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Mitsubishi Eclipse N/T
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Zip. Zilch. Zero. Nada.
K&N intake with a dime sized hole. Soon to be trashed.
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Nothing until I decide on my engine swap.
I couldn’t find a GSX for my budget but that’s okay. So I saw Storm on a Facebook Markstplace ad and recognized the location and went to see her firsthand. After inspecting her I decided to reach out to the owner but everything felt sketchy. We negotiated the price back and forth and I decided to pass up on her.

Reached out to other Eclipse owners (all with delayed replies like a 2 days later) but by the time they reached out it was either the car was already sold, or they would get back to me only to tell me they sold the car. I think all Eclipse owners are very indecisive.. almost like they really don’t want to sell them. 😂

Anyhow I kept my eyes on Storm and watched as her price kept going lower and lower, although I was trying to get a GSX even without a motor or tranny ($2,600) but the dude only replied once about letting me come and see it, to no avail because I didn’t hear from him again. When I saw that storm went from $1,300 - $600 bucks, I committed to meeting up with the owner, who wasn’t really sketchy as I first thought. Go figure. Anyhow I’ve seen Storm before even contacting the guy because the car was about 5 minutes from me, so I knew what I was getting myself into.

I basically scraped the bottom of the barrel or more like pulling an unknown entity from out of the abyss 😂… seriously, this is the Eclipse from hell… so much work to be done that in all honesty it’s not worth building and that’s why I’m building it. (I love challenges)

I like to find value in things that people see as worthless or a waste of time. Well I found just that with Storm. She’s going to be a ground up build with the OEM bumpers being cut and customized by me with some plastic welding. I’m going to do all the work myself with the help of my 14-year-old son.

Going to strip it down to bare metal in and out, welding, fabricating, new paint, new sound damper, custom interior, custom head and taillights, custom dash with black cow hide leather, custom door panels, and whatever design or ideas my mind can come up with.

This is not accounting for the Engine swap I'm still looking into. Very open to ideas about what I can drop in there.

I plan to cross country Storm from FL to NY, from NY to Cali, from Cali to Vegas, from Vegas to TX, and from TX back to FL.
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