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Posted by YungTlon, Jun 19, 2019

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  1. YungTlon

    YungTlon Proven Member

    Joined Mar 6, 2018
    Pueblo, Colorado
    So my motor was rebuilt right before i bought the car and is somewhere around 60k miles. I have a cometic headgasket and i am going to make sure everything is straight, I know the chances of this not sealing are high but i have heard some people get away with it, anyone who has got away with it please comment on this thread with personal experiance

    And im sorry if it isnt clear but I'll be running it without MACHINING the head or decking the block
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  2. Mello

    Mello Proven Member

    Joined Jul 4, 2003
    Albuquerque, New Mexico
    I would suggest considering using a composite head gasket if you are not going to machine the head or block surfaces. Either OEM or Felpro work well. You still need to be checked for flatness & don't screw them up or gouge/scratch when cleaning & removing the old gasket material. Aluminum heads are soft.
  3. SasaniFab

    SasaniFab Previously amsrn13

    Joined Dec 1, 2013
    danbury, Connecticut
    If the engine has a mls type gasket on it already you’ll probably be ok, if it has a composite gasket.... don’t waste your time.

    Street Build 3K  20

    1992 Eagle Talon TSi
    645 whp · 498 lb/ft · 1G DSM
  4. Lilslmj

    Lilslmj Proven Member

    Joined Feb 8, 2018
    Berwick, Pennsylvania
    I've ran a cosmetic without machinine. It worked, but always seeped coolant and oil. Combustion was fine and sealed fine. I ended up pulling the head and went with a felpro. I had no problems with the felpro and AARP's running 30-35 psi.

    Street Build 479  2

    1999 Eagle Talon TSi AWD
    awd · automatic · 2G DSM
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    1990TSIAWDTALON Moderator

    Joined Nov 14, 2013
    Independence, Kansas
    I would run Felpro or stock composite if I didn't do machine work.

    253  17

    1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS
    rwd · automatic · Misc Vehicles

    Street Build 348  4

    1998 Eagle Talon TSi
    fwd · manual · 2G DSM

    Street Build 3K  17

    1992 Eagle Talon TSi AWD
    awd · automatic · 1G DSM

    Street Build 5K  11  25

    1990 Eagle Talon TSi AWD
    13.620 @ 108.460 · 1G DSM

    4K  24

    1990 Eagle Talon TSi AWD
    13.612 @ 107.760 · 1G DSM
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  6. kenuwine4g63

    kenuwine4g63 Proven Member

    Joined May 26, 2009
    Charlotte, North Carolina
    Im going to agree with this. If you havnt decked and shaved the block then do not run that gasket. Especially if your running a good bit of boost.

    354  0

    1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST
    000.0 whp · 000.0 lb/ft · 2G DSM
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  7. YungTlon

    YungTlon Proven Member

    Joined Mar 6, 2018
    Pueblo, Colorado
    Yes it already had the mls!:)
    And everyone else commenting , thanks for the 0.02 i was just trying to get a idea!
  8. DSM_Ant

    DSM_Ant Probationary Member

    Joined Mar 11, 2012
    Naugatuck, Connecticut
    If your set on the mls i say hit it with Copper spray for extra security!

    467  2

    1990 Eagle Talon TSi AWD
    awd · manual · 1G DSM
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  9. motomattx

    motomattx Proven Member

    Joined Dec 9, 2010
    wampum, Pennsylvania
    No way to copper spray on a mls gasket or any head gasket for that matter, the last thing you want to do is glue down a gasket when its job is to be able to actually move, that would defeat the purpose of the gasket, this is the same reason that our stock gaskets are coated with graphite, so they can move when the aluminum head and steel block expand and contract at different rates.

    Drag Race Build 2K  16

    1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST
    fwd · manual · 2G DSM
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  10. donniekak

    donniekak DSM Wiseman

    Joined Mar 23, 2008
    Surprise, Arizona
    Copper spray is best for re-using gaskets without a viton layer. Gaskets that come with a thin rubber coating work best on clean dry surfaces. If you spray them the solvent in the spray damages the coating.

    Street Build 3K  0

    1991 Eagle Talon TSi AWD
    manual · 1G DSM
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  11. MJcanada

    MJcanada Proven Member

    Joined Jun 25, 2011
    campabello, South Carolina
    Copper spray doesn't glue anything down. It never hardens.

    It's best to not even use cometic. Felpro or OEM. Don't try to get away with a MLS without proper machine work. Doing something you know your not supposed to do and doing it anyway is called stupid. If it seeps coolant and oil that means it didn't work.
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2019

    979  0

    1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST
    manual · 2G DSM
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  12. YungTlon

    YungTlon Proven Member

    Joined Mar 6, 2018
    Pueblo, Colorado
    19psi tuned by my dad on a 61mm turbo
    Headgasket sealed!:)

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