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  • Hey, I know this is a long shot considering you haven't been on here in three years, but I recently purchased a Serdi 60, but I do not have a pilot for 4g valve guides. With them being 150 bucks a pop, I was wondering if you would be willing to give me advice on which carbide pilot I need. Thanks for your time and knowledge.
    Sorry to be a bother, but I have been measuring valve stem installed heights, and I'm seeing .053" (53 thousandths) difference. Do you have a listing for installed height for the 6 bolt turbo heads? I found 1.920"to 1.950" but I wanted to confirm.
    Can you shoot me a pm with some pricing info on cylinder head work that you perform? I have an uncut cyl head that I am looking to have decked and new (larger) valves cut plus a few other things. Let me know if this is something you would be interested in doing. Thanks
    I got a cam question my exhaust has 111 only marks and intake say 114 only marks any info be great
    No you're doing a very awesome job man!! I just appreciate good craftsmanship and detail knowledge. I learned a lot from your how to article!
    Eh, screw it. Send me a PM on how much you'd charge me to deck my block and do the oil passage mods on it? I'm worried about it being warped due to someone using a rol-loc to clean the gasket off of the deck.
    Hey Dale, this is Cory. I bought my head from you when I was down in Florida a couple months ago. Is there any kind of marker I can use to make sure my blocks deck surface is level? I'm going to use a rigid block/80 grit like you recommend and level it off for a composite gasket, but I've no idea how to tell it's level or not. Do I just use permanent marker or is there a specific block-friendly kit I use? Honestly taking the block apart isn't an option because I have limited time before I need to take the car back to TN or I would just send it to you...but I don't have time to pull the block, strip it down, send it to you, reassemble it, reinstall it, then reinstall everything else.

    Thanks for all your help, Dale. You're the man!
    I have no idea how those guys stay in business let alone have someone refer them there after everything thats been documented.

    I'm hoping that was a mean spirited joke..
    just sayin the 16g on it is good enough at 28psi on a car that barely runs and an hx35 would have so much lag that its not really worth doing (on his car atleast)
    I was always into woods ball, and my current gun is a rap4. I'm working on a mag fed setup with the co2 tank inside the stock. It would be incredible, but I can't stop pumping money into my car LOL
    Another good point, I'm always looking in my old threads to link info to new members :)

    Thanks again
    I need to change my settings, I never get notified of visitor messages.

    Thanks for posting in my thread, it definately helped :)

    And hey nice article on how you compiled all the useful machine work articles. Great idea :)
    Thanks a lot for the link sir! I had all the studs reamed out to .500 when the head was also getting oil port mod 1 done!
    It's holding up well so far, but to be honest i haven't been p[ushing things. I've backed off boost and timing to where the car feels doggish and have been driving it like that. I hooked up the cyclone manifold today though and started logging and tuning again :D I"m gonna re-aproach the boost levels i was at on that fatefull night and just go easy with timing until i know all is well and proceed from there.. THat one head stud i thought to be "loose" is something i wish i could put some faith in blaming the failure on but to be honest attempting the 600whpmark on plain ARP studs might not be the best idea to begin with
    didn't get the tester they had already rented it out and i'm WAY too broke tobuy one. I did flush a few more quarts through it then pulled an oil feed line fromthe pressure gauge while it was running to damplethe oil. I think i've gotten it mostly out at this point, safe enough to drive anyway. I took it out and the cyclone manifold even not hooked up has a great deal moretorque than a plain 1g does, so i'm glad i made that swap, now i just need to makle a vac can this week and hjook it up :) I"ll update on the oil and water situations
    You should of got the 2.3 turboed Mustang Foxbody. Just kidding man its all good(there good cars the Grand national, foxbody and thunderbird). I got a few questions for you since you work for an automotive machine shop. stock ring size is 3.445 inches. To my knowledge if my cars block was bored and honed 0.040 over woudnt my rings have to be 0.040 bigger? The rings he ordered for me were in the standard size but I dont think that will work. I think they mis ordered the rings not sure.
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