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  1. Jewelz’s 1997 Eclipse Spyder GST

    Jewelz’s 1997 Eclipse Spyder GST

  2. 97 GST Build Video Series

    Here is my video build series of my 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST. I am rebuilding the stock 4G63 turbo engine. This car had 198K miles on it when it locked up. I think it was starved of oil and was slamming gears and reving high. I was raving engine when all of a sudden the motor just stopped...
  3. VT_4G63

    Wanted 2g WTB 2G FWD OEM Turbo Downpipe

    Looking to buy a 2G FWD OEM Turbo Downpipe.The one I have is leaking at the flex section so I want to see what is out there before I repair it.Please let me know what you have.Thank you
  4. Eclipse GST 1995

    Street Build Eclipse GST 1995

  5. 1999 Mitsubishi GST, 5spd, 94k miles

    For sale 2g 1999 Mitsubishi GST, 5spd, 94k miles

    1999 Mitsubishi GST94,000 miles, 5 speed manual, Minden Silver Pearl, clean title in hand, front wheel drive.Car has never ran in my possession nor have I ever tried starting it. It will need some parts for reassembly. Car will have to be towed. I purchased this planning on getting it back...
  6. 1996 Eclipst GS-T help needed

    Hey everyone I was wondering if there was anyone in El Paso, Texas that could help me out I just bought my first DSM. It's a 96 GS-T. I have been trying different things and can't seem to get it running right. I'd really appreciate if anyone could lend a hand.
  7. 2G Intercooler for 1995 gst

    Hey so I got a auto 95 Gst and I’m looking for a front mount intercooler what would be the best one to buy and possibly the least expensive my budget on a intercooler right now is about 500 max but if there’s a good one for more I don’t mind saving up
  8. VT_4G63

    2G Where to Place Jack Stands Under the Rear of a Spyder GST

    I’m sure this has been asked a bunch of times, but I couldn’t find a definitive answer in my research in regard to a safe place to place jack stands under the rear of my Spyder GST.I’m on my 6th DSM, but all have been AWD up to this point. I’m looking to jack up the rear of my Spyder GST to...
  9. LilRedSpyder

    2G Slight rattle at cruising speed?

    So the car runs great aside from the slight lil rattle when I’m at cruising speed in 4th or 5th gear. Also it doesn’t do it steadily, it’s only when the throttle/rpm is in one specific spot. If i accelerate even the slightest or lift off the rattle stops rather quickly. I’m talking a very lil...
  10. 97 GST

    Street Build 97 GST

  11. James_dsm

    2G When O/D is on it feels like it’s in neutral after end clutch rebuild

    My 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gear run fine with O/D off. As soon as I click O/D the car shifts, hesitates, and theres no power to the throttle, literally feels like neutral. Yesterday I just rebuilt the end clutch (Seals, Steels, Frictions, etc.) with the IPT kit. What else could be the issue...
  12. 2G Transmission issues - throw out bearing

    Hello, I have been having an issue with my 97 GST for a while that have so far been unsuccessful to solve. I will try to explain as best as I can, but I'm not exactly an expert on this so I apologize if I get the terms wrong and for any confusion it may cause, although I will gladly try to...
  13. Stock


  14. Boost Creeper

    Road Race Build Boost Creeper

  15. Nguyen13

    2G Vacuum to connect a boost controller

    ¿Alguien podría ayudarme a conectar mis mangueras de vacío correctamente? Quiero conectar un control boostlCould anyone help me connect my vacuum hoses correctly? I want to connect a boost controller.
  16. 2G Removing my turbo soon, what tools will I need?

    Turbo blew so I plan on removing it this Wednesday, What tools should I expect to need besides maybe a breaker bar?
  17. Spyder Bought my first DSM and am in quite a situation

    This is a long story and a lot of stuff happened so bare with me, I’m aware I’m kinda at fault for most of this, it’s my first DSM however I have some experience with them from family who owned multiple.So I went out and bought a 97 GST Spyder with 160k miles, replaced belts, replaced seals...
  18. Eclipse 12

    Eclipse 12

  19. How bad do you guys think the head gasket is blown on this gst I just got

    So I just bought a gst eclipse for $1500 guy didn’t know what was wrong with it I go to drain the oil and coolant rushes out with oil but it wasn’t milky it seemed it was separated like the oil sitting on top of the coolant but I was wonder since it wasn’t milky yet but obviously the head gasket...
  20. 96' 2G Eclipse

    96' 2G Eclipse

  21. Jay_turk

    2G Auto to manual swap

    When doing a manual swap, is it possible to use a different trim? My car: 1997 GST Auto swap to manual from a 1997 GS? Anything would help. Thank you.
  22. What mods does this 1997 Eclipse GST has?

    I’m looking to purchase a project Mitsubishi Eclipse GST from a junkyard. I’m new to DSM can you guys help me find out what was done to this car?The car Does not start.The guy from the junkyard said that it had a Nos bottle in the trunk that was stolen
  23. Oem timing belt cover

    For sale 2g Oem timing belt cover

    $20 + shipping
  24. 2G Recommendations for Power Antenna for GST Spyder 99

    The power antenna doesn't go up or down. With a new stereo install, there appears to mass static and I found one station. I don't really know whether the head unit is connected properly, either. I imagine the installer will blame the old antenna. The old deck did get stations, however. Anyhow...
  25. 96 GST rolling chassis

    For sale 2g 96 GST rolling chassis

    Price firm. Includes everything pictured as well as the majority of another interior. Does not include: Engine, Trans, Ecu, Exhaust14x,xxx miles on chassis. New balls joints, lower control arms, and tie rods on front. Brakes were upgraded to gsx front calipers. Brakes need to be redone, as the...
  26. O2 housing

    For sale 2g O2 housing

    O2 housing make an offer
    $1.00 to $999.00
  27. Rear brake calipers and brackets

    For sale 2g Rear brake calipers and brackets

    2g gst rear calipers and brackets. Have bolts for the floats not for the brackets
  28. 2G Recently bought a 1999 eclipse GS-T, having issues with starting it.

    Hey all, i just bought an eclipse GS-T with about 123k miles on it and its bone-stock. Got it for a great deal! Problem though, it doesn't wanna start!Heres the details. When i bought the car it started fine, I drove it home about 40 miles. And then the next morning, it didn't start! We tested...
  29. 2G 1998 GST Automatic to 5-Speed conversion

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. I have a 1998 GST automatic and I am wanting to convert it into a 5-speed. My question is, can I use RS or GS parts from a 5-speed 2G to covert my GST? or, do the parts have to come from a 5-speed GST? If I am able to use a RS or GS for parts, it would...
  30. 1997DSMALEX

    2G 2G Won’t go into gear after clutch install

    Hello everyone, I know I’ve seen a few post similar to this but I just want to make sure before I do anything else (take the tranny down) but I installed a new clutch system with a MB010X ACT PP, with a South Bend Stage 3 Clutch and when I had put everything back together the car at first it...
  31. roadtrip_69

    Resolved 2G GST Manual Transmission replacement shift cables

    Any one have a reliable part number/part combination for a replacement shift cable. The original is snapped, and of course Mitsubishi hasn't had one in 10 years and I can't even seem to find any in any junk yards via (even though a couple were listed, called and they were gone) I...
  32. 1993 Eclipse Gst

    1993 Eclipse Gst

  33. new here

    hey guys new to the eclipse scene I bought a gst roller that came with a 6 bolt and a 7 bolt but no tranny. who builds transmissions for big power? best ecm to go with? already have a greddy TiC exhaust and plan on doing a big turbo build so any help, recommendations is very welcomed.
  34. Eclipse Gst 97

    Eclipse Gst 97

  35. Damaged Rescue

    Street Build Damaged Rescue

  36. _Dev_

    2G Have so many questions, 97Eclipse GS-T/Talon TSi

    Hey guys so I just got this car about two weeks ago. I love it, it’s got some goodies. I don’t know much about it though. As I’m doing changes myself, I keep running into simple blocks.. My question today is, where can I drain my coolant from? I went to where the stock drain petcock is and it’s...
  37. Etterkc86

    New dsm owner

    Just bought a 97 gst spyder with 42000 miles and all oem. Not for long! Looking for parts
  38. 1997 Eclipse GST (just bought)

    1997 Eclipse GST (just bought)

  39. MannyDSM

    2G Bought a 97 GS-T

    What's up DSM Tuners people,My name is Manny, 24 years old from Miami. I had a shitbox '96 RS a few years ago and had to turn it in due to electrical problems that I didnt know anything about. Sold it for $750.In June 2021, I bought a '97 GS-T. I wish I knew more about the vehicle but I...
  40. 98 Gst

    Street Build 98 Gst

  41. yuni8z

    looking for a gsx or gst

    hey guys I'm Yuni im looking to buy a cheap gsx or a gst kinda really need the shell mostly but hey if it runs it'll be even better.
  42. eclipsegirl529

    New to this site, trying to find out how much my 98 eclipse gst (automatic is worth) and how to sell it without hassle.

    I just registered for this website so forgive me. I am interested in trying to sell my 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T. Its an automatic, hardtop, front wheel. It had the engine "ported and polished" because it threw a rod about a year ago. The car itself has 143,000 miles on it but only 400 since...
  43. 1999 GST 5spd

    1999 GST 5spd

  44. 1997 GS-T Spyder

    1997 GS-T Spyder

  45. 2G 1998 Eclipse GST with No engine

    Hello Everybody,I recently purchased a 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST, all stock, the body is in great condition, has everything except an Engine and Transmission. Before you call me dumb, here is a little story. My grandma used to own a GST, she bought it from new and had it for some years, then...
  46. My 1998 Eclipse GST

    My 1998 Eclipse GST

  47. DSM track toy in the Philippines

    Hi, I'm a Mitsubishi fan from the PhilippinesI want a 2nd Gen Eclipse with the purpose of being a track toy. Being a small Asian country, our tracks here are full of twists and we even have touge hillclimb events every once in a while. The problem I'm facing is that the local Mitsubishi...
  48. WTB gs gst or gsx shell

    Wanted 2g WTB gs gst or gsx shell

    Looking for a clean 2g eclipse gs gst,gsx shell I was on here awhile back but forgot my email and password so here i am again. If you have anything let me know my number is 70193655sixthree thank you I live in Minnesota
  49. dsmjaime

    2G I should’ve created one of these 4 years ago

    Hey! My name is Jaime bravo & I’m from the Pacific North West. My 95 gst and I met 4 years ago when I bought it at 15. We had some great times but I Traded it for an s14 240sx it at 17 but recently bought it back as a shell at 19 years old. This time, I’m not a broke 15 year old with a weekend...
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