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Fabrication Tools thread

This site may earn a commission from merchant
affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

I have seen one of those and would like to try it out. looks like the best choice. The nibbler that I was talking about and the sheers posted earlier both cut a track that waists material.


I liked that one as it creates no waste, and it appears to be really easy to keep the blades positioned correctly to account for wear. The blades also detach pretty easily for resharpening. If I end up buying one it'll be that style. By the way I was cutting aluminum sheet aprox 1/16" thick with no problem at all...zipped right through it.
Has anyone used a Harbor Freight drill press?
I really don't have the money to spend on a great drill press. I'll mostly be drilling aluminum, plexiglas, and PVC.

I've though about making a few really simple parts to sell, but need something to drill semi-precise (straight LOL) holes.
I have the harbor freight bench top drill press. It works just fine, haven't had any issues with it. Just aim where you want it. Haha.
I own the PRO-105 from This is a very well designed mandrel tube bender and is exactly what any fabricator needs if they plan on making roll cages, manifolds, or bumpers.
I'm a little late to reply to this, but the 105 isn't a mandrel bender. It's a great tubing bender, but a mandrel bender is a very different beast, and typically quite a bit more expensive. (And the results are obviously significantly better with thin-walled material like charge and exhaust tubing.)

In the same vein as the Pro-Tools bender, on my round-tuit list is building Frank Takacs' bender (the "gottrikes" bender). It takes the Pro-Tools dies (which are fantastic), but you fabricate the bender frame yourself. The design makes it portable, and it doesn't require an open area of floor space like the 105 (and in my "shop", there's precious little of that). Long tube to bend? Roll it out in the driveway and let it go. Have arms like a little girly-man? Replace the manual pump cylinder with an air cylinder. I picked up the plans quite a while ago and have had the air cylinder sitting in a corner for quite a while, I just haven't gotten around to tracking down enough material to weld it together. A few 4x4 forums have multi-year threads about that bender, if you're curious what variations people have made on them. :)

In an unrelated vein, here's some tool porn. I guarantee that if you click that link, you're going to want to buy something. VanSant isn't the cheapest place in town, but be damned if they don't stock some of the coolest tools I never realized I wanted. :D
So I have plans to do a full Energy Suspension bushing kit on my car, and my friend is in the process of installing Prothanes on his. We've discovered just how much of a pain it is to burn the bushing out, then get the metal sleeves out.

Has anyone used a Harbor Freight press? Is 6-tons enough?
Have ya not tried burning it out and then using an air hammer on the sleeve?
I have an HF 20-ton press, and it's more than paid for itself (especially since I managed to catch it during a 50%-off sale). I'd expect those 6-ton bench presses to be fine for bushings; in most cases, alignment of press to material has mattered more than ultimate pressure for me.
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NOt sure if you guys know this trick, but there's a way to use water and fine sand to make a cheapo harbor freight bender work ALMOST as good as a mandrel unit... NO kinks or anything.. If you don't know or would like me to demonstrate not only the sand filloing but the modifications to the chea HF bender let me know and i'll do a pictorial write up.

As for that nothcher.. it works great! Keep your drill speed up, and you will also have to "re-mark" true "0" as teh degree guage is usually off on them. I've go a lot of harbor freight stuff that people can't believe what i can do with it... It all really comes down to tweaking and modifying the unit it's self and using it within it's bounds!

Just go some where and buy quality hole saws and you'll be set!

Write up please.
I just picked up a few of these from Pipemaster. I can't wait to try them out!
These should really come in handy for us guys that have a cheap notcher and need to make a compound notch on more than one axis.

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It's funny- before I knew these existed, I was using spaghetti noodles and zip ties. LOL
Lol pasta and zip ties really. Genius!

Is this only for doing pipe notches? If so why not just buy the adapter for the drill press?
Lol pasta and zip ties really. Genius!
It was troublesome because the noodles are weak, but it definitely got the job done. I used it to fit the wastegate recirc tubes on my compound setup. :)

Is this only for doing pipe notches? If so why not just buy the adapter for the drill press?
They're for fitting tube or pipe to practically any surface. The drill press type notchers (what I currently own) are limited to simple notches and cannot do complex stuff. And being that I don't have a budget for a $1k+ notcher, these pipemasters are perfect.
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The beast from JD2 is hands down the best tubing notcher I've ever owned. It was rather pricey but so worth every penny compared to using my Bridgeport or smaller notcher.
I don't have much yet.....

Blue Demon BLUEARC-160STI - stick welder, also does a/c tig (so no aluminum w/o 100% argon, and even then.... don't do it), dual voltage, VERY portable.
A Makita angle grinder.
HF 20-ton press - for pressing apart transmission gearsets.
Knipex 7112200 - bad ass cutters for welding rods, keep your hands from hurting.

I want a bandsaw, a larger welder/generator, and a cnc plasma table.
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