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LTA 1998 GSX

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

Well I really haven't kept track of anything, but I'm taking one of my old comments and posting about the 2019 Shootout, where I ran a personal best. I'm also going to copy paste the over view from a FB post, cause I don't really feel like re-typing everything out.

The car was 100% untested by the start of the weekend, I have never been able to even launch the car. Figured we’d enter 11.50 index and see if we can get it there. Well, after a test pass, and 1st qualifying pass, I had a choice to make. Went 11.1, so after being talked to (violently persuaded by friends) I decided let’s just go for it, and get after the 10.5 index class.

Worked some more out on the launch, and ran a new personal best of 10.36 at 134mph! Crap! Too quick, but I didn’t care one bit! Turned launch back a bit, and let’s see how she does in the 3rd and last qualifying round, which was deleted? So I believe I qualified as last.

Car went rounds, some nice races, a really close and crazy race with a silver evo X, and I found myself in the friggen 10.5 FINALS!

Well, nerves and inexperience got me here, forgot to active the vacuum pump for the brakes, and pulled through the lights. (I will from now on have a sticky note on my steering wheel reminding me to press the effin vacuum button, in all CAPS)

Took home runner up in 10.5 index, a new PB, and a first time car has seen 11s, and 10s, and also learned the car still has A LOT more left in it.

Best time and mph to date:

You can clearly see how much I softened up the launch. My logic here was instead of turning boost down, I would ***** foot the launch, where I feel would be most risk of breaking something. Car was eating up top, and everything felt money, I didn't want to mess with that.

Here's my favorite race of the weekend. Super close!


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Using this post as a little update on a no prep event I attended mid October 2019. The event is called Detroit Hood TV Pour your own Puddle (PYOP) held at Milan Dragway. It was super cold out, and I was in hard tire class. I believe the weather caused a very small turn out, there was only two other cars in my class; a newer gen Camaro, and a tuned Taurus SHO.

I got a bye in the first round, and ended up racing the SHO in finals.The SHO jumped so I technically won at that point, but I didn't prep the car, load it up, and haul it over there for nothing so I sent that shit anyway. Well, I'll let the videos speak for themselves. It was a really fun run actually, I had to get out of the throttle to get back on track LOL. Won a couple bucks, can't wait to get out to some of these during the summer, they get super packed I was told.



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I'm not very good at keeping this updated, but here are some of the more significant changes for the 2020 season.

-Forced Performance's new 10cm turbine housing for my FP Black. I never ended up logging back pressure, but I'm almost certain it would be very high, so this new turbine housing with the new 3.5" Al exhaust (needs to be fabbed still, I'll update when that happens) is added to relieve EMAPs. As a bonus, this new Al exhaust should free up a decent amount of weight from the heavy eBay racing exhaust that's currently on the car. Yes, I said eBay racing.

-Vamos 2g bolt in fuel cell, Magnafuel 750 MP-4303 fuel pump, all new 8an feed/6an return fuel lines, new pre and post pump filters. I found this upgrade necessary due to HAVING to race on a full tank of gas when using the OEM fuel tank. If the tank wasn't pretty much on full, I would see fuel pressure spiking up and down at WOT from what I suspect fuel being pinned to the rear.
Going with a Vamos fuel cell unit solves this issue by getting away from the OEM saddle tank design, and as a HUGE bonus, A LOT of weight saved between the heavy OEM tank, metal tank shield, and not having to race with whatever capacity the OEM tank carries for fuel haha. I also love that I can use my factory fuel gauge, cause streetcar of course.

- ARP L19 head studs as added insurance for turning the boost up to 38-40psi this year.

And that's it for now. I will post another update of the aluminum exhaust once the muffler arrives from Spin tech, and we get to fabbing it up. That's pretty much all that's left, and it's time to jump back on the dyno!


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New Spin Tech muffler arrived today, I now have pretty much everything to make the new exhaust. Going to shorten up the stainless downpipe that's on the car now, and completely replace the heavy eBay cat back exhaust with 3.5" aluminum exhaust. The current eBay cat back has 2X resonators, 1X Large fart can, a lot of bends, and a 2.5" bottle neck where it connects to the down pipe.

The muffler is 4" in/out, so I'll be using a Vibrant 3.5" to 4" weld on reducer to transition the 3.5" pipe into the muffler, then 4" tip out. I'll be using 3" to 3.5" reducer also to transition from the 3" steal downpipe the the 3.5" Al "midpipe", connecting the two with a v-band clamp.

I'm looking forward to seeing the weight difference, and knowing I finally did away with that 2.5" bottle neck on the cat back.
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You have anymore pictures of your fuel system? I just purchase this same fuel cell because of this thread LOL. Can you explain exactly what you bought?
You have anymore pictures of your fuel system? I just purchase this same fuel cell because of this thread LOL. Can you explain exactly what you bought?

Well for the fuel cell, I sourced a FWD car's fuel level sending unit WITH the pig tail, this allows you to use you factory fuel level gauge when you follow the wiring diagram Vamos sends out with his units. I think he also has a part number to source the new after market gasket, although I just bought new OEM gasket from JNZ tuning.

At the front of the cell is a male AN bung welded on (-6an) for the fuel return. At the top rear of the cell there's a large opening where the cell is connected to the filler neck via a new fuel hose supplied by Vamos. The two male AN threads on each side of the large opening are for venting. One is connected to a smaller OEM tube right next to the filler tube, and the other is ran to a remote "tip over valve" for proper ventilation of the fuel cell. I just used push lock fittings and hose to run the tip over valve up on top of the filler with a small filter to help keep dirt out of the tank.

The bottom rear sump of the cell is two 8an bungs welded on. Looking back I wish i would have order 10an bungs, but this so far is working out fine. One is capped, and the other I have a 8an to 10an adapter, and ran 10an feed line from the cell to the pre pump filter.

As for the fuel feed and return lines, I just mapped out the fittings I needed and ordered what ever I put on my list. I used all Vibrant fittings and their black nylon braided flex hose.

I don't have many more photos of the cell, I added some of the tip over valve and it's location. The hardest part I would say is running the hoses if you don't drop the rear sub frame. Dropping the old tank isn't very fun either if you try and do this with the rear subframe still in the car.


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Well, finished up the exhaust thanks to my friend Scott! Super happy with it, way lighter than the old system. It definitely sounds different and a bit louder, but I like it!

shortened up the down pipe and got rid of the 2.5” bottle neck where it connected to the cat back. Added V band to pair with the Aluminum cat back.

3.5” “mid pipe” section to 4” spin tech muffler, and a 4” pipe out as the tip. Can’t wait to see how she sounds in some boost.



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Well, finished up the exhaust thanks to my friend Scott! Super happy with it, way lighter than the old system. It definitely sounds different and a bit louder, but I like it!

shortened up the down pipe and got rid of the 2.5” bottle neck where it connected to the cat back. Added V band to pair with the Aluminum cat back.

3.5” “mid pipe” section to 4” spin tech muffler, and a 4” pipe out as the tip. Can’t wait to see how she sounds in some boost.
post a video of it running with this exhaust! i wanna hear the 3.5 pipe
New Personal best, and accomplished my goal of 9s and 140 plus mph trap! Car went 9.92 at 141! There's more on the table, but I'm super happy with today's testing!



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Well had my first event of 2020 at a local track to me. It's the pour your own puddle (PYOP) event at Milan Dragway. No prep event they throw once a month.

Took the win in the hard tire class again! Hoping next time there will be a few more cars in the class (5 this time around) and a couple more bucks to buy in. Car did great, had to peddle it a bit on the first and second run. Took some timing out, and was able to let her eat in the finals. Still had to correct it a bit, but no letting out on that hit.

1st Round: A beautiful Nitrous Powered C7 GS Corvette

2 Round : (Semis): Bolt On Audi S7

3rd Video: (Finals): Jeep Trackhawk (Unknown Modifications) Exhaust? Intake? Tune? Cam?

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