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    • My initial thought is the coolant temp sensor or maybe throttle position sensor or their wires. You can check those with your TMO logger. Also log your O2 sensor and make sure it's cycling. I ran with a faulty idle switch (ips) for a few weeks...
    • Yes. We spoke to our rebuilder in detail about what we can expect from him, what sort of calipers are acceptable, etc. He assured us that as long as the portion of the casting that holds the brake fluid is not cracked, they can be rebuilt...
    • Just out of curiosity, are you able to rebuild calipers where the parking brake needle bearings are seized or completely wore out?
    • I have a similar issue in my 1g that seems to be related to electrical load: I haven't had a chance to get back out and log it since replacing...
    • Here's good use of a Tesla...I mean dynamite ROFL (skip to 7 min mark for the action) $22k for new batteries?!? No thank you.
    • dwb replied to the thread 1G Bad idle and almost stall.
      Looks like the Water Temp Gauge Unit. Does your temp gauge ever read anything?
    • dwb replied to the thread 1G Green Top CAS inner oil seal?.
      Finally got something better than a tape measure (thanks Santa). Here are the dimensions of the seal. Lots of hits on google, so probably won't be hard to find. 14x24x6
      • 20211226_110523.jpg
      • 20211226_110648.jpg
      • 20211226_111008.jpg
    • No, my 91 TSi AWD does not have one.
    • Lol go post the same on an EV forum and they will tell you the complete opposite as here. Nothing wrong with that and everyone has an opinion. I do agree with TK's9d2TSi. A Tesla is the wrong platform if you're into DIY repairs and mods...
    • dwb replied to the thread 420A Coolant system issues.
      In your picture, it looks like you might have an oil leak too. Oil will cause coolant hoses to swell, become weak, eventually bursting and causing a leak. Your hose does look a bit swelled right around the clamp. If you're lucky you can just...
    • dwb replied to the thread 1G Bad idle and almost stall.
      What's this? Looks like a broken wire but I have no idea what it goes to. Could be part of your problem.You might also have an issue where an electrical component, like your ISC, works fine when cold but as it warms up the metals expand and...
      • 1640200785536.png
    • dwb replied to the thread 420A 2gNT 215k miles to much?.
      I can't speak to the 420a platform, but I'm at 270k on the factory bottom-end of my 6bolt 4g63. It burns oil too and has decent amount of blow-by. A crankcase breather catch-can did wonders to help keep the intake cleaner. I'd think a comparable...
    • dwb replied to the thread 2G Leaking power steering fluid.
      Sure sounds like the seal(s) inside the rack leaking and then allowing air in. Pulling the belt only disables the pump and probably won't eliminate the leak until all the fluid is gone. At least you won't damage the pump if it goes dry. It should...
    • Any chance you rotated it backwards (counter-clockwise)?
    • Just a bit of info on the overheating issue and why it *might* be OK in this case - if you lost enough coolant to drop the level below your thermostat, you were most likely seeing artificially high temps on the gauge because your temp sensor is...
    • dwb replied to the thread Proper Shifting Technique.
      Rev-matching is your friend for the least wear on your trans/clutch, but not always practical or easy. As long as you aren't launching, slamming gears and your clutch is working properly, you'll be fine.I'm a pretty spirited driver, been daily...
    • dwb replied to the thread calan catch can.
      Seems like you might end up with idle issues with an open port from pre-throttle plate to intake manifold. :idontknow:
    • Imo it looks like you got two bad discs. I've personally had a couple ACT discs fail in other ways with similar mileage.
    • dwb replied to the thread 2G Leaking power steering fluid.
      Take a look at the bellows on the inner tierods and see if they are full or leaking fluid. That would indicate a leak inside the rack and could introduce air into the system, maybe causing the bubbles you are noticing. I doubt it's a heat issue.
    • dwb replied to the thread 2G Leaking power steering fluid.
      Forgot to mention, I always error on the belt being too loose and gradually tighten it until it stops squealing. Too much tension, as already mentioned, can prematurely wear bearings and then you have bigger problems.
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