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  1. Turbodhi

    2G Does timing belt tension change with oil pressure?

    I noticed that my belt was loose when checking oil and coolant levels the day after replacing my water pump. I had to drive the car for an emergency and checked it when I arrived but it was tight again. Makes me wonder if oil pressure is involved.
  2. mooserage

    GVR-4 Uneven Vibration at Idle After New Parts

    Hoping to make sure I'm looking in the right places to diagnose this issue, any suggestions appreciated. Issue: At warm idle the motor almost feels like it is stumbling. From the engine bay it sounds ok (no loud noises or vibrations), but the vibration in the cabin feels really rough. Even with...
  3. Sjd6795

    2G What's the deal? Timing belt

    Ok so I have all of my timing marks aligned correctly. I am trying to install the belt but it does not have enough slack, I have the tensioner pulley completely lose and the grenade pin still inserted in the auto tensioner. I followed the vfaq for correct routing and that does not work. All my...
  4. all black 4G63

    General 1G 6 Bolt Kiggly Racing tone wheel TDC mark

    When installing the timing belt with the Kiggly racing tone wheel and AEM cam gears I have lined up the marks on the cam gears and held them in place with the STM cam gear holder. I have lined up the mark on the tone wheel (crank gear/kiggly tone wheel) as accurately as possible (the balance...
  5. Turbodhi

    2G Timing side oil leak

    Hey guys, I've got a pretty serious oil leak on the timing side of my engine. It looks like the previous owner of my car got rid of the balance shaft and did not plug the hole in the side of the block where the tension pull and the sprocket for the balance shaft were. I'm going to guess that's...
  6. DSMinAK

    For Sale 2G OEM Tensioner $80

    Brand new, MIT-MD308587(587) hydraulic timing tensioner. $130 brand new. I need $80. Buyer pays shipping pp fees (9077505751)
  7. 1G Idle Speed Control parameters and Idle Surge with FIAV delete.

    So my car is supposed to go to the dyno next week but all of a sudden it begins to have starting/idle issues, which is nothing new really. I've had to deal with idle surge plenty of times but there are a few other things going on that make me want to ask some questions even if they seem dumb...
  8. 2G Crank But No Start, PLEASE HELP!

    I have a 1998 GS-T, stock 7-Bolt. Only external ,mods are exhaust manifold, not sure what brand due to was already on car, STMTuned air filter, HKS BOV (Recirculated), Megan Racing test pipe, Thermal R/D Catback, Walbro 190, running brand new plugs just replaced them like an hour before this...
  9. 1G Misfiring when on idle and letting off throttle.

    Car runs fine under load, and even when you start it for the first 5 or so seconds when idle is high, When idle settles at around 850 you can really feel the engine vibrations and misfire. The Galant is running and driving but the vibration is extremely worrying, at stop and go traffic the idle...
  10. Sam's GSX

    Tuning for pops on decel

    Ok, so after searching around, I found out how to tune for pops, the one thing that confused me was people said to do -5 timing at low load, so I changed 33 to 28, that didn't do anything haha, but when I figured it out, I retarded it to -2 in the lowest load (0.3 I believe) and turned idle...
  11. Compound1g

    ECMlink Breaking up under boost?

    1). No boost, vac, or exhaust leaks. No noticeable leaks 2). Verify mechanical timing. Fresh timing belt, properly setup 3). Verify base timing. 5° 4). Ignition system. 028, NGk br7es 5). Motor health. Fresh Build, about 1k kms on it 6). Basic throttle body adjustments. Adjusted and tight, TPS...
  12. DSMinAK

    For Sale 2G OEM Timing Tensioner

    MIT-MD308587 (587) Selling my brand new timing tensioner, asking $100 they're $115 brand new you can text me at 9077505751
  13. DSMinAK

    For Sale 2G OEM Timing Tensioner

    MIT-MD308587 Selling my brand new timing tensioner, asking $100 they're $115 brand new you can text me at 9077505751
  14. Compound1g

    AEM 1g aem EMS series 1 tune

    1g 1993 AWD 7 bolt 550cc injectors 268/272 cams 8.5:1 Cr Forged internals Water meth kit Speed density, gm 3bar and iat Aem wideband Compound turbo setup 14b/16g Trying to tune for 20psi (I'd do waaay more, but these injectors just can't do more than 20) I bought an aem ems (30-1300) used...
  15. Almostfaster

    1G Hard starts and low power after Head Gasket replacement

    I did a head gasket replacement on my 1994 Mitsubishi Eclipse 1.8L. Now let me start off by saying the head gasket was not blown but had an external leak at the oil jacket by cylinder #4. This was creating a river of oil down the side of the block and onto the bell housing of the tranny. Since...
  16. Wildwomper

    1G Timing jumped

    Long story short, my friend was cleaning oil off of my valve cover while the car was running and the paper towel got sucked into the timing belt. We turned the car off ASAP, got as much towel out as we could and the idle sounded off so I turned the crank until all the timing marks lined up and...
  17. 2G Ignition Timing or something else?

    Hi everyone, I have a strange problem that i am running out of ideas and have tried everything i can think of. I'll try to give as much info as possible. Car: '98 gsx, stock basically some bolt ons. Problem: it's odd I'll try my best to explain. it's running very rough and seemingly not firing...
  18. Removed dizzy and now i can't get the timing right? Please help

    ok i have a 1993 4g37 1.8. had to rebuild the head and the machine shop took the dizzy out and now i cant get it to time back right. motor runs! all timing mark are right but the motor is not running right. the lowest i can get the timing down to 5' after and it acts like i doesn't want advance...
  19. DSMinAK

    Balance Shaft/Timing belt help.

    so my balance shaft sprocket doesnt want to spin freely by hand but it will turn fairly easy when I rotate it with a wrench, my question is what should I do next to fix the problem, and is it indeed a problem? (95 Eagle Talon TSI 7 Bolt)
  20. Anthony Boni

    G4CS Timing belt

    Hello! I recently purchased a 1990 Eagle Talon TSI with a G4CS block and a 4G63 head. I am about to change the timing belt, idler pully, tensioner, and water pump because I am unsure of the last time this has been accomplished. I have searched the forums for anything that may differ in the...
  21. 420A Cams & Timing

    Alright. New here to this site, but i've got a problem with my 99 Eclipse (420A). Recently did a motor and a trans recondition plus timing. Had a problem with the Intake cam and the dowel pin that goes through the gear sheared off. If im correct the TDC for the cam is about two full turns...
  22. MasterMatt209

    2G Recommended timing components

    So my 95 Talon TSi is gonna be getting some lifters from extreme psi the revised ones. Last time I did those to my eclipse I did the timing belt at the same time because I’m pretty sure that’s common to do that at the same time right? My question is should I just replace the belt or should I get...
  23. ShockDSM


  24. Turbodhi

    2G cant trust timing marks on cam gears

    alrighty guys, I'm trying to set the timing on my 2g and am running into a bit of a snag. The previous owner stuck these aftermarket cam gears on and they dont have the timing marks on them like the stock ones would which means im not sure how to set the timing. is there anyway i can tell by...
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