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Street Build ITFLYS - 1Gina2G

Justin DuBois

Proven Member
Aug 15, 2019
Oakland, California
E-bay has a lot of these: (cameras not dogs)

chrysler kid

15+ Year Contributor
Dec 20, 2002
Mckinney, Texas
I tend to agree, but Its a silly thing to have wheel speed sensors $250 each. This car is now a garage queen. I have more efficient rides to work, so its a weekend/track day toy now I suppose.

Its just money, you'll forget how much you spent on it after a few months. You just spent the same amount for a go pro LOL

Justin DuBois

Proven Member
Aug 15, 2019
Oakland, California
Say Hi to Chris, RRE original and Muellerized crew member taking a break from working on XBOW space ships to open a package I sent with an E3-o2 manifold:

There is a pile of parts now ready to send for prep and powder-coat. I asked for black, but these guys might make them yellow just to mess with me.

Justin DuBois

Proven Member
Aug 15, 2019
Oakland, California
Parts are returning,, and some assembly required. 😊

Black parts so black, makes my dusty undercarriage look grey.

Software updates: Brent has been busy with Race Capture software updates. In the car is 2.3, and 2.4, 2.5.1 are out already. The new versions have changes to add video playback to the data analysis screens. With that, one of the guys in the forums figured out how to simulate a GoPro wifi remote control with a Race Capture Lua script! Crazy that a few lines of code can connect RC to a GoPro via WiFi. This should make syncing video to logs a lot easier.

And - while poking around on the internet I found a few Nintedo DS roms for Retro-Pie. I added few more classics to play available from the dash touch screen.

Justin DuBois

Proven Member
Aug 15, 2019
Oakland, California
After a bit of field testing (cough - Ski trip - cough ) I learned the used battery came with the used GoPro only lasts 1hr of continuous recording before shutting off.

And just as well, I got this all access mount and plan to power the camera from the car electrical.


Nov 1, 2008
London, UK, Europe
Ordered a GoPro Hero 4 silver used from e-bay to save some bank
Bastard 20G components are on their way back from Justin :hellyeah:
Motor mounts drop shipped to John...

Trying to figure out if I should delete the ABS system, or locate after market sensors cheaper than $250 each. Opinions about ABS in the Eclipse?? - It worked good for the snow, - not sure about the track. Maybe if it was working well I would not be so annoyed by it....

Thoughts? - Aaaaaaand - go!
old ABS dont work well on track, heck even the new age stuff throws a wobbly, you will have more issues overall vs removing it meaning YOU are the driver in full control not worring if the brakes wish to work or not, i hate my modern daily abs as any slight bump when braking it kicks in and its so mega annoying and dangerous as it lets off the brakes for a split second! i am going to look at safely removing it as i much prefer a car without it,

in the DSM i dont have ABS. i can brake hard and i feel everything, more so now im dual master vs booster. you want as much feeling as you can get on the brakes and let your legs and mind do the work.

thats how i put it LOL so i vote NO abs and be a man haha

EDIT, if you really struggle to find sensors which are long gone I have some oem old ones that test out to be fine kicking about, not many but i got a few spare. incase it helps and will save a bunch of money for you, only front one i have just to note
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