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TJCtalon's 2gb Talon build

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

Well I've been trying to work out a few bugs while remote tuning and ended up with a project. First I was having some boost spike issues and it was cutting out bad up at high boost. Car would spike to 34psi and settle to 20. We'll I was doing a 3rd gear pull after switching over to the stock coil pack and wires when something let go. The coil pack and wires made the car feel real strong, pulled harder then before. At first I was real worried my transmission left the chat. But after getting rescued from the wife, and tore into it I found out what happened.

I found this in the bottom of the bell housing after taking off my Tcase. I was instantly relieved.

So I started ordering some parts, and cleaning up things I could.


I replaced all the seals in the transmission and tcase.


And I waited for the clutch to show up, so I figured I would tackle some of the other issues I was having. Beginning with the leaky power steering rack.

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I was getting some pretty bad vibrations on acceleration, so I decided to replace all the ujoints on the drive shaft. In hindsight, I wish I would have spent the ridiculous money on OEM after finding out all aftermarket joints are hallow. Ohh well hopefully they don't grenade on me.


I replaced all the grease in them with some red n tacky #2 so maybe that will help.


I also really needed to figure out my boost spiking issue. I ripped off the turbski and ported the turbine housing more. I also switched out to a MVS atmosphere dump o2 housing.



Parts came in!

I started getting to work. Installed the ACT flywheel with new ARP bolts. Got everything put back together. It was a long weekend of work but it's finally back on the road!



Now comes the clutch break in unfortunately. I just want to see if my boost spike issue has been solved so we can continue tuning!
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Well I finally got enough miles on it to get the tune finished up. This clutch so far is very impressive. Drives night and day better then the previous unsprung 6 puck. It's extremely soft, and so far has held up to 30psi.

Kevin got the tune finished and the car is extremely fun. 25psi by 4k I can't complain.

I was hoping it would flow a bit more, but we've hit just over 50lbs/min

I'm hoping to hit a test and tune in the next few weeks to see if I can hit the 11.99 goal I've had for 12 years LOL
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