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exhaust manifold studs


Probationary Member
Jan 19, 2012
BEACON, New_York
my exhaust manifold studs are shot and I'm looking for new ones, you guys got any suggestions on where to get some and what kind


Proven Member
Nov 3, 2009
Lyndhurst, Virginia
Advanced auto parts. I think it was for a ford but they worked great and had locking nuts included. They were in stock on the shelf just ask for them. Should be the same at any auto parts store.
Just ask where they keep the exhaust manifold studs at then match one of yours to the one you need.


Proven Member
Jan 1, 2007
Rush, New_York
When I swapped heads on my car, I did the old-school way: Parts lookup in CAPS and then went to the local Dodge dealership and ordered them! Stainless steel studs would also be awesome as well, from FFWD or any other place listed in the previous responses.


Proven Member
Jan 1, 2004
Bernville, Pennsylvania


Proven Member
Apr 22, 2011
Mount Vernon, Iowa
You definitely get what you pay for with these cars. I try to avoid the local auto parts stores entirely. I'd go with AgentO and Jon's suggestion on this one for sure!


Proven Member
Jul 1, 2008
Hilo, Hawaii
I have the copper ones. They have the lock built into the nuts so there isn't a separate lock washer.

Oh ok, thanks. I guess that means that the copper ones aren't reusable? I was wondering if there were some sort of thermal property that would make copper better. Or maybe they have a better corrosion resistance. Although the stainless ones seem to be a high grade stainless.

I'll be sure to pick up a set when I install my fp manifold sometime in the future. Thanks for the recommendation.


Proven Member
Jul 1, 2008
Hilo, Hawaii
The copper nuts shouldn't be reused. That being said, I'm on my 2nd or 3rd time reusing them as I always forget to pick up a spare set.

Why not send Jeff an e-mail and see what he has to say on the copper vs. stainless and post it up here?

That is a good idea, I wanted to ask him a shipping question anyway.

I'll update when I get a reply.


Here's his reply about the differences between the nuts:


"The copper plated vs stainless is just mainly an option for two camps...
Some people like using lock nuts, since we are using stainless studs we can't use stainless lock nuts (the threads of the two would gal, making them near impossible to remove). You never want to use a locking thread on a stainless on stainless fastener. So in this case we offer the copper plated lock nuts as a locking nut option since it is a dissimilar metal and looks nicer than the regular yellow passivated finish you'd find on most plain carbon steel nuts.

We also offer the stainless nuts with a locking washer for those that like the all stainless look, and they work well if up remove your manifold often. Locking nuts lose their "locking" capabilities after frequent install/removal, unless you deform them again manually.

So after reading all that, it is personal preference. "


He wrote an informative response back, I'm going to order a set.
Last edited:


Proven Member
Dec 27, 2007
West Lawn, Pennsylvania
There's a reason why no OEMs use stainless studs or bolts with aluminum parts.
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