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Mar 15, 2009
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Jun 23, 2018 at 7:21 AM
    1. 802gst
      I'll take bov
      1. Doubleot
        I sent you a private message
        May 7, 2018
    2. BayState300GT
      no problem anytime dude
    3. BayState300GT
    4. snowborder714
      I have updated the first post with the correct address. It is
    5. blue blaze
      blue blaze
      cool I will have to check it out
    6. Nasty Dream
      Nasty Dream
      I don't remember. Maybe the "show me your rims" thread?
    7. Nasty Dream
      Nasty Dream
      Man, that thing is slammed. :) Looks cool.
    8. dsmtun3r98gst
      Hey man how are you?? haven't talked to you in ages!
    9. dsmtun3r98gst
      nah not yet. i've been too lazy lol. and the weather down here aint helping at all
    10. dsmtun3r98gst
      damn that sux..... Well I had to fix a tiny coolant leak that i had on one of the hoses going to my throttle body earlier today after i got home from work. I heard a hissing sound and when i opened the hood it was a little bit smokey. all I did was cut the hose shorter cus it was only leaking past the clamp lol. That must have been a sign that I need to replace my coolant hoses going to the throttle body since its been a while since i last replaced them.
    11. dsmtun3r98gst
      YUP. Its pulling just fine now thank god. So what you up to with your Talon?
    12. dsmtun3r98gst
      yeah I know. I had taken them off a few times for various different reasons. But anyways I just fixed my overboosting problem lol. yay lol
    13. dsmtun3r98gst
      well ive always had one. its just that i had taken it off a few months ago lol. well i have to buy new throttle body gaskets nn hopefully that fixes the leaks. my car feels better though. cus of less leaks
    14. dsmtun3r98gst
      heyy guess what I did a boost leak test and i had a few leaks. fixed the ones I was able to but i still have some left on my throttle body. Another thing that I found out why the reason my car is acting wierd at WOT...... Im overboosting for sure lol. I installed my boost gauge and that sh** went up all the way to 18psi and I was only at half throttle lol.
    15. dsmtun3r98gst
    16. dsmtun3r98gst
      Yeah well i did attach all of the vacuum hoses back, but the problem is still there thats the thing and it just happened right after the FMIC install so it must be a leak. maybe a cut coupler or sumthing.... car drives perfectly fine during normal driving, even at half throttle it picks up fine thats the wierd thing.... Other than that my install was very easy....... only if you lived closer i would have help u out.... to be honest with you i still dont get it how your having such a hard time with it lol. i did it with my friend like in 2-3 hours lol.

      If i dont find a solution im going to put my stock SMIC back just to see if the problem is still there cus if it is then I know it aint a boost leak issue
    17. dsmtun3r98gst
      try to take a pic if you can. what i did was put in my fmic with the coupler already in place cus theres wasnt that much room....... Damn right now im trying to figure out a problem of my own cus after I installed my FMIC evrything was great...... until i hit WOT my car picks up but as soon as alot of boost pics up it feels like if i hit a brick wall and my car dont want to go any faster........ stupid DSM lol. it must be a boost leak though cus i did notice that a few vacuum hoses had popped off lol. too much pressure maybe. I just haven't taken my time to take a really good inspection....
    18. dsmtun3r98gst
      U cant get the coupler to fit into the pipe the upper intercooler pipe?? is that what your saying??
    19. dsmtun3r98gst
      what u talking about? the fittings and the lines are together, thats what i meant. arent they? ohh well if the holes aren't the same location you going to have to drill new ones then.
    20. dsmtun3r98gst
      Well because the fitting is one with the line so in order to still use the same fitting your your going to have to leave a piece of the metal line so you can connect the hose to it. umm you dont really have to do anything to your power steering lines, maybe just push them back a little bit. i didnt move it and it cleared good but thats because I had removed half of the center bracket while doing sum previous mod
    21. kingjust
      Yeah it may be, but it sure works and leaves you with all kinds of room for the front mount.
    22. dsmtun3r98gst
      So have you been able to install the FMIC kit yet??
    23. kingjust
      Yeah, you can see where they were cut because you see the high pressure hose where it should route down and to the front of the car... and where I hook it up to the cooler. It's pretty straight forward.
    24. kingjust
      Actually I didn't get a kit. I've had a core for about 2 years and bought the pipe kit. Any of them will work, just alot of cutting and patience is needed. Why?

    25. dsmtun3r98gst
      Yeah for sure. The actual measurements for the bracket is "1 1/2 by "6. Happy new year man
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    I grew up around my brothers who were both car junkies. The only thing was that my oldest brother is more into low riders, and my other was into tuners. I got divided by both and ended up with tuners as my choice. But, I keep my taste in cars open.


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