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  1. 6Bolt Wiseco 9:1 pistons. 85.0mm(standard) BRAND NEW.

    For sale 4G63 6Bolt Wiseco 9:1 pistons. 85.0mm(standard) BRAND NEW.

    Been saving up for a bit for a complete engine rebuild and miss clicked and ordered 85.0 instead of 85.5, didn't even think to check until it became time to throw it together, which was past the return date. :(All rings, wristpins, snap clips are included Rods not includedPlease help me get...
  2. 6 bolt short block .020 Wiseco/Crower rods

    For sale 6 bolt short block .020 Wiseco/Crower rods

    These are the pistons have to sell my 90 gsx, life situation has changed as it does, can't afford to mess with it any more. I got this engine/car/the rest of my parts a few years back in a trade. I don't have the spec sheet on the engine but...
  3. all black 4G63

    1G Boosted Coolant leak

    So after a test pull on the street @ 26-30 Psi to 7000 RPM 43db knock (Haltech elite) on 93 I noticed evidence of coolant on the transfer pipe which looks to be coming from the water/pump o-ring to pipe connection. (See photo). I’m not sure if I should be concerned about this, but I kinda am...
  4. 1g 4g63 galant vr4 6bolt parts

    For sale 4G63 1g 4g63 galant vr4 6bolt parts

    ◦ 16g has broken bolt in o2 housing side $250 ◦ Head with Gsc beehive springs,retainers,keepers, revised 3g no tick lifters and valve job with 0miles $700 ◦ Galant vr4 carbon fiber hood $400 ◦ Galant vr4 interior door panels with everything besides speaker covers $150...
  5. Anfurnyy

    Resolved 1G - Evo 8 timing belt on 1g walking

    So I'm trying to use my An OEM Evo 8 timing belt on my 6 bolt 1g. The engine is "built" and I've heard that Evo 8 belts are a good Upgrade from the gates replacement and even an update to the OEM 1g Mitsu belt.-balance shaft deleted with the OEM Mitsu spacer that replaces balance shaft gear...
  6. PoiBoi

    Shops for block/head machining in Maryland/Adjacent?

    Anyone familiar with any machine shops in the Del-Mar-Va area that have experience with machine work on 4g63s? Rebuilding my 6bolt out of one of my Galants and i'd like to have some recommendations for some places that could level black/head/etc.
  7. Anfurnyy

    1G Bare block Cleaning

    Those of you who have cleaned the inside of your block while its out. What was your process and how successful was it?I pulled my motor to build it and its really dirty, plus i did some grinding for the Kiggly Girdle install, and ive done the porting/smoothing of the front oil passages on the...
  8. Gilly17

    2G WOT hesitation

    Hey I just picked up a 97 eagle talon tsi awd a few days back and I love the thing. Unfortunately I am having a little issue when I get to about 4-5k rpms it kinda pops or hesitates right when the boost starts to kick. I thought it might have been a boost leak but it does not seem like I am...
  9. DreamChaser7

    Posting my intro in the correct spot this time I think..

    I am finally joining the community I’ve been watching for so long. It’s taken me over 20 years to write this, so I apologize in advance for the length that I’m sure will follow. Also, I hope it’s not premature as I still don’t have a bunch of luxury money to throw at this as I would like. But...
  10. 2G transmission from 6 bolt to 7 bolt

    hello. new here on the dsm community. i have manual fwd 97 gst eclipse with 7 bolt engine and my transmission case is broke from the inside , so i need to find new transmission. in my country there is only 2 cars like me, so i cant find spare parts. i found in usa transmission like i need , but...
  11. ScrubyMcBubble

    2G 6-bolt. Finally a conclusive test on my gasket.

    I'll start with the question: The leak is small and isolated to Cyl 1, since it is at the end of the motor is it worth trying to tighten the head on that side of the motor? Ive never opened up my motor so im unfamiliar with how accessible the head bolts are or if i might as well do the gasket...
  12. all black 4G63

    Resolved 1G CAS signals

    Are the 92, 93 and 94 CAS output signals the same?I need to use a 93/94 CAS with a 92 ECU.All I know about the CAS sensor I am using is that it has the black plastic cap, but not 100% sure which MY it is out of.Thank you for the info.
  13. all black 4G63

    General 1G 6 Bolt Kiggly Racing tone wheel TDC mark

    When installing the timing belt with the Kiggly racing tone wheel and AEM cam gears I have lined up the marks on the cam gears and held them in place with the STM cam gear holder. I have lined up the mark on the tone wheel (crank gear/kiggly tone wheel) as accurately as possible (the balance...
  14. Rick_4g63

    For Sale GSX parts

    (Parts for sale located in Sylmar 91342 /Palmdale 93591 CA)90 GSX parts2 core alum radiator $100 (OBO) Upper and Lower radiator hose (SOLD) Balance shaft -Belt (New never opened) $40 (OBO) Balance shaft tensioner (New never opened) $45 (OBO)*Edit* got my car tuned on 7/23/2020 and...
  15. johnnytsi

    For Sale Complete MIVEC Conversion for DSM - $1500

    SOLDMIVEC Conversion for DSM - I built and ran this on my auto 1g back in 2013 with the help of Kevin. It is a very efective means of getting an automatic up on a converter - It brought my combination up on the converter in ~2 seconds verses 8+ without it. I controlled it with ECMLink and I'll...
  16. Cj Anderson

    For Sale WTB 4g63T 6 bolt long block

    looking to buy and 4G63T 6 bolt long block. Its going in a 1992 1G B eagle talon TSI. Looking to shipping to Washington state. Text 253.441.5027
  17. Luis2gGst

    For Sale 6 bolt built short block + head

    I'm selling my built 4G63 6 bolt complete short block + headIt's a 2.0 Built engine with zero miles. Block was torque plate honed, bored to 85.5mm. It has New Wiseco Pistons , Eagle rods, stock crank was micro polished. King racing bearings. New ARP main studs and Head studs , Oem oil pump and...
  18. For Sale Looking for 6bolt FWD Gst flywheel or Fidanza flywheel starter ring replacement

    Hi DSM anyone have heard the replacement part of a fidanza 161151 flywheel or a good condition flywheel gst please pm
  19. Dasean Real

    2g 6 bolt swap CAS adapter harness

    I have a 98 gsx, 6 bolt and 98 black box ecu. i have a fresh adapter harness for the CAS and i am unsure where to connect the 4th white wire on it
  20. Dasean Real

    2g GSX 6bolt Spark Plug firing order

    Can anybody tell me how im supposed to wire my spark plug wires i have a 98 GSX with the 6 bolt swap and a black box stock 98 ECU I currently have them wired from coil 4,1,2,3 and the car wont stay on for more than like 5 seconds , i figured it was my CAS harness which i ordered another one but...
  21. DSM4me44

    Sold 1995 Eagle Talon AWD Tsi (Excellent Condition) - $4,900

    Includes: car cover, laptop, escort passport radar detector, dealership service manuals, and much more!This car was purchased in 2004. It has been garage kept in the winter time. This is the cleanest DSM in Northeast Ohio. Please see details below of this rare gem.-6 bolt engine -5 speed...
  22. Dasean Real

    No click no crank

    Is there anyone who may be able to help me out i recently just swapped my harness and alternator after a small fire for my 2g 6 bolt and my lights and radio work but when trying to start the car nothing happens. battery is good and i just put a new starter in not completely sure if its set up...
  23. Mitsubishi Eclipse GSR-4 Extreme

    Street Build Mitsubishi Eclipse GSR-4 Extreme

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