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  1. 92 Laser AWD

    Street Build 92 Laser AWD

  2. 1992 Plymouth Laser RS AWD

    1992 Plymouth Laser RS AWD

  3. 2G AWD 2G Transmission JDM Version vs USDM Help

    So I haven't been able to find a thread on this but I sent my AWD GSX trans to a shop and they told me that the shifter on the trans is a JDM and I need a USDM version.So my questions are:1: What are the differences 2:Where can I find one 3: What would it be called without broadly looking...
  4. all black 4G63

    1G W5M33 synchro ring differences

    I have attempted to find this info without really getting a confident answer. However, I can only assume it is due to a supersession, but my part catalog does not show this.In the photos you will see two 5th gear assemblies next to each other. The one of the left came out of a 1993 GSX AWD...
  5. custard459

    1G No spark 1g Talon TSI AWD Auto

    Hey everyone,I have an issue with getting spark to my 1g Talon TSI AWD auto. Are there any common issues that prevent getting spark? Any ideas on where I should start? Fuses? Crankshaft position sensor?I know that this one doesn’t have a distributor. Any ideas would be helpful I’m not very...
  6. 1991 Eagle Talon TSi AWD

    For sale 1g 1991 Eagle Talon TSi AWD

    Located in the DC-Baltimore area.The good: Everything under the hood is OEM. The car is not and has never been tuned or heavily modified. Newly refreshed engine, new timing belt, water pump, head gasket, etc. Recent compression test showed perfect 180s on all cylinders. Running great. Clean...
  7. 2G Non Eprom

    For sale 2G Non Eprom

    2G Non Eprom Ecu's $60 shipped each.
  8. 402tuner

    2G 2g AWD trans input shaft sleeve

    Have a 97 AWD trans input shaft sleeve question. In the process of swapping out clutches and found the shaft sleeve kinda beat up. It appears its not fully seated back to case unless this is normal? Has some grooving and appears to have some side high and low sides. Saw with a google search that...
  9. 2g gsx retro-mod

    Street Build 2g gsx retro-mod

  10. 1995 Mitsubishi GSX 5/M LSD rear

    Street Build 1995 Mitsubishi GSX 5/M LSD rear

  11. 2G OEM or aftermarket master / slave clutch cyl available?

    Clutch is on the floor, was able to pump enough to disengauge so its hydralics but looking for replacement is not as easy as I thought. STM no longer has masters and I am a bit weary of "cheaper" ones out there. Would love a reccomdation on slave/ master set options.Thanks
  12. Do you even spool bro?

    Street Build Do you even spool bro?

  13. Eagle Talon AWD

    Eagle Talon AWD

  14. My 91 TSi AWD Turbo

    My 91 TSi AWD Turbo

  15. 95 Eagle Talon

    95 Eagle Talon

  16. GirlzLieRacing

    1G Proper transmission and motor mounts for AWD with ABS and cruise control

    Ok so I'm trying to purchase new motor and transmission mounts for my 92 AWD with ABS and cruise control. I found the proper front and rear mounts but when I get to the trans mount they offer them for everything but models with ABS and speed control. Also, if I were to upgrade my mounts to...
  17. Sh*tbox dsm

    Sh*tbox dsm

  18. jesse12345

    2G 95 Eclipse GSX ATX transmission shift kit

    So I've been searching and searching for anything related to a shift kit for the awd auto I have in my 95 eclipse. All I keep seeing is shift boxes but I can't seem to find any, and when I look up shift kit I get nothing. I'm going to be making pretty good power so I'd like it to not shift like...
  19. My 95 talon tsi awd project

    My 95 talon tsi awd project

  20. (JayBird) 94 Talon Tsi

    Street Build (JayBird) 94 Talon Tsi

  21. 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX

    1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX

  22. 1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX

    Street Build 1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX

  23. 1998 Eclipse GSX Manual OE+ Build

    1998 Eclipse GSX Manual OE+ Build

  24. NotoriousGSX

    2G Broke down after winter :(

    Hey everyone. Apologies if this is in the wrong category but I couldn't think of any other placeFirst off, I decided to take the car out after being put away for 4-5 months for winter. Before it was put away I had changed the oil, changed the air filter (OE), coil packs and lightning cables...
  25. 97 Eclipse GSX

    Street Build 97 Eclipse GSX

  26. 95 Talon TSI

    Street Build 95 Talon TSI

  27. "Barn Find" Clean Talon restoration and street build

    Street Build "Barn Find" Clean Talon restoration and street build

  28. Eclipse 14

    Eclipse 14

  29. 1997 Eagle TSI AWD Shell in bad shape

    For sale 1997 Eagle TSI AWD Shell in bad shape

    Looking to sell the Orange 1997 Talon, the body has issues in the rear quarters in front of the wheels, also some rust on drivers side stut tower that was not terrible but was a hole through. Also New discovery is the mounting cross bean that holds the tank in is broken, this allowed the tank to...
  30. Resolved 90 Talon TSI ECU

    Does the ecu part number have to match to work properly? I have md145903 looking at md128624. Would it work?
  31. Project "No Money"

    Street Build Project "No Money"

  32. 1992 Eagle Talon TSI

    1992 Eagle Talon TSI

  33. Street Legal Auto Cross Build

    Autocross Build Street Legal Auto Cross Build

  34. 2g auto gsx w Motegis

    Street Build 2g auto gsx w Motegis

  35. 1993 Eclipse GSX

    1993 Eclipse GSX

  36. BernieMP

    2G Looking to join with '96 Talon TSI AWD

    Hi everyone,I came across an AWD Talon for about 3k USD while looking for an interesting car, the interior and exterior are very well taken care of, and the car is completely stock so that's the biggest plus. The electrical components; windows, mirrors, seats, sunroof, A/C all work.The big...
  37. 92 Eagle Talon awd

    92 Eagle Talon awd

  38. 1993 Plymouth laser RS Big Turbo

    Road Race Build 1993 Plymouth laser RS Big Turbo

  39. XC92

    1G Did I just destroy my rear diff?!?

    So I was trying to install a new pinion seal on the rear diff of my '92 AWD Talon, and I used wrong-sized seal installation ring that had too narrow an inner opening (actually a part from my bearing installation kit), and after it drove the seal part of the way in, instead of contacting the...
  40. TheFlashDSM


    FIRST OFF! I would like to give a HUGE thanks to DSM tuners for supplying such a great platform for me to figure out how to build this car! legit I couldn't have done it without dsmtuners and some select members! weather it was wiring problems, engine building components, fuel system, engine...
  41. 1995 Eagle Talon TSi AWD Auto

    1995 Eagle Talon TSi AWD Auto

  42. 2G NEW OWNER IN PITTSBURGH PA NEED HELP finding body shop and mechanic!!!!!

    Hello my name is Ethan and I just recently bought a 99gsx in the Pittsburgh area. The car needs a lot of work around the body due to rust and proper maintenance is definitely my first priority.I am honestly not sure where to start though, since the DSM community isn’t much of a presence here...
  43. AdroitPostal

    1G Talon TSi AWD turbo swap, what do I need?

    I have a 4g63t in a 92 eagle talon TSi awd, the turbo currently installed in the engine is blown, I do have a replacement hx35 turbo, I was wondering what all parts I’d need to make the transition between turbos?
  44. Beater


  45. 1998 Eclipse GSX

    Street Build 1998 Eclipse GSX

  46. 1990 Eagle Talon TSI

    For sale 1990 Eagle Talon TSI

    SALE PENDING 4/11/2022 LOCATED IN BELLINGHAM, WASHINGTON ok. selling for real now LOL. READ WHOLE AD.Car has 6,500 miles since build and semi-restoration (5000 of which were mainly highway road tripping across the western states). Would ideally be purchased by someone who is a fan of DSM...
  47. all black 4G63

    1G RTM 1G AWD Rear Subframe Bushing Install

    Just checking to see if the fitment of these RTM rear subframe bushings is acceptable? The inner sleeve is still present in the subframe, but a little worn out.In the video you can see that they drop right in by hand, but there is to no play. However, if the subframe was tipped over they...
  48. 1G AWD Jay Racing Active Toe Eliminator

    For sale 1G AWD Jay Racing Active Toe Eliminator

    $110 90 shipped to your door. I'm all earsHanging out in my bedroom or garage the last 5 years so the surface rust can be easily cleaned off
  49. Mitsubishi track day hauler/outlanding rig 05 Montero

    For sale Mitsubishi track day hauler/outlanding rig 05 Montero

    237k miles. Professionally installed :LED off-road lighting & switches + hidden light bar. LED step rail lights Custom LED fog lights white/yellow Tow package & wiring Touch screen KenwoodRecent Work Performed :Timing Belt & Water Pump @ 229k Crank sensor & tensioners @229k Serpentine...
  50. TheFlashDSM

    2G Video Brian goes his fastest! 2g gsx 600+hp

    check it out @Jacolu3 and his gsx at the track the other day!!! and ps subscribe
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