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  • Hello everyone I am new here I have a 1999 420a eclipse I see a lot of 4g63 an 4g64 making big power what os the most powerful 420a built ????
    Good morning .I have a question about my vehicle it's a 99 eclipse and my locking mechanism isn't working
    Hello all, been around dsms awhile but havent posted.. Now im new to CO and bought a 2g gst and have a blown engine.. Looking for people willing to help with work or build engine or refer me to reputable people that would be willing to pull and build engine?
    Thanks in advance.
    Drener34 @
    210 330 8396
    Hey guys I'm new to the dsm world me and my son just got a 1999 Mitsubishi eclipse rs I know it's not a 4g63 but it's a start for my son to learn on any advice on cheap mods to start with thanks guys
    I'm curious if in my long absence a Discord server has been created for this group. I think it would be a neat idea to consider if not. Since it stores posts forever, it's not a info blackhole like IRC chats.
    I haven't created one. But I know it's possible to integrate with our forum platform, so I'll look into it.
    Hi I know this probably isn't the place to post this but funnily enough the problem I'm having is that none of the text boxes for posting descriptions of posts or replying to threads and this is the only text box that has worked for me so far. I am on an Acer Chromebook 14. Also whenever I try to post my DSM profile I get the message "security error, please refresh the page a try again."
    Hello i have registered since 2009 and have over 30 post wanted to find out if my probation status can now be upgraded to proven / full member status
    Just wanted to say thanks for adding the option of name changing at least once. Been wanting to do that for way way too long now.
    If you need any PHP / MySQL help, let me know and I can help! Always willing to help a fellow DSM'er! I may even be able to write a script to help transfer all profile data to the new script :)
    Sorry to bother you and I might have asked you this question about your reverse hood Subaru scoop on your 1g road course car. I hate the heat that generates under the hood. When I got my FMIC the air flow was disrupted and I needed to build a plastic air dam under the rad support, which directs air into the rad. I have been looking for a hood scoop like yours to pull the heat out of the turbo and exhaust manifold and flow out of the engine bay. Does it work? Keep it cool and allow for more flow. I love the scoop it looks like a subaru wrx scoop. Just want to do something similar for cruising
    Will it be hard to start a 4g64 tech guide with information addressed for these motors? I don't have all the info to start it but I do believe it can be useful to all of the SPYDER GS owners.
    It will also help with the threads about the 4G64 block swapped in with a 4G63 head.
    I've been a member since 99. I dislike when other senior members give newbies such a hard time when it comes to simple searches. just answer the damn question and save'em time if it's that big of deal jeeezzz
    yes everything is ok, he shut off his phone and i couldn't get a hold of him and through here im not planing on removing 500 messages that can be important for later on, and on yours shouldnt be longer than next month, trying to finish the rest first.

    Thank you,
    Kevin Beeck
    I'm doing it as fast as i can, im sorry for taking this long, but material was limited at a certain price so i was having a little bit of trouble with that, and no on the bumper yet.
    Hey man, ive been getting a lot of error pages with the site lately. Like when I try to access threads or open the main site I get a Heavy traffic error. It seems to be getting worse lately, any idea what I can do to help alleviate that?
    My subscription has ended and I am trying to find out how to renew it but I only get the option to donate, If I donate cash would that automatically make me a supporting member again? Do you have a link to where the member upgrade options are?
    Hey man I think you live like a little over an hour from me.. Im actually in Modesto area.. Be cool to check out your ride one day if your passing though or visa versa.. Take care Rob
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