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  1. O2 housing

    For sale 2g O2 housing

    O2 housing make an offer
    $1.00 to $999.00
  2. Rear brake calipers and brackets

    For sale 2g Rear brake calipers and brackets

    Make an offer. 2g gst rear calipers and brackets. Have bolts for the floats not for the brackets
    $1.00 to $999.00
  3. 2G Recently bought a 1999 eclipse GS-T, having issues with starting it.

    Hey all, i just bought an eclipse GS-T with about 123k miles on it and its bone-stock. Got it for a great deal! Problem though, it doesn't wanna start!Heres the details. When i bought the car it started fine, I drove it home about 40 miles. And then the next morning, it didn't start! We tested...
  4. 2G 1998 GST Automatic to 5-Speed conversion

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. I have a 1998 GST automatic and I am wanting to convert it into a 5-speed. My question is, can I use RS or GS parts from a 5-speed 2G to covert my GST? or, do the parts have to come from a 5-speed GST? If I am able to use a RS or GS for parts, it would...
  5. 1997DSMALEX

    2G 2G Won’t go into gear after clutch install

    Hello everyone, I know I’ve seen a few post similar to this but I just want to make sure before I do anything else (take the tranny down) but I installed a new clutch system with a MB010X ACT PP, with a South Bend Stage 3 Clutch and when I had put everything back together the car at first it...
  6. roadtrip_69

    Resolved 2G GST Manual Transmission replacement shift cables

    Any one have a reliable part number/part combination for a replacement shift cable. The original is snapped, and of course Mitsubishi hasn't had one in 10 years and I can't even seem to find any in any junk yards via (even though a couple were listed, called and they were gone) I...
  7. 1993 Eclipse Gst

    1993 Eclipse Gst

  8. new here

    hey guys new to the eclipse scene I bought a gst roller that came with a 6 bolt and a 7 bolt but no tranny. who builds transmissions for big power? best ecm to go with? already have a greddy TiC exhaust and plan on doing a big turbo build so any help, recommendations is very welcomed.
  9. Eclipse Gst 97

    Eclipse Gst 97

  10. Damaged Rescue

    Street Build Damaged Rescue

  11. _Dev_

    2G Have so many questions, 97Eclipse GS-T/Talon TSi

    Hey guys so I just got this car about two weeks ago. I love it, it’s got some goodies. I don’t know much about it though. As I’m doing changes myself, I keep running into simple blocks.. My question today is, where can I drain my coolant from? I went to where the stock drain petcock is and it’s...
  12. Etterkc86

    New dsm owner

    Just bought a 97 gst spyder with 42000 miles and all oem. Not for long! Looking for parts
  13. 1997 Eclipse GST (just bought)

    1997 Eclipse GST (just bought)

  14. MannyDSM

    2G Bought a 97 GS-T

    What's up DSM Tuners people,My name is Manny, 24 years old from Miami. I had a shitbox '96 RS a few years ago and had to turn it in due to electrical problems that I didnt know anything about. Sold it for $750.In June 2021, I bought a '97 GS-T. I wish I knew more about the vehicle but I...
  15. 98 Gst

    Street Build 98 Gst

  16. yuni8z

    looking for a gsx or gst

    hey guys I'm Yuni im looking to buy a cheap gsx or a gst kinda really need the shell mostly but hey if it runs it'll be even better.
  17. eclipsegirl529

    New to this site, trying to find out how much my 98 eclipse gst (automatic is worth) and how to sell it without hassle.

    I just registered for this website so forgive me. I am interested in trying to sell my 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T. Its an automatic, hardtop, front wheel. It had the engine "ported and polished" because it threw a rod about a year ago. The car itself has 143,000 miles on it but only 400 since...
  18. 1999 GST 5spd

    1999 GST 5spd

  19. 1997 GS-T Spyder

    1997 GS-T Spyder

  20. 2G 1998 Eclipse GST with No engine

    Hello Everybody,I recently purchased a 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST, all stock, the body is in great condition, has everything except an Engine and Transmission. Before you call me dumb, here is a little story. My grandma used to own a GST, she bought it from new and had it for some years, then...
  21. My 1998 Eclipse GST

    My 1998 Eclipse GST

  22. DSM track toy in the Philippines

    Hi, I'm a Mitsubishi fan from the PhilippinesI want a 2nd Gen Eclipse with the purpose of being a track toy. Being a small Asian country, our tracks here are full of twists and we even have touge hillclimb events every once in a while. The problem I'm facing is that the local Mitsubishi...
  23. WTB gs gst or gsx shell

    Wanted 2g WTB gs gst or gsx shell

    Looking for a clean 2g eclipse gs gst,gsx shell I was on here awhile back but forgot my email and password so here i am again. If you have anything let me know my number is 70193655sixthree thank you I live in Minnesota
  24. dsmjaime

    2G I should’ve created one of these 4 years ago

    Hey! My name is Jaime bravo & I’m from the Pacific North West. My 95 gst and I met 4 years ago when I bought it at 15. We had some great times but I Traded it for an s14 240sx it at 17 but recently bought it back as a shell at 19 years old. This time, I’m not a broke 15 year old with a weekend...
  25. polverari

    2G Very High Oil Pressure After Rebuild

    Hello friends, I'm here for another question. As I always start my posts: Once again I apologize for any language errors.I used the forum search, but despite finding some topics related to high oil pressure, I couldn't find an answer to my problemI just rebuild my car engine (2G GST 2.3...
  26. Turbodhi

    ECMlink Difficulties adjusting idle

    I'm having a hell of a time getting the iscposition and learnedidleadjust set correctly. I took it out and made sure it's clean, the throttle body was recently rebuilt, tps is adjusted properly as far as I can tell. This is my first attempt at "tuning" so I'm trying to go through the checklist...
  27. Tanner Miller

    Sold 1998 Eagle Talon TSI AWD Turbo $5500 sold I have a near all original 98 TSI AWD. Wheels, BOV and stereo aren’t original. Turbo pulls strong. No leaks at all. Does have a few spots of minor surface rust on shock tower , under carriage, and a small paint bubble on rear...
  28. MojaMike

    Longtime DSM Owner in the Memphis Area

    Hey y'all: Nice place you've got here!I own a '97 GST that I bought new. It's been my daily driver ever since. The paint is shot and it's getting close to 200K miles, but still running strong. I guess I'll keep it.Still stock. Planning to replace everything that is wearing out, restore it...
  29. For Sale 1997 Eclipse GS-T Spyder

    Okay, it’s finally time to say goodbye. Due to financial reason of being laid of due to covid I have to part ways with my baby. She’s been with my uncle in Arizona for a while but with everything going on it’s time to let her go.Bone stock 97 GS-T Spyder with 76,000 miles. Yea, you read that...
  30. Sjd6795

    General Blackbox to evo 8 ECU

    I have a 1997 GSX that the previous owner had put in a black box ECU, I am having trouble finding a shop that will tune it. I was told by english racing if I install an Evo 8 ECU they will tune the car.I found this guide...
  31. Spyder Help I can’t find part to convertible top

    I just bought a 1999 eclipse spyder gst with a convertible top. And as I was fixing it, I found that the bow #2 wasn’t attached. So I bought the repair kit thing because the frame linkage arms, for some reason, didn’t come with the car. The thing is when I was about to put them on, I notice I...
  32. HELP! 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST Spyder rod knock

    Hi there! I recently (less than a week ago, on the 8th of August) purchased a used 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST Spyder. I paid $3200 for the car, which had 177k miles and generally was in very good condition (it seemed). Owners claimed it was taken good care of, hasn't been in any accidents and...
  33. SazonSerg

    2G Help with 98 gst p1105 please

    Hello guys in need of helpI had a misfire on my gst p0303 car drove like ass and it also had one code before that p1105 but it ran fine so they changed the coil pack and the misfire code went away but not the p1105 and the car sounds like shitI will post videos they also said my fuel had...
  34. no roads

    2G 30A Ignition Fuse Wont Stop Blowing

    Hey all, just registered on the site to see if you guys can help me with my Ignition fuse problem, I've read the other most popular threads about this issue, but they don't seem to help my case at all.I bought a 1997 GST last week, and the car has been great and lots of fun, but today when I...
  35. Fox1486

    For Sale 2g FWD 5 speed Transmission

    I have for sale a used FWD Transmission for a 95-99 2G Mitsubishi Eclipse or Eagle Talon. It was rebuilt as a Shep Racing Stage 1 FWD, around 116,000 miles. I probably put about 35k-40k miles on it after the rebuild.While driving it to work one day, something "popped" in the Trans. Not sure...
  36. Cj Hill

    Any 2G DSM's in North Jersey

    Whatsup guys/gals. I'd love to get some DSM people together in the North Jersey area, I'm in Passaic County myself & honestly do not see any other 2G's on the road. 3G's ofcourse & 4G's are just as common. Besides just getting a local community started I have many questions as far as repairs &...
  37. MNclipse

    Sold WTB 95-99 hardtop GST

    Hi my fiancé and I are looking to buy a 95-99 manual hard top GST (not spyder) preferably with minimal rust in Minnesota or any surrounding states.must be running and drivable. must be a manual. must be under $3,000.thanks!
  38. Sjd6795

    For Sale Getting interest 1G Panda 1990 GST shell

    Just getting any interest for this. It's my old 1990 GST that I had pulled the engine and transmission from to rebuild it and never got around to it. The transmission has been sold as well as the head. I still have the stock rods/pistons/crank/block nothing wrong with them just had plan to go...
  39. 95FullSend99

    2G 5 speed Transmission Clunk

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I have a 1997 eclipse gst 5 speed that I have had for years. Deep into the build at this point and last year I got it running for the first time since I owned it. I noticed that 1st gear is weird. If I am rolling it will go into 1st smoothy but if I am stopped, I...
  40. For Sale Full 2ga part out and dsm collection

    Will update list as i clean out garageI'm not sure how to post images on here yet.
  41. Doing a 7 to 6 bolt swap

    Hi I have a completely stock 95 gst with a stock 7 bolt. I’m planning on swapping that over to a built 6 bolt. Does any one know anything I have to change for the 6 to go in or is it just a straight bolt up?
  42. drthorp

    Sold WTB: 2G GSX/GST

    I have been in the market for a turbo eclipse for a while now since I've owned 2 already and loved them and I decided to post this to hopefully get some help. I have cash on hand for an eclipse somewhere in the 3k-5k area. Just needs to be rust free-ish and not a total project car. I also have a...
  43. 99spyderblack507

    For Sale 99 Gst engine parts

    I have a ton of stock parts off of my 99 Gst I need to get rid of!450cc stock injectors Intake manifold Exhaust manifold Fuel rail Side mount intercooler/piping T25 turbo Cams Manual fwd transmission Rear subframe Front and rear struts KnucklesAlot more I cant think of at the moment, I have...
  44. bettfootball


    I'm selling a nearly perfect 100% replica decals of the OEM GSX, GST and MITSUBISHI rear decals. I happened to buy a couple of these decals almost 10 years ago and wanted to have them re-made.Everything else currently available is not perfect, and 100% of the others available are individually...
  45. Luke_DSM

    Resolved HELP ME get my car running right again

    So, i own a 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse Gst Spyder with these mods done to it: (I'm just now getting into cars) Small 16g turbo with install kitFront mount intercoolerEvo8 560cc injectorsFuel lab adjustable Fuel pressure regulatorWalbro 255 fuel pump3 inch turbo back exhaustGreddy...
  46. GST-RIDER 95

    Help me test my 97 2gb ECU Redlands to Temecula.

    While in the process of helping my cousin do a head gasket and timing belt replacement, a live wire touched the ECU and left some burn marks on its cover. We essentially want to know if anyone who owns a 97 gst or gsx and lives in the Inland Empire would allow us to plug in our ECU to see if...
  47. For Sale '98 Eclipse GST 1 Owner

    Up for sale is my '98 Eclipse GST 114k original miles. The car is mostly stock except for exhaust, TEIN c/o's, and bov. The car is in great shape mechanically and has no leaks at all. Things recently done include: new battery, new alt, coolant flush, timing service done @ 108k, new valve cover...
  48. 2G 1995 eclipse gsx awd stock. ignition fuse keeps blowing

    hey not sure if this is the right section to post on as it is my first time posting here. little back story on me. i mainly started on cars by doing body works.i recently got into mechanical stuff. i bought a eclipse gsx clean 1995 66k mileage for 1400. car ran rough as it had 6 years old fuel...
  49. John Mark Dongon

    For Sale Mechanic special 1997 Eclipse Spyder GST

    $1,500 On on op Clean title 133,000 ish miles Located in Northern California 4g63t engineUpdate: I rebuilt the car, it ran fine at first, but after about a week later I didn't notice I was running on low coolant and was overheating the car. It later started blowing white smoke out the pipe...
  50. jesse12345

    For Sale Wtb gst/gsx/tsi rust free shell

    Looking to buy a rust free gst,gsx, or tsi shell I just built an engine that is very clean and I'd like to start it this summer I live in Minnesota so if you have one around let me know my number is seven01 936 five563
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