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May 1, 2018
Aug 24, 2003
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The Government

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May 1, 2018
    1. PlumOne
      Hi there I just got done reading your post on installing the vrsf fmic kit. I got the holes cut on both sides of my radiator and now the only problem is the power steering lines. Can you please tell me how you looped the lines? I can't find anything on the Internet in regards to my question that doesn't deal with taking the power steering completely out. Thank you I appreciate any help.
    2. SLIDER121
      Hey, that sounds great. yea it's coming along i work on it about 1 hr a month.
    3. SLIDER121
      Hey, long time no talk. How is everything?
    4. castrodsm7
      Yo son how u do your wire tuck shit looks clean man..
    5. crash89
      Oh, I thought it was a joke between you both just to see if people would notice or something. lol
    6. crash89
      Im so confused!!! Why are yours and Gofers Avatars swapped!!?!? hahaha! Its messing with my eyes!!
    7. Gst23rol
      Hi tuner!
      Can someone tell me about the o2 housing?
      what do you think about The Megan Racing one is it internal (quiet) or is external (loud). I just bought one and I don't know how is going to work. What is the part that has a bolt for?
      I have a 96 eclipse gst sypder (stock turbo, Megan racing down pipe and 3" catback system)
      I want to know about manifolds. what brand is good? what will be good with the upgrades that I have. I hear about the FP (Forced Performance) manifolds. On abay there are obx nice looking
      I don't race but I like upgrading stuff!!!!
      thanks a lot!. My Id is gst23rol
    8. suprasalas
      hey bro what sensor did u keep when you rewire your engine bay??
    9. yoshi_tony
      its the one with the red strip i believe coper90's the one i used to own
    10. 307dsm
      Nice ill buy the block off plate if u can sell it to me...
      So ill try working on the car today and Thursday ...
      So ill pm u my # ... and thanks....
    11. 307dsm
      No Nathan I haven't even had a chance to work on it... like i been working a lot
      But tomorrow I do get out early... so ill work on it... by any chance do u have a block off plate for the egr
      And I have Thursday off so I might need ## help :) lol
    12. yoshi_tony
      hey nathan txt me on the 11th ill go with you guys and also were going to the track on the 18th of this month if you wanna go, 2 weeks ago we were 22+ cars so hopefully this time were more
    13. anchew02
      yea i saw that article awhile back and thats what made me message you, im probably getting one this week.
    14. anchew02
      hey im looking at getting a vrsf fmic.. how well does it do at cooling intake temps?
    15. Dhan
      Hey man, just wanted to say thanks for posting what you did in the thread "Changing intake on 1g talon tsi?" You did all the work for me :-)~
    16. Perkins7232010
      okay thanks man
    17. Perkins7232010
      i need a lot of help man im building my 6 bolt and it was a n/a and im going turbo and i just want to know what all i need to do the biuld the right way?
    18. danielbo91
      Hey bro I have a question my gsx 95 5speed my tbelt broke. And I jst rebuilt it well I used a use head I took it to the machine shop to get it resurface and they did a vale job on my exhaust vales they said they good but I did a 16g set up I used to have a t25 but I having issues starting my car special on on cold start but today I jst idles for a few seconds and dies any help
    19. mosul210
      Oh yeah I've been here since 2003. My car is running like a champ, love the fact I've been able to keep my A/C, power steering, and cruise control. I see your car is coming along nicely, keep it up.
    20. Javy007dude18
      Cool I will sign my name plus true that forgot about them in case I need parts. Plus I'm getting help from Rigo and Chaps at western tech im about to finish the tuner coarse and I'm building my motor at school its going to be a beast when I'm done with it hopefully.
    21. Javy007dude18
      Hey Im building a GST that I just got and Im trying to find some dsmers in town. Been out of the scene for a while and trying to get back I use to own a GS back when I was 16. Im rebuilding the 4g63 engine myself and I just want contacts to get ahead with my project . Expecting big things with this car!
    22. fwbt
      yep I'm going to call FP on Monday for a EVO 3 O2 housing and new turbine housing. The Megan coilovers should ship Monday along with my stuff from Summit. I got a lot of building to do before we roll in March... "March of the DSM's" maybe?
    23. fwbt
      thought i was the only one drinking beer and logging into tuners at this hour....
    24. fwbt
      Congrats on your Wiseman status!
    25. GsXdSmKingGsX
      See man I told you that you would get those red letters soon!
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    I've been working on, modifying, and racing my DSM since I got it January 2, 2003. I turbocharged it in the spring of 2010 and converted it to AWD in the winter of 2013.


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