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2g eagle talon 420a awd trans swap

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


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Jul 30, 2014
Down the block, Minnesota
I have a 1995 eagle talon 420a with a fresh turbo add on done, now I'm onto the transmission. Has anyone ever swapped an awd trans from a pacifica or a town and country? I know some of them had awd transmissions and were also a 41te. Mine is an automatic and before I drop heavy coin on my fwd one, I was curious if anyone has ever done or heard of this swap? I can get the transmission and transfercase cheap and I've done my fair share of fabrication. I'm just curious if they will bolt up or not I've dug extremely deep and found really nothing on this particular subject. I think it'd be really awesome to have an awd 420a turbo so that's why I'm looking into this. Please don't bash me to hard on this subject I'm just really curious if anything. As always thanks for any and all comments I'm all ears.
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I was reading and I heard you could bolt the transfercase up to the 41te? That's what I've read I have no idea if it's true but if it is this might be something really cool to try out. I'm keeping my 420a till I die so it wouldn't hurt to start trying different things out.
It might be worth giving it a shot. I was just curious about it all and I searched high and low and nothing came about the 420a in the eclipse and awd. It's 2021 I think it's time to get the 420a talon/eclipse some awd options. If I hear alot more positivity on the subject I'll definitely give it a shot.
I've read they used that transmission to make an srt4 awd. I am sure if you had an awd subframe you could have a custom driveshaft made. What sort of turbo swap did you do?
Yeah I was reading on all of that if a person could find a rusty or crashed gsx/tsi you could use that subframe or build a tubular one. As for the turbo swap I guess it wasn't really I swap I just more or less added one. My fault I should of worded it differently. I fixed it that was my bad.
THIS is a thread im goin to follow. Would be a pretty cool discovery if done or if it has been done
if you do find one that bolts up, besides modding the rear for the diff n' shit,
you will also need to modify the floor pan, re route the exhaust and modify the fuel tank for the drive shaft to clear
I think it's a really cool idea. I hope it works out as the 420a is quite a solid engine and people who have built them could definitely benefit from an awd set-up. One thing you may want to look into is your gear ratios with the parts you'll be using. You should be able to bolt the rear subframe from a 2G AWD into it no problem but the chances of the awd transmission gear ratio you use working with the ratio of the rear differential are pretty slim. Not that you couldn't modify the subframe to work with the pacifica diferential but then you have to look into how to mate the axles up.

Please dont take this as hate or bashing. Just bringing up things that you'll want to consider before you start buying parts..... no matter how much research you do plan on buying a few parts that you later find out won't work like you thought they would. If you can make it work with no custom parts except a driveshaft it'll be worth all the work.
Very true on the gear ratio aspect part of things. I'm going to start with the transfer case and go from there if it bolts onto my transmission I think it'll be a really good start honestly. Ill have to figure out my gear ratio so everything matches up. It sounds like alot of time and work but I think it's time to get these 420a some awd applications. The exhaust and gas tank may be the biggest hurdle. I think the rear diff and axles out of a town and country may be the best bet. I'm just going to keep digging as deep as I can on these vehicles to see what's compatible with what. I love what everyone's been suggesting keep it coming because it's helping me out alot.
So update on the awd part of things for the 420a. I found out both town and country and pacifica have an insanely huge transfer case even if it bolts up which it will, there is zero room in an eclipse and talon. The transfer case is to tall and way to bulky, almost the size of the transmission. Some pretty bad news unfortunately. I've just been mr transmission for the past month seeing what's different and the same, not a whole lot of luck on my end.
I appreciate you putting the time in to find this! I’m also doing a significant amount of digging to see our options. It seems we may not have to go with a bolt on transfer case but more or less one from any other awd system. But that means paying closer attention to gear ratios. Almost wondering if this may need to be a deal where the front subframe has to be modified to fit everything. More or less I’m still looking at gsx subframes or even one from another car entirely. I’ve been working on cross referencing parts numbers to cars that carry an awd platform. (PSA. There are more of us looking into the subject.)

Also is it possible to have a bracket made to bolt on a smaller transfer case? I noticed we have some bolt holes on our transmissions currently and wondering if we can make conversion bracket to bolt it together.
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Which belhousing is that? All of the bolt holes line up with the 420a block?

A large amount of people have been wanting to AWD swap their N/T's over the years. It really doesn't seem practical though. Unless you're throwing down some insane power numbers. A quality LSD and some soft tires will grip well enough for all motor builds or mild turbo builds. Adding this AWD setup is just going to add weight and make the 420a cars more of a dog than they already are.

If you figure out how to do it, congrats to you. Most people talk about it and never get it done.
Which transmission and transfercase is that I know looking at the pacifica ones they were big. The 2gs hardly have any room under there. I wish I had more time to dig in. I've been real busy and at the same time just trying to get my 420a running.

The A523 Manual Transaxle​

This transaxle replaced the A520 in 1990 on all models. It featured a new shifting mechanism for a more conventional shift pattern (standard "H"), eliminating the pull-ring-extreme-left position of the reverse gear and moving it beneath the 5th gear position. Also, the 1st and 2nd gear syncros were changed to compression molded fiber glass to improve 1st and 2nd gear entry, which requires a different cone on the gear and different input shaft as well. It was also a stronger unit than the A520, but featured the exact same gear ratios until 1992. In 1992, the ratios were spread more evenly with a shorter 1st gear and a taller 5th gear. However, the only final drive ratio available made the overall gear ratio taller, which resulted in higher engine speeds in 5th gear. This was probably to improve city gas mileage.

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dude has a 89 caravan, AWD with a EDZ block, srt4 pistons and rods with a 420a head. And a holset.
check it out.
should be an EDZ block and bedplate with a matching pt cruiser oil pan.
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