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2G 30A Ignition Fuse Wont Stop Blowing

no roads

Probationary Member
Jul 4, 2020
manistee, Michigan
Hey all, just registered on the site to see if you guys can help me with my Ignition fuse problem, I've read the other most popular threads about this issue, but they don't seem to help my case at all.

I bought a 1997 GST last week, and the car has been great and lots of fun, but today when I went to start it, the 30A ignition fuse under the hood blew, and continued to blow 3 more brand new fuses back to back.

The fuse only blows once you try to crank the car over, it doesn't blow if you simply turn the key on, even in the run position. Once you try to start it, it blows. I checked at the fuse connections for current and its getting a locked 12.3/12.4 volts, and me moving the key and trying to start it doesnt change the current at all on the multimeter. The car is definitely not stock, and doesn't have the original 4g63 that came in it. It has an engine from a car the same year. The car has a turbo timer, and with most of these 20+ year old DSM's you can definitely tell lots of people have had their hands in the wires. I've tried the method of pulling the sunroof fuse, and the power seat, with no luck. Where do you guys think I should start? Any common things to check? What would cause something like this? I just bought this car and it is supposed to be my daily, but it didn't take long for DSM problems to catch up. I've always been pretty good at working on my own stuff but I really am not experienced or knowledgeable in the electronics/wiring field at all. If you guys have any advice in the most basic English, that would be great. I dont have the money to pay someone to fix this, and I really need to figure it out as I have a job I need to get to.


Welcome Wagon
Jan 16, 2008
Wisconsin, Wisconsin
I had this issue when I first bought my 92. Turned out is was simple corrosion on some wires. I cleaned the wires up, put on sum of that shrink wrap and havnt blew one of those fuses to this day.
Exactly what wires, I couldnt tell you. But I hope this helps.

Edit. I did have a greddy turbo timer. The turbo timer and that wiring wasnt an issue at the time.


Proven Member
Oct 6, 2019
BRISBANE, Australia
Sounds like crossed wires, I would unscrew the relay/fuse box and turn it over and make sure theres no wires touching. Specifically the wire going to the starter motor.

no roads

Probationary Member
Jul 4, 2020
manistee, Michigan

It ended up being a loose starter ground wire, tightened it down, and haven't had any issues since. I did not have means of testing it, tho, so I ended up blowing 5 individual 6$ each fuses while I tried different things.

Thank you guys so much for the replies, now I'm off to make a post about the idle and cold start issues I'm experiencing.... and to answer a question up there, yes the fuel pump is rewired, and its a Wally 255.
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