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  1. 1993 Eclipse GSX

    1993 Eclipse GSX

  2. BernieMP

    2G Looking to join with '96 Talon TSI AWD

    Hi everyone,I came across an AWD Talon for about 3k USD while looking for an interesting car, the interior and exterior are very well taken care of, and the car is completely stock so that's the biggest plus. The electrical components; windows, mirrors, seats, sunroof, A/C all work.The big...
  3. 92 Eagle Talon awd

    92 Eagle Talon awd

  4. 1993 Plymouth laser RS Big Turbo

    Road Race Build 1993 Plymouth laser RS Big Turbo

  5. XC92

    1G Did I just destroy my rear diff?!?

    So I was trying to install a new pinion seal on the rear diff of my '92 AWD Talon, and I used wrong-sized seal installation ring that had too narrow an inner opening (actually a part from my bearing installation kit), and after it drove the seal part of the way in, instead of contacting the...
  6. TheFlashDSM


    FIRST OFF! I would like to give a HUGE thanks to DSM tuners for supplying such a great platform for me to figure out how to build this car! legit I couldn't have done it without dsmtuners and some select members! weather it was wiring problems, engine building components, fuel system, engine...
  7. 1995 Eagle Talon TSi AWD Auto

    1995 Eagle Talon TSi AWD Auto

  8. 2G NEW OWNER IN PITTSBURGH PA NEED HELP finding body shop and mechanic!!!!!

    Hello my name is Ethan and I just recently bought a 99gsx in the Pittsburgh area. The car needs a lot of work around the body due to rust and proper maintenance is definitely my first priority.I am honestly not sure where to start though, since the DSM community isn’t much of a presence here...
  9. AdroitPostal

    1G Talon TSi AWD turbo swap, what do I need?

    I have a 4g63t in a 92 eagle talon TSi awd, the turbo currently installed in the engine is blown, I do have a replacement hx35 turbo, I was wondering what all parts I’d need to make the transition between turbos?
  10. Beater


  11. 1998 Eclipse GSX

    Street Build 1998 Eclipse GSX

  12. 1990 Eagle Talon TSI

    For sale 1990 Eagle Talon TSI

    SALE PENDING 4/11/2022 LOCATED IN BELLINGHAM, WASHINGTON ok. selling for real now LOL. READ WHOLE AD.Car has 6,500 miles since build and semi-restoration (5000 of which were mainly highway road tripping across the western states). Would ideally be purchased by someone who is a fan of DSM...
  13. all black 4G63

    1G RTM 1G AWD Rear Subframe Bushing Install

    Just checking to see if the fitment of these RTM rear subframe bushings is acceptable? The inner sleeve is still present in the subframe, but a little worn out.In the video you can see that they drop right in by hand, but there is to no play. However, if the subframe was tipped over they...
  14. 1G AWD Jay Racing Active Toe Eliminator

    For sale 1G AWD Jay Racing Active Toe Eliminator

    $110 90 shipped to your door. I'm all earsHanging out in my bedroom or garage the last 5 years so the surface rust can be easily cleaned off
  15. Mitsubishi track day hauler/outlanding rig 05 Montero

    For sale Mitsubishi track day hauler/outlanding rig 05 Montero

    237k miles. Professionally installed :LED off-road lighting & switches + hidden light bar. LED step rail lights Custom LED fog lights white/yellow Tow package & wiring Touch screen KenwoodRecent Work Performed :Timing Belt & Water Pump @ 229k Crank sensor & tensioners @229k Serpentine...
  16. TheFlashDSM

    2G Video Brian goes his fastest! 2g gsx 600+hp

    check it out @Jacolu3 and his gsx at the track the other day!!! and ps subscribe
  17. Dashnizzle

    GVR-4 Car Driven with T-Case + Driveshaft Removed

    I have a 1991 Galant VR-4.On a road trip my transfer case failed near the Idaho border in the middle of nowhere. The Bearing cap basically blew off due to a lack of lubrication. I had the car towed to a local mechanic's shop until I could return with a flat trailer to tow the rest of the way...
  18. 1997 GSX in Phoenix AZ.

    Street Build 1997 GSX in Phoenix AZ.

  19. 95 TSI

    For sale 2g 95 TSI

    Black exterior, grey cloth interior.Engine 2.3l stroker forged internal 6 bolt-Eagle chromoly 100mm stroker crank-Eagle rods-Wiseco 8.8:1 .020” stroker pistons-Clevite bearing-Torque plate honed-Main line honed-ARP headstuds-Mitsubishi MLS headgasket-New OEM Front case/oil...
  20. SlowpokeShred’s 98 GSX

    Street Build SlowpokeShred’s 98 GSX

  21. Gilly17

    2G WOT hesitation

    Hey I just picked up a 97 eagle talon tsi awd a few days back and I love the thing. Unfortunately I am having a little issue when I get to about 4-5k rpms it kinda pops or hesitates right when the boost starts to kick. I thought it might have been a boost leak but it does not seem like I am...
  22. 2g dsm driveshaft shop rear axles 800hp

    For sale 2g 2g dsm driveshaft shop rear axles 800hp

    2g dsm LSD Driveshaft shop 800 hp rear axles brand new. Current wait time is around 10 weeks from all vendors. No wait time Brand new, never installed. Comes with axle nuts. Retail price is $1499.96 plus shipping with approx 10 week wait.Selling for $1250 shipped with no wait.Mitsubishi...
  23. MasterMatt209

    2G Brake line replacement options

    My 2g has been sitting for a while due to a busted brake line under the car. After working on the engine and cleaning the car up over time it’s time to get the brakes fixed. From my observation I’m looking at replacing all of the hard brake lines under the car. So all new brake lines at that...
  24. 95 AWD Partout

    For sale 2g 95 AWD Partout

    I'm parting out a 95 AWD that I bought as a donor to AWD swap my Spyder. So all things used for the conversion are not available. Stock 7 bolt. Grey leather interior. Manual car.
    $1.00 to $999.00
  25. DreamChaser7

    1G 1992 Eagle Talon TSi AWD Parts List

    So after a couple years of finally getting serious and researching, I have compiled my parts list for the build I will eventually get done. I think this list should get me 90% of the way there. Although it will take some years still to obtain all of the necessary parts, I figured I would share...
  26. DSMinkev

    2G Rookie Year

    Hello everyone this is my ‘98 GSX 5M. Instead of the usual 7 Bolt block, this one has a freshly swapped 6 Bolt. I have owned the car for roughly 2 years now and so far have had my fair share of set backs regarding engine/ drivetrain management, enough to at least teach me the ins and outs of...
  27. 2ga gsx

    2ga gsx

  28. XC92

    1G Finally took transmission apart, advice needed on which parts need replacement. (More photos!)

    So I finally got around to dropping the trans on my '92 Talon TSi AWD and took it apart. To my novice eyes it looks to be in good condition, no broken gears, forks or pieces of metal or major shavings, maybe a few tiny case slivers that might have been caused by taking it apart. It needs a good...
  29. XC92

    1G Several quick questions before attempting AWD manual trans rebuild

    As many here know I've been restoring my sub-78k miles manual trans '92 Talon TSi AWD for some time now, and it's finally time to fix the trans, the main issue being its popping out of 1st gear most of the time. I replaced the clutch last year, with a SBC Stage 2 DD kit, with the intention of...
  30. DSM track toy in the Philippines

    Hi, I'm a Mitsubishi fan from the PhilippinesI want a 2nd Gen Eclipse with the purpose of being a track toy. Being a small Asian country, our tracks here are full of twists and we even have touge hillclimb events every once in a while. The problem I'm facing is that the local Mitsubishi...
  31. jesse12345

    2g eagle talon 420a awd trans swap

    I have a 1995 eagle talon 420a with a fresh turbo add on done, now I'm onto the transmission. Has anyone ever swapped an awd trans from a pacifica or a town and country? I know some of them had awd transmissions and were also a 41te. Mine is an automatic and before I drop heavy coin on my fwd...
  32. lukebergen

    420A dsm cranks but wont start

    hey just looking for some info on what could possibly be wrong with my dsm. drove fine a month ago but sat a month and won't start. it cranks over fine and has plenty of fuel getting to the rail, but lost spark and the injectors will not pulse because no matter how much I crank it plugs remain...
  33. all black 4G63

    1G MeganRacing 3" exhaust for 1G AWD

    Im in the process of purchasing a complete MeganRacing 3" exhaust for my 1G, but I was just wondering if anyone could assist me in identifying the pieces in the attached photo. It shows 5 pieces.The down pipe, the resonator, the CAT back pipe and muffler. The pipe in the photo I am confused...
  34. jkuga

    2G Jack's transmission rebuild extras

    Hello, with transmission parts becoming less and less available I am looking at getting my 99 awd transmission rebuilt. I got a quote from jacks transmission for just a standard stock rebuild (which I think is about all you can get anywhere at this point, short of a dogbox) and they also offered...
  35. 95FullSend99

    Companies that offer DSM Parts/Services 2021

    Hello everyone. As we all know, these are trying times, especially for the small business owners. With that, I have been developing, with the help of several DSMers from around the world, a list of DSM supporting vendors. With this I am hoping that when yall need to order some parts, you think...
  36. Sold 1997 Eclipse GSX - Project Car (Runs)

    1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX - 7 bolt - 5 speed manual - 69,000 miles on chassis - Original Title Great looking eclipse with a rebuilt engine. It is now a 2.3 liter stroker with the internals to handle huge output. The car starts right up! It is ready to get its new computer, fuel pump, and...
  37. talonesi95t

    2g AWD won't move in gear

    I went on a cruise and my 2g left me stranded. I was slowing down to take a right turn, took it out of gear, then into 2nd, the car just revved up. So I pull over put it in first and nothing. All the gears go in no problem. I have drained the tcase and rear diff. No shiny material of any sorts...
  38. Greddylove

    Sold 99 Gsx clone 108k miles

    This is a part out( Or sell entire project)but shell must sell first or bundle and save see prices below. Rare slick top(no sun roof saves weight) This car is currently just a roller but have about 99% of everything needed to make it run. Needs a front axles.Clean title 1996 Eagle Talon tsi...
  39. bstaley

    2G Sand fell into injector hole

    So I'm in the process of pulling the motor/trans in my 2g awd. While removing the electrical clips I pulled the injectors. I had just cleaned the whole engine bay in the beginning of summer. Though, when I pulled the fuel rail I noticed it was dirty around the injectors. Sand could have fell in...
  40. XC92

    On the fence: SBC Stage 1 or 2 Daily Driver Clutch Kit?

    After all the positive reviews I came across I decided to get a South Bend Clutch clutch kit for my '92 Talon TSi AWD to replace the generic one that's in it now and no longer working. I was all set to order the Stage 1 daily driver since my car is stock and I have no near-term plans to mod it...
  41. thilaksharma

    Sold Cusco MZ front plated diff LSD for AWD DSM

    Cusco MZ front diff, fits all AWD DSM transmission. It is plated mechanical diff by Cusco Japan. It sells for over 1300+ by TMZ, i am letting this go for only $750 shipped to your door including paypal fees and shipped by Priority.
  42. XC92

    1G Power Steering Fluid for '92 Talon TSi AWD Manual?

    Hi, my first "real" post here so sorry if it's repetitive. I searched the forums and found a bunch of threads on this topic, which were somewhat inconclusive.Anyway, I'm in the early stages of restoring my '92 Eagle Talon TSi AWD manual trans, and am trying to figure out what parts and liquids...
  43. Koda

    2G Bad Knock/Screeching

    My 1995 Gsx started making this awful sound after pushing 18psi on my brand new hx40. It gets worse the louder it revs and the knocking is accompanied by a terrible screeching sound from the valve cover it sounds like. I have a data log and video to go with it. I have no idea what this sound is...
  44. jkuga

    2G AWD vs FWD fuel sending unit and kinked fuel line

    Hello tuners, in the process of trying to pull my stock fuel pump to install my walbro 255 I have kinked the fuel sending unit hard line quite a bit... So I have two questions. The first: is the line kinked enough to the point that it will effect fuel flow? After all what is the point of a...
  45. Anfurnyy

    Street Build 1g build - The Real Life Trials and Tribulations of building a DSM

    *EDIT* As I'm updating this build, it seems that this is turning more into a story than just a build. I've updated the title to reflect this, I suppose. This build is really going to showcase the real life issues behind building / working on a DSM and the problems, solutions that other might run...
  46. Rooster

    1G Oil on dipstick is clear?

    I just got my 1ga talon running again today and i knew i changed the oil before it sat for about a year. I checked the level and noticed it was clear. Almost made me think there was no oil in the car til the light hit it right. I put some on my finger and it feels weird. Less viscous than oil...
  47. For Sale WTB GSX OR TSI north jersey

    hey everyone I'm looking for a running good condition tsi or gsx rather it be closer to stock but just let me know what you have if your in my area that be great feel free to call/text 9732197420 vinny
  48. Agll30

    WTB 2g gst or gsx, tsi awd

    Wanted to get back into the dsm scene since my last one got totalted over 2 years ago. I'm willing to travel.
  49. NatFabLLC

    1G DSM 4 Bolt Rear Tubular Subframes, Control Arms and Trailing Arms

    Good evening. I would like to share with DSMTuners community a product I have been working on for the past few months and something I had shared across a few other social media outlets. What began out of necessity for my own project, an AWD 4G63 swap for 3G CSM, has grown into something that can...
  50. For Sale WTB - 2GB Style Talon - AWD

    Looking to buy a nice 2GB style Eagle Talon TSI AWD, i.e. 2GB style exterior. Want a closer to stock/slightly modified one in good condition. No rust whatsoever. Obviously I know the cars are older and will have some wear but would like one with nicer paint and exterior.Preferences would...
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