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4g63 2g

  1. 2G Speed Sensor for DSM Swap

    I'm doing a 4G63 head swap on a 1991 Mighty Max using the head, ECU and wiring harness from a 1995 Eclipse. The ECU has an ECMLink EPROM. Do I need a vehicle speed sensor to be able to tune the ECU properly? I'm using the original 5 speed manual trans.
  2. 1995 eagle talon 4G63

    1995 eagle talon 4G63

  3. Ashton3D

    2G Fuel issues - no start, possible bad fuel pump?

    I had a theory that adjusting the fuel pressure regulator and trying to start may tell me if it's either the fuel pump bad, or the fuel pressure regulator bad. Adjusting the fuel pressure regulator did not help at all though so I decided to try something else.What is the fuel pressure output...
  4. ncarson91

    2G 2g coolant temp sensor issue?

    So I replaced both sensors for engine coolant temp. I know they are picky and specific to which sensor has to be installed, make or model or trim ect can throw it all out of wack. Need specific sensor for mine which is a 98 GST. ANYWHO! I 300% made sure I have the correct sensor but my engine...
  5. OneYoungBoi

    Difference in 1g and 2g 4g63 motors

    This might be an easy question to answer but I was curious if theres any difference between the 4g63’s in the 1g and 2g or are they the same? And if there are and differences what would they be?- James
  6. NotoriousGSX

    2G Timing Side Leak

    Here we go.I've had this car for about 8 months now. Always had an oil leak near the timing side of the motor. Timing belt drenched in oil, entire driver side covered, and I mean everything.After taking it out after being garaged for almost 6 months, it ran fine to work but broke down omw...
  7. NotoriousGSX

    2G 9.0:1, How to achieve it?

    [Edit] I'm actually stupid for posting this. Please move on, you'll see nothing but nonsense any further than this. Deleted the cringe for your sakeI don't want to be GIVEN the answer necessarily although I wont argue. I just want to know what to tell the machine shop so I don't look like a...
  8. Upper Timing belt cover bolt stuck

    Trying to remove my upper time belt cover and the bolt is impossible to get a grip on any tips on how to get it out?
  9. 1996 2G GST

    1996 2G GST

  10. cswindel

    2G Are these Arias 86mm pistons salvageable

    I was debating whether or not to start a thread over this, however, I am curious if these specific pistons with the type of damage they have are able to be saved. I figure this will offer a future resource on top of what is already out there to those looking into these pistons or if someone...
  11. 2G No crank and No start

    Hello, I need some serious help. I have a 1998 Eclipse GST. It was an automatic and was converted into a 5-speed.Like all the transmission swaps, the reverse lights need to be connected. I read some threads on how to do it and proceeded to follow the step by step instructions that I found. I...
  12. Tsuri

    2G Would I be able to make 450-500 whp while still being reliable

    I’ve got a bit of mods on my 2g Eclipse GST but, I’m not sure that it’s enough to make 450-550whp while still being able to daily? I know it sounds absurd but for now my Eclipse is the only car I have other than my brothers 03 Mustang GT (which is our drift car so it doesn’t really matter...
  13. 2G Transmission Myth?

    Okay, so I went to look at a 3G eclipse today and stumbled upon a 2G GS-T decent condition minus no transmission. I'm very interested however the owner said something weird that is bugging me. They said that the car needs a transmission but it is "European" therefore the transmission is mounted...
  14. ncarson91

    delete thread aint got time for ignorance

    Okay so i had forgot to ground 1 wire. dummy rookie mistake didnt check over myself it was for cigarette lighter i wired a gauge for power into it. blew fuse ect. so reverse lights werent working. blew engine fuse. headlight relay was clicking. replaced all fuses and relays. alternator, new...
  15. Plenum size and runner length for 250 whp

    I'm building a 2g 7 bolt 4g63t and target power is about 250 whp, turbo code is TD04 16g. I'm going to make sheet metal intake manifold and I know good plenum size is 1 - 1.5 times of engine size for nice powers, I my target hp is not huge, I wanna know what's best plenum size and runner length...
  16. FalpenHost

    Spyder Currently Stuck & Maybe some Misinformation

    Hey guys. I’m sorry if this is not posted in the right section. I’m still new to posting on here.I currently have a 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GS-T. The mileage is 140k-ish. Has the 4g63t 7-bolt Engine, also has the 16g turbo. Just to give some background on the car.I currently can not...
  17. 2G What parts are needed to make 400whp reliable on a 7 bolt 4g63?

    what parts are needed to make 400whp reliable on a 7 bolt? I want to stay stock internals. But if that is not a good idea what is a good number? I have a action clutch 6 puck sprung and there light weight flywheel and 3 inch turbo back exhaust.
  18. NA 4g63 stroking using 4g69 crankshaft and hyundai theta II GDI (G4KJ) 88 bore piston

    Hi there, I got a SOCH 16 valve 2g carbureted 4g63 (galant 1993). I'm in tight budget and I have not access a lot of parts. I'm trying to build NA Stroker DOCH 4g63, I got DOCH head and It's ok. My problem Is about stroking, I can buy 4g69 crankshaft (there is NO other option for me) and with...
  19. guerreroandrew4688

    Resolved FP manifold help

    Would I need to purchase different bolts to install this or can I use the oem bolts?
  20. 2G Looking to upgrade turbo

    So I just recently bought a 99 GS-T, replaced the intercooler piping due to a leak from the plastic hose that attaches to the top of the intercooler (rubber piece rotted) with some hard pipes, and replaced the BOV with a greddy type fv2, and I've been also wanting to replace the stock turbo...
  21. ncarson91

    2G idle high? grounded then went to adjust biss fuse blew. more issues?

    well this was a diff thread but now. question is i went to set idle ground in ecm link went to adjust biss. i ended up blowing a fuse? fuel pump wont prime anymore. floor lights wont turn on anymore. dash lights up gauges do. radio does. no crank nothing when key is turned forward. i got 2...
  22. 1999 gst spyder

    1999 gst spyder

  23. ncarson91

    7 bolt Frankenstein build?

    I have heard of this 7bt Frankenstein setup with 1g rods 2g pistons my question is what else does it all entail? Is there a whole list of everything that goes into it? I have a spare block I’m going to rebuild would love to know for it considering it is a 2g block
  24. 2G Wiring cost

    I’m thinking about buying a 2g eagle talon TSi AWD but it needs to be rewired. How much would that cost me? Is it worth it to do? New to the DSM scene and trying to buy my first one. Thanks you guys
  25. 2g Stock intake box

    For sale 2g 2g Stock intake box

    Stock airbox and piping. Make an offer.
    $1.00 to $999.00
  26. NFS Underground look

    Street Build NFS Underground look

  27. ncarson91

    Problem?? Crank is different

    Hey guys I have a slight issue with my dsm you will have to see pictures but. The one crank has a lip on the end for the flywheel my other one on my trashed block doesn’t? Thus my flywheel won’t line up ect ect anyways can someone tell me why or what crank this is? First photo is trashed block...
  28. Dewar654

    2G new Member from Germany(NRW)

    Hey, my Name is Christian. I'm a student from Germany (near to Bonn/Cologne) hoping to find somebody owning a 2G Eclipse near me. I'm currently driving an almost completly bone-stock Eclipse GS (4G63) exept for an exhaust. My plan is to add optics and stuff like suspension, brakes etc. till i...
  29. Daily Dsm

    Daily Dsm

  30. DKSTREET1990

    2G 1997 Eclipse GS-T End Clutch Kit

    Im about to purchase a 1997 Gs-t Automatic.owner says needs a end clutch kit......Please someone help me lol What is that?
  31. 2G New to me 1996 eagle talon tsi 4g63 dies

    I picked up the car Saturday and the car was running fine just wouldn’t move. (Auto trans). Also the car would take forever to Rev up. Well while I was driving it back home the car started sputtering and completely died. I’ve spent all day trying to get it to start. When I crank it all I can...
  32. SaTx2ga

    2G 97 short block with 95 head

    So I got a short block out of a 97 gst after I found out my 95 had a crack in it. My question is what all do I need to swap sensor wise to make sure everything work right or is it a direct swap basically are there any differences between the 95 and 97 short blocks?
  33. no roads

    2G 30A Ignition Fuse Wont Stop Blowing

    Hey all, just registered on the site to see if you guys can help me with my Ignition fuse problem, I've read the other most popular threads about this issue, but they don't seem to help my case at all.I bought a 1997 GST last week, and the car has been great and lots of fun, but today when I...
  34. Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GST 1997

    Street Build Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GST 1997

  35. Gsx_Parker

    ECMlink Injector upgrade

    I am currently dsmlink v3 tuned on evo 8 660cc injectors which are causing some starting issues for me so i am looking to upgrade, what injectors should i go to? the guy who tuned my car recommended rc 1000cc, i was thinking 850cc. will i need a retune if i go to 1000cc or 850cc? im running a...
  36. Gsx_Parker

    General HELP! Starting issues and dying issues

    Hello DSM world I need your help before I drive my Gsx into a pond. So I bout my 96 eclipse gsx about a year ago half built from a guy who was planning to make a drag car, but never finished. He had put a 16g Evo 3 td05 turbo, front mount, areomotive fuelpressure regulator, dsm link v2, water...
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