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Jan 25, 2021 at 7:53 AM
Oct 15, 2006
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snowborder714 was last seen:
Jan 25, 2021 at 7:53 AM
    1. david13
    2. BLKGSX23
      Hey man, is there a website or whats the process of ordering a 2g throttle body rebuilt kit from you?
      1. snowborder714
        Sent you a PM.
        Jul 29, 2020
    3. GSX989
      You still have the throttle body rebuild kits for the 2G?
      1. snowborder714
        Jan 31, 2020
    4. Danny_009
      Do you still have those rebuild kits with install tool ?
      1. snowborder714
        Yes, I do - sending you a PM.
        Sep 17, 2019
    5. KMJDSM
      1. snowborder714
        I do not have any other methods of contacting someone. You could try posting on his profile just as you did with me here.
        Dec 18, 2018
    6. 4t9ers
      Hey Snowborder, are you still doing the throttle body rebuild kits? Pm me if you are. Thanks.
    7. Pitbull2o08
      are you doing any more coilover group buys? the koni insert ones? thanks
      1. snowborder714
        I haven't given it any thought honestly. I haven't had anyone else contact me about it recently.
        Aug 10, 2018
    8. Pitbull2o08
      Hey, i read your post about lowering the 2g's and wanted to know if your buddy had any extra modified cross member for the control arm mounting points? Thanks
      1. snowborder714
        I do not know anyone with a modified crossmember sitting around.
        Aug 3, 2018
    9. JaKee003
      I just bought a 95 gst and was given some gaskets and a rubber seal. I was told it has a front case leak, im new to working on 2gs so im confused on what the problem really is and how to fix it. If you have any suggestions that can help me, let me know
      1. snowborder714
    10. 98TalonPandaTSI
      If you're still selling throttle rebuild kits hmu
    11. Pulids27
      Hey you still have those mil spec throttle body rebuild kits going on? With tool install? If you can please get to me as soon as possible. Thanks!!!
      1. snowborder714
        PM sent.
        Nov 30, 2017
    12. NHerron
      Hey I just wanted to say thanks for the thorough write up. The "2g Engine Bay Electrical Connections" article. I'm you've been thanked before but I want to anyway. I have used that thing so many times! It's really helpful. So thanks.
      1. NHerron
        I'm *sure* you've been
        May 25, 2017
      2. snowborder714
        No problem! I know it's a bit broken after the site move and hopefully I can get that updated this fall/winter.
        May 31, 2017
    13. jload
      I need to buy the mil.spec seal and tool for installing for my 1991 eclipse gsx throttle body. how much for those items?
      1. snowborder714
        I'll send you a message.
        Apr 25, 2017
    14. davidsdsm
      can you message me, i want to buy a tb rebuild kit
      1. snowborder714
        Just a heads up - message has been sent.
        Feb 27, 2017
    15. Mike_GST
      Did the 2017 Calendar already get released? Thanks
      1. snowborder714
        We're finalizing it now. It'll be available very shortly.
        Dec 15, 2016
    16. Anne
      DUDE! I message you on gchat and you NEVER get back to me. EVAARRRRR.
    17. Anne
      mmmmmmmmm... where have you been at lately?
    18. KHRacing
      Hi.. i just found an US- rwd 4G63 forum.. do you perhaps know the answe to their registering question ?

      To help prevent spam.
      Please answer the following question: *
      Dodge is to Conquest as Mitsubishi is to ______ (lowercase)
    19. xi GSX ix
      xi GSX ix
      I would like to post a car for sale but am not allowed. I was given the possibility of four reasons I thought I had posted a car for sale while back and would like to further know why I can't post a classified ad.
    20. GoCanes777
      Nice set up and numbers
    21. 97gsxIA
    22. Brian O Conner
      Brian O Conner
      Hey brother thanks for the commenting back. Also I am not the best knowledgeable for tuning(I know a decent amount about turbo mapping for compressors and other anatomy's to that) but for datalogging a hahn portfueler system isnt there different map settings so I could have one map tune saved for E85(street) and another set for race gas? I am not the best guy with this but isnt there different modes for a setup?
    23. Brian O Conner
      Brian O Conner
      What do you think is better and if you can do a explanation on pluses and minuses on E85 vs 110-116 octane race gas. After I finish building my car I am going to get it dyno tuned using a good fuel. E85 to my knowledge burns colder but race gas is more explosive/flamable so with an engine like mine where I took the steps low compression pistons, radiator aftermarket, correct intercooler size for my hp goal and other mods to help cool this engine down. I appreciate the help brother hoping to represent the 420as FWDs and DSMs all the way!
    24. 97gsxIA
      Well it's on my list of to-do's as my TB has a shaft seal leak (minor but noticeable under BLT) but if you end up getting any 1g cores in the next couple weeks to rebuild/blast I'll defintely take one. I read a lot of your threads as well as the wisemans and I'm looking foward to some good tuning discussions in the near future. Hopefully I'll hear from you soon and i'll see you around the site. My username on the link forums is SinnerGSX by the way in case I run into you on there.
    25. 97gsxIA
      Hey bud, I saw something a while back that you had rebuilt/blasted throttlebodies for sale. I'm lookin to upgrade to a 1g throttle body. You still in the biz?
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