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  • hey i was wondering if you had figured out what your starting problem was when you had 50compression across the bored? i have the exact problem bought a 95 tsi redid the head put it together the timing seems perfect, new hydrolic lifters and valves and still have 50 55 70 50 compression
    Did he finally do away with the honda LOL? I know someone with another head depends on how much your going to be getting that one for. Not to sure on how much he wants for it though, but i know he has quite a few.
    Hey man I'm more then likely going to have the car running 100 this weekend. In about a week, or so I would like to ride up there, and show you what I have done. The car has went under major surgery you would think i bought a new car. I can't wait to show someone who cars about these cars, and has seen it when it was a hunk of crap let me know something gonna yank the ecu gonna go through the wiring too. before i got it my friend had it and a shop tried to out a aem ems in it but couldnt get it to work so maybe there some wires that are touchin now. idk ill keep u posted thanks for the help
    is a 97 any different?? it just started doing it one day....i dont know if its a eprom i think it is considering i think thats all you can do to it. but why would it just start doin it one day. can any dyno tune place fix it?? i can dyno tune motorcycles with a powercommander i dont know about eproms or dsmlinks...i dont have a cable so im pretty sure its not....unless you can get them without a cable
    you had the problem of hitting the antilag while moving?? idk if i have a dsmlink....its either a eprom or a flash....there no cable so i assum no dsm link. but my car has antilag and a 2step and i hit it while driving WTF is goin on?? any advice would be much appreciated i just got my car back from havin a trans done
    Alright, I'll be sure to try it. Still worried about getting a perfect angle on that bolt. I think I would go into a heavy state of depression if I hurt the head and have to get a new one. Single source of income in the military, supporting both the wife and me. Any amount of money is a lot of money LOL. I've been down to Charlotte, NC. Nice place IMO. I've been there and Jacksonville
    I really pray that I don't have to go that route of buying a new head. I over torqued the bolt and the threaded tip is what seized and broke off. I'm still a little confused I suppose, on how I'm supposed to do this; drill AND tap the drill first, and then use the bolt extractor? Thanks for your help!
    Hey, I came across your thread about your fuel rail bolts breaking, and was wondering if and how you've approached it? I'm too chicken shit to try and drill it right now
    Hey man, I noticed that youre from Fayetteville and thats where all be moving down to in a few months for college. I just wanted to contact you in an attempt to get to know some one down there that knows a little about DSMs. And to possibly to get into the "scene" down there if there is one. Any info or help or advice you can offer would be greatly apprieciated. Thanks, Randy
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