse RS (Sold due to hard times)

    Street Build 6G72 Eclipse RS (Sold due to hard times)

  9. 2g 420 a k swap

    I know there are some threads. But i was recently given a 420a auto 2nd gen. Im not too familiar with them as i have always had 1g gsx/tsi's. But given the dying, expensive market, and the lack of reliability of mitsubishis (loved the 4g for years). i am considering alternate engine options as...
  10. 2G 1998 Eclipse GST with No engine

    Hello Everybody,I recently purchased a 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST, all stock, the body is in great condition, has everything except an Engine and Transmission. Before you call me dumb, here is a little story. My grandma used to own a GST, she bought it from new and had it for some years, then...
  11. jesse12345

    2g eagle talon 420a awd trans swap

    I have a 1995 eagle talon 420a with a fresh turbo add on done, now I'm onto the transmission. Has anyone ever swapped an awd trans from a pacifica or a town and country? I know some of them had awd transmissions and were also a 41te. Mine is an automatic and before I drop heavy coin on my fwd...
  12. 2G Which trans to buy

    I bought a 1999 spyder with a 4g64. The person I bought it from put a new clutch in but didn’t put fluid in the trans and now it won’t go in 5th or revers and really doesn’t like 1st or 3rd. I feel like I should probably put a new trans in it but I’m not sure if it can use one from a 4g63 or not...
  13. 2G Help with 1gina2g swap(motor mounts)

    So my 7 bolt 96 gsx 2g crankwalked, so the natural path was to swap in a 6 bolt motor. I gave an online guide to a shop(that has experience swaping motors in general) and everything has gone pretty smoothly so far, without a hitch.However, i called them up today and turns out the front and...
  14. 2G 2g auto in a 93 Summit

    So, I have this snag in my swap process. I am pretty sure that my transmission is stuck in limp mode. It was never separated from the motor and worked fine prior to the swap. Seems likely that it will be a wiring issue but we all know mysterious shit just plagues DSM life.I am curious...
  15. Mitzu Garage

    2G 2gNT 98 Eclipse GS | LS1 Swap Help

    Please be respectful, this is very sentimental to me. I have a bunch of questions. I have a 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS. I’ve been debating on what to do with it. I’m really into the 4G63 platform and have a GS-T as well already in my garage. I’ve always wanted to work on a car with my dad but...
  16. SoCal420a

    WTB looking for an engine for my 98

    Hey guys, looking for an engine '98 rs (n/a)' manual ,know of one shoot me a message. Also I am considering swapping if i can't find a good replacement soon, trying to get my rs back to life.
  17. Kevlon

    1G Fuel Injector Swap

    I’m new to the scene and in search of Fuel Injectors as two of mine aren’t working. I’ve gone to STMtuning and a few other sites and can’t seem to find 450cc manual Injectors anywhere.I see that autozone has some remans but only automatic.Will automatic injectors work on a manual vehicle...
  18. Hopsas

    1g 6Bolt 4g63 swap to G4cp

    Hello Guys, I have a question about G4CP from Hyundai. So... My 6bolt destroyed... I want to buy a new one, but in my country nobody sell that engine. So i started a search other ways what i can do. My friend told me about this G4CP engine. I searched and somebody wrote that 4g63 and G4CP (ofc 6...
  19. 2G Hyundai F4A33 for 2G DSM

    So... Call me crazy. But has anyone tried this? Or have any info (gear ratios the same?) Apparently the F4A33 was used in V6 sonatas I’m assuming the bellhousing is different..I’m heading to the junkyard Friday, and am scooping one up to see if I’d simply be able to switch some stuff around...
  20. Laiden

    2G Manual To Automatic, Swapsies?

    In my previous post I talked about wanting to swap a GSX into a Sebring. Really the biggest part(s) that will be holding me up in the future will be the transmission swap. The GSX donor is a manual but my wife wants an automatic.I've read about all that is needed, new rear diff, the tranny...
  21. Joe' GSX

    Time for a turbo upgrade.. 68hta or hx35?

    I now have my eclipse sitting in the garage with more time to be worked on since I picked up a new Ecoboost stang to daily. I'm looking to achieve close to 400AWHP , I already have : Aftermarket ebay manual boost controller, Injen air intake, Godspeed FMIC, GReddy Type -S recirculated bov, Stage...
  22. For Sale Wtb 2g gsx shell

    I'm in search for a healthy relatively rust free shell in North Carolina preferably and near raliegh/goldsboro .I'm looking to swap my gsx drive train into it. I bought a 97 gsx a while back with a decently built drive train but the chassis has rusted out from years up north and the ECU failed...
  23. Strm Trpr

    ***2g AWD Swap Components***

    I’m gauging interest to see if anyone needs all of the components to swap a 2g GST to a 2g GSX.I have all of the components listed in this thread. prefer to sell it all as one complete kit, so please, no part outs at this time...
  24. 914 Cheeko

    1G (URGENT) Noob questions, 4G63T won't start.

    Hey everyone, I'm pretty new to working on cars but I've been an enthusiast for about a year or two now. I just got a '91 Galant VR4 with a swapped Talon Turbo TSi engine. The the last owner has had a few problems with the car and it won't run smooth at all until the engine is up to temperature...
  25. sacrileger

    Resolved rewire 4G63 el. connectors to fit 4G37 connectors

    I am in the process of replacing 4g37 engine with 4g63 n/t motor. I pulled the engine bay harness from a 92 Talon which was equipped with A/C and cruise control and installed the harness in a '90 laser w/o A/C or cruise. All connectors fit except two 4g63 connectors that have more pins than...
  26. bpk1337

    For Sale 2g - Head Ready for upgraded cams and valves

    Up for sale is a super clean 4G63 2G head. I decided to stick with my 1g head instead. $265 obo. Comes with everything you see pictured. Does not come with cams or valves. For more photos check out my google photos link: Feel free to PM me here or text...
  27. sacrileger

    Resolved swap 4G37 for 4G63 n/t - wiring/harness

    I am taking my 4g37 engine from a 1990 Laser and replacing it with a 4g63 n/t 6-bolt motor from a 1992 Talon. The '90 Laser has no A/C, cruise, etc. The Talon does. I already took both engines out and noticed that some of the connectors dont match up, i.e. the O2 sensor. I figured I might as...
  28. 2G Bang for your buck, 3G control arm/sway bar swap purchase options?

    So here is the deal. I've read a few posts about the 3G 3.0 rear control arm and sway bar swap and i know that it is doable. I was looking as cost and found that for the control arms, sway bar, end links, and bushings new it would cost about $300 for everything new. I then did a little digging...
  29. Dasean Real

    2g 6 bolt swap CAS adapter harness

    I have a 98 gsx, 6 bolt and 98 black box ecu. i have a fresh adapter harness for the CAS and i am unsure where to connect the 4th white wire on it
  30. Dasean Real

    2g GSX 6bolt Spark Plug firing order

    Can anybody tell me how im supposed to wire my spark plug wires i have a 98 GSX with the 6 bolt swap and a black box stock 98 ECU I currently have them wired from coil 4,1,2,3 and the car wont stay on for more than like 5 seconds , i figured it was my CAS harness which i ordered another one but...
  31. Dasean Real

    No click no crank

    Is there anyone who may be able to help me out i recently just swapped my harness and alternator after a small fire for my 2g 6 bolt and my lights and radio work but when trying to start the car nothing happens. battery is good and i just put a new starter in not completely sure if its set up...
  32. ZergBush

    Showcar Build project EvoCLIPSE | EVOLUTION inside ECLIPSE (mivec engine, awd swap)

    PART 1: - Installing rear Mitsubishi Legnum AWD transmission - Install brake and fuel line - Setting Legnum all-wheel drive fuel tank - Engine mounting Mitsubishi Evolution IX mivec 4g63 and all-wheel drive EVO9 powertrain
  33. Doubleot

    Project Nicole, 2gb AWD Talon Spyder

    I'm back, With what I've always wanted :)After selling my Panduh in January, the poor car suffered a fatal accident that totaled her :(# The owner kept the car and fixed it up and actually still drives it, I haven't seen it since the accident, I just wish the best of luck for the new owner and...
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