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  • Hey man how ya been? I still have the 92 auto I got from ya. Been stock piling parts for it. Come this winter she's going to be totaly redone. I'm hoping for 10s next race season!
    I shipped the intake manifold on monday. You should have it soon. I forgot to get a delivery confirmation but I do have the receipt.
    Thanks man. Howmuch for the struts/springs?
    You can txt me if you want that woulf be way faster. 7192930217
    Hey man i was reading your build (coming out really good by the way) saw that you put in new coilovers and a 16g. Are you selling the stock struts w/ springs and what about the 14b? Let me know im interested.
    whats up man. i used to live in aurora and i think i saw your talon a couple times in e alameda i dought you remember but i have a black neon with the yellow stripe. LOL
    anyways have you ever done a timing belt job?
    Hey taran! What's up bro, hows it going out there? I wanted to ask you a question about posting ads on here. How do I do it? I'm sorry but ive tried clicking on my profile and it says I cant but I'm way past thrift post so I'm kinds lost. Any help you can give me is much appreciated
    hey taran whats up bro? hey hows thursday afternoon sound for the exhuast? also what did you want? Did you still want to trade for the non-cruise cable or did you want cash? im not sure what you want =)
    hey Taran let me know what you want for that stock exhaust? I still want it, or how bout i trade you the 1g non cruise control cable for it? let me bro thanks
    cool what would you want to trade for the exhuast and the arp studs? and ill ask my father in law again and give him the money to buy it so if he gets it you can just reimburse me when i get it to you=) but let me know if we maybe can meet this weekend if you decide to trade
    no i still havent got it , my father in law says it's there but when i gave him the money to buy it, it took 3 months before i asked him what was going on? and he said that the guy who owns it only comes in once a month and he missed him the last time so im just like whatever than, guess when HE gets to it . yea i got the cruise cable and wally so if you want to trade for stuff you may have lying around let me know what you got. As for your friend let me get his number, do you know what kind of rods and pistons he used on his build? i ask becuase he never told me
    hey doyou still talk to your friend that was parting out his teal 2g and i bought the spoiler off him? I think i talked to him not to long ago about his motor but he's been tough to get ahold of him, i wanted to go look at the motor but we could'nt agree on a time so if you talk to him let him know that im still intrested. THanks Taran
    performance parts man i had a maft translator with the GM maft, i had SAFC but those parts went quick! But i have two wallys 255 FP ,one is just the pump and the other has the 1g fuel pump housing, a non cruise control cable, a rear poly motor mount and i think thats it sorry man. That car was a total mess! the floorboard was bottomed out too many times so i just said F**k it you know the 1g needed alot more work than my spyder needed so i just parted it and crushed the shell but i kept everything i could. As for my current build well im going to put evo 9 pistons on the stock 7bolt rods and just build it stock and than upgrade from there becuase i have to learn how to walk before i fly you know. I have a 14b to put on the motor when i break it in but i want to upgrade to a E3 16g and everything else ill need to run it right
    i've been good man! im just pluggin away, i keep on eye on your build and man i got to say that you've really come up=) much respect man. Im getting my motor macine work done on the spyder right but i got to pay him 1000. bucks=( so im doing it in payments right now you know. I also came across a 1g gsx that i ended up parting out so if you may need something let me know i may have it. How have you been ? hows that 1g you got?
    Hey thanks for all your support! I try to keep it short & sweet and somehow they all seem to turn out between 10-15 minutes anyway. :( Oh well. I've only heard one person complain that my videos were too long in 2 years, so maybe I'm doing something right!

    I need to get a car cover for the GSX because once all the stuff is purchased so that I can move on with the Colt, it's going to have to start living outdoors (wish I had a bigger garage). I'd like to work on it more, but that requires that the GSX stays running for a season. The GSX is my baby... and it takes priority over everything in the driveway. While the Colt will be awesome when it's done, people learn so much more from the GSX videos. I still have lots of cool stuff to bolt to it, too. Injectors, v3 upgrade, water/methanol injection... maybe even a new turbo? :shh:

    After all, the stuff I replace on the GSX ends up on the Colt. :D Nice how that works out!
    I have a mildly ported real mhi big 16 g for sale 500 miles since rebuild text me if interested great condition 3042189029
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