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  1. RMG

    2G 4g64 turbo kit?

    I’m looking for a place that could turbo or supercharge my 99 Spyder GS with the 2.4l 4g64. Does anyone know a shop in or around Portland OR that could do that?Or what kits are available for the 4g64?
  2. FP Green Turbo Kit

    For sale FP Green Turbo Kit

    $1250 Stock manifold FP Green JB turbo internal waste gate. water lines Oil lines (feed from oil filter housings & factory metal return style drain) Intake pipe with coupler(no air filter)Not looking to part the kit. Selling as kit whole only.This turbo saw 24psi for about 2k miles on a...
  3. GReddy TD05H 18G

    For sale 4G63 GReddy TD05H 18G

    Bought it and was going to use it with an external wastegate but ended up going with a 68 HTA that I found at a good price. Turbo was rebuilt and has brand new internals no shaft play need the money for an unexpected emergency so it's priced to sell quick. Comes with wastegate actuator but not...

    Wanted Anyone Got An FP Red?

    I know it's a long shot, but does anyone here happen to have access to a new FP Red turbo for a '98 GSX that I can buy? The manufacturer is on back-order for up to 2 months, so I figured it couldn't hurt to shout into the void.Preferably internally gated with a coated housing.

    Looking for an FP Red

    I know it's a long shot, but does anyone here happen to have access to a new FP Red turbo for a '98 GSX that I can buy? The manufacturer is on back-order for up to two months, so I figured I'd try and shout into the void.
  6. 91 GVR4 Partout

    For sale GVR4 91 GVR4 Partout

    I'm parting out my 91 gvr4. Front and rear bumper are no good. This car is being posted on other sites and market place so it's a first come first serve basis. Motor and tranny are already gone. I'll be keeping my hood and wheels which will be put on my other vr4. I also have a few performance...
  7. 2G Parts Selloff

    For sale 2G Parts Selloff

    Have a number of parts I don't need for my build. Willing to ship at buyer's expense.Race radiator (no-name brand) - $40 + PayPal fees Sun visors, pair (gray, no tears) - $40 + PayPal fees A/T brake pedal assembly - $40 + PayPal fees A/T shifter assembly - $40 + PayPal fees Black box ECU with...
    $15.00 to $250.00
  8. 2G Turbo a '96 Euro non-turbo Eclipse

    Hi everone,i live in europe and cant find any eclipse gs-t or gsx, so i was wondering what it takes to turbo a non turbo 4g63 (1995+) ? Whats the hp i can expect to make and how much will it cost. For instance if i swap all the cylinder heads to forged do i still need oil squirters? Do the...
  9. GST Colton

    420A 2gNT want to add turbo

    Hey I recently bought a 97 gs eclipse swapped to a 420a engine. and i wanna go turbo lol. just wondering if anyone know good sites that sell turbo kits looking to spend anywhere from 1-8k looking to push around 350-400hp
  10. Ported Cylinder Head

    For sale 1g Ported Cylinder Head

    For sale is a 1G cylinder head.The head has received machine work including porting both exhaust and intake ports. It has also been machine for oversize valves, has dual valve spring setup and has been o-ringed. It has brass valve guides installed. It has not been run/used since the...
  11. 420A Help me turbo my 420a

    Im new to boosting cars and I want to turbo my 420a dsm i need specific instructions on what im supposed tk do and any problems i may run into this is the kit i was looking into...
  12. jesse12345

    420A SPA Turbo fuel management unit rich idle

    Hey all so I'm using the SPA Turbo fuel management unit, I think max is 14:1 on it and it works great, I'm running real rich at idle and my fuel pressure at idle is around 29 lbs. Have any of you tried that unit out yet? I know I need to pick up a megasquirt but I'm running low boost for now...
  13. 2G Hard Pipe for t25 or Ebay FMIC

    So I am doing a 4g64 turbo conversion and found a t25 at a junkyard that seems to be in decent condition. I want to have a fun DD and plan on running 10 to 15psi boost. I also found the SMIC intercooler at the yard as well. Personally I would like the FMIC cuz imo it looks better and hopefully...
  14. 450cc High Imp on 4g64

    Hi, I am currently doing a 4g64 turbo conversion and know that the injectors stock are high impedance. I also know that the 63 uses a resistor box for the fuel injector to make them low imp. So I found these high Impedance 450cc injectors and wondered if I can just plug and play them instead of...
  15. NEW 1ga Talon Wing screw covers

    For sale 1g NEW 1ga Talon Wing screw covers

    These little guys cover the winger screw directly behind the doors on 1GA Talons. These are to be installed with an adhesive of your choosing.
  16. 2G Will a turboed 4g64 with mostly stock parts from a 4g63T pass CA smog?

    I have decided to embark on the journey of turboing my 4g64 spyder gs. I was curious since I live in California emissions are stricter, will a turboed 4g64 fail emissions? I know that you can't touch anything pre cat or something like that but if I take most of the stock parts from a 63T like...
  17. 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse gsx

    1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse gsx

  18. 1997 GSX in Phoenix AZ.

    Street Build 1997 GSX in Phoenix AZ.

  19. niki_talon

    Wanted Wtb fp black turbo

  20. 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GST Paul Walker Tribute

    1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GST Paul Walker Tribute

  21. 98 Talon 420A turbo

    98 Talon 420A turbo

  22. GHSTII

    2G Hot Parts for '98 GSX?

    Not finding a lot of options on this one. I've already been asking around, and I may have a couple leads, but I figured I'd ask in a thread anyway.Any leads on where I can find a Hot Parts kit? Still learning how it all pieces together in the grand scheme of things, but I am seeing some wild...
  23. GHSTII

    2G Intercooler Kit / Piping?

    I’m finding good intercoolers, but hardly anything sold with piping, much less GOOD piping. Any recommendations?
  24. GHSTII

    2G Favorite 20g Turbo?

    Which would you choose?
  25. Venum

    Replacement turbo?

    Hi all,I was upgrading a few things on my car, including the wastegate spring, and my mechanic found the following issue with my Turbonetics turbo. It looks like the turbo is pretty damaged and it has less than 3000 miles on it. I'm pretty frustrated with the situation since I even had this...
  26. Holset HX35W Turbo For Sale

    For sale Holset HX35W Turbo For Sale

    I have a Holset HX35W Turbo that was on my new 2G Eclipse when I bought it. I have replaced it with a more powerful turbo, but it was working great before I replaced it! It has minimal shaft play, like the same as a brand new turbo would, which makes me think it was rebuilt not too long before I...
  27. jesse12345

    2g eagle talon 420a awd trans swap

    I have a 1995 eagle talon 420a with a fresh turbo add on done, now I'm onto the transmission. Has anyone ever swapped an awd trans from a pacifica or a town and country? I know some of them had awd transmissions and were also a 41te. Mine is an automatic and before I drop heavy coin on my fwd...
  28. jesse12345

    420A High oil pressure blowing filters

    Okay so I just got my engine put in about a week ago and finally wired everything up car started it runs great but my problem is oil pressure cold at idle was 60 to 70 and when I'd Rev it up it go well past 100 and my first oil filter I had was a small 348 the gasket blew out of so I put a 085...
  29. Genuine Big 16g + O2 wastegate housing

    For sale 4G63 Genuine Big 16g + O2 wastegate housing

    I bought a genuine Big 16g recently and didnt realize it was an external WG off the O2 housing. I would like to sell, or trade the turbo+housing for an internal WG 16g. I dont care big, small, Evo as long as it is genuine MHI 16g. I can throw in cash, or take more cash on a trade or just sell it...
  30. pieceofcloth

    First start up 280cams

    The day has arrived
  31. llxkevinxll

    Sold TD06SL2 20G

    For sale is a bolt on 20G turbo built by Justin here on the forums.KTS 7 blade billet compressor. 11 blade TD06SL2 turbine wheel. Down firing compressor cover. Internal gate Compressor cover powder coated red and hotside ceramic black by Detective Coating Built with all new parts by Justin...
  32. MJcanada

    For Sale 1ga talon wing screw covers and lower rocker clips

    I have a 4 sets of replica wing screw covers left for sale. Also 2 sets of lower rocker retainers/clips (these hold the side skirts on. These are 1ga talon parts made of abs plastic. Message for prices.
  33. For Sale 95 2ga parts for sale

    Stock steering wheel and airbag mitsubishi logo'd 40$ Evo 550cc injectors 90$ Stock shifter 10$ Ecmlink ecu 450$ Garrett T25 300$ Stock cam gears 50$ Got a bunch of other stuff too just can't think of it all. All prices are obo and before shipping would prefer pickup am located in S.A. T.X.
  34. For Sale Td05 20g turbo

    Pretty much brand new td05 20g turbo. Bought it for my 1g eclipse but then sold the car, the turbo has been sitting in my garage since. Wanna just get it sold so am only asking 200 for it. Located in Des Moines iowa, you can shoot me a text at 5152500681 thanks
  35. thilaksharma

    For Sale Genuine HKS T4 DSM / Evo3 Manifold

    Hi Guys, I have a rare piece , a HKS T4 DSM Manifold , never been mounted since I bought them It is definately genuine, it is the darker unit in this pictures, the one that has the mounts for headshield. I am looking at $600 shipped to your doorstep. Price includes paypal fees and shipping fee...
  36. Anfurnyy

    Street Build 1g build - The Real Life Trials and Tribulations of building a DSM

    *EDIT* As I'm updating this build, it seems that this is turning more into a story than just a build. I've updated the title to reflect this, I suppose. This build is really going to showcase the real life issues behind building / working on a DSM and the problems, solutions that other might run...
  37. Rick_4g63

    For Sale GSX parts

    (Parts for sale located in Sylmar 91342 /Palmdale 93591 CA)90 GSX parts2 core alum radiator $100 (OBO) Upper and Lower radiator hose (SOLD) Balance shaft -Belt (New never opened) $40 (OBO) Balance shaft tensioner (New never opened) $45 (OBO)*Edit* got my car tuned on 7/23/2020 and...
  38. Rooster

    1G Oil on dipstick is clear?

    I just got my 1ga talon running again today and i knew i changed the oil before it sat for about a year. I checked the level and noticed it was clear. Almost made me think there was no oil in the car til the light hit it right. I put some on my finger and it feels weird. Less viscous than oil...
  39. Joe' GSX

    2G Turbo blown?

    Heres so pics attached, just need some second opinions to what I have a feeling is a blown turbo. Finally got wiring done on car after a long while of sitting and put everything together, started up the car , and when you press the gas theres white smoke coming from the exhaust as well as the...
  40. 1G Turbo upgrade help?

    Hi my friend just got me into DSMs and I got a 91 Plymouth laser RS. I got a guys selling (locally) a brand new TD04-2 turbo for a Delica and wanted to know if it would work with my 1G. Whether it's the same or a small upgrade. I'm just getting into these engines so I dont know much about their...
  41. For Sale 1g for sale

    hey Everyone!! im new here and normally a Mazda Fan BUT...... when i was at work i ran into an older lady who recently her brother passed and left her a MINT 1992 Eclipse 4g63 non turbo 5 spd and when i say MINT i mean it!!!! So i bought it without hesitation!!Again it is a MINT 92...
  42. Sjd6795

    Got bored 3D printed turbo lol

    Center section is almost air tight. The can of air only spins the exhaust wheel to turn the shaft to spin the intake wheel. The paper flap is being moved just by the wheel creating airflow. Seems cool the blades are very weak though it's a very thin wall. I could make the print much larger to...
  43. Sjd6795

    Big 16g rebuilt 0 miles

    Found a turbo on facebook a guy is selling from a dsm part out. It's a 16g that's been freshly rebuilt. Everything is good besides its missing the exhaust housing which my 14b works so all good there. It does come with the j pipe and I offered $170 am I getting a good deal?
  44. For Sale New HX35 7-blade

    New turbo built by forum member jusmx141. $550 comes with factory t3 twin-scroll housing.If interested please text 4zero4-5zero9-7418Here is an original add from jusmx141:Price: $600.00Parts Condition: Brand NewNew Holset 7-blade 54/78mm HX35 turbocharger. This is a relatively...
  45. Sjd6795

    2G 10 hours of work...

    So I recently rebuilt my throttle body and it will still leaking after putting it back on the car. Well today I removed the throttle body and used a dremel with a soft wire brush to clean and even out both sides of the throttle body, intake manifold, and throttle body elbow. I also placed...
  46. Brando_DSM

    Sold JMF Drag with 74mm S90

    Price set firm at $800 for the intake manifold and throttle body together, with all sensors. All in great condition, s90 is basically new. Buyer pays shipping and PayPal fees, thanks.
  47. Would a front mount intercooler kit from a 1g fit on my 2g

    so there’s some one selling a whole front mount intercooler kit for a 1g dsm and am a little curious if any one has tried or knows if it would fit on to my 2g with minimal fab work or is it to different to work
  48. Yvngvn

    Sold FP T28 Turbo w FP 17psi Wastegate Actuator

    $300 I have a fp t28 turbo w the 17psi wastegate. This turbo pulls aggressively hard and i had to go back to stock because i ran into an overheating issue. The turbo ran perfect probably about 2000-3000miles on it personally but its a great and strong turbo. Plus the wastegate is still hard to...
  49. Spdfreak

    For Sale 1995-1999 GSX/GST Aem Ems V1 1310 plug and play $600 obo

    Aem standalone 1995-1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse gsx/gst plug and play ecu includes serial to USB data cable $650 shipped
  50. ToastyOne

    Any good DSM mechanics in the bay?

    Just trying to find a mechanic I can rely on taking my 2g to as I no longer have a place to work on it myself.There’s no shortage in shops but I’m specifically looking for someone who specializes or knows their way around the dsm.
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