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    • MorrisonFab
      MorrisonFab replied to the thread Vanna White.
      Having the car at the shootout was amazing. We finally got it all finished finished Wednesday around 11pm and we left Thursday at 6am. We were running into some wiring issues and ended up stealing some parts off the green car so we could just get...
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    • MorrisonFab
      MorrisonFab reacted to 92Turbski's post in the thread Vanna White with Like Like.
      Lmao, right! It is such a killer build!@MorrisonFab have fun at the shootout!
    • MorrisonFab
      Stickers were gone within HOURS. SOOOOO many people came over and asked about what tuners is (and i was like WHAT LET'S TALK C'MON HI) and so many folks wanting to represent the forum that they called the "best resource." it was great :) also...
    • MorrisonFab
      MorrisonFab reacted to 92AWDHX40's post in the thread The 30th Annual Shootout 2023 with Like Like.
      A few pictures
    • MorrisonFab
      MorrisonFab replied to the thread Vanna White.
      Didn’t get any videos but here are some photos after the first drive! Ran into some problems with the alternator but luckily we have an entire fleet here of cars we could steal from (sigh, LOLol) and all is well! Car drives INCREDIBLE. So smooth...
      • C5B4D522-3238-4D91-AFAD-1FFE646127D6.jpeg
      • F05F4883-AB8A-40C9-92D4-47DB4751E658.jpeg
    • MorrisonFab
      MorrisonFab replied to the thread Vanna White.
      Okay here’s some from pre-intercooler piping yesterday minutes after the car started.Also, this was my face just after it started. ♥️
      • 76A1D9F0-13F4-4899-86FE-AD43BD92CE4E.jpeg
      • CB37B1E8-75D8-45AB-8184-C1AC6E9C1184.jpeg
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    • MorrisonFab
      MorrisonFab replied to the thread Vanna White.
      Well, the best update I have is that it runs!! Started up with zero issues and it was as though it had been running for years. Matt and I both looked at each other and said no car we’ve ever put together, been a part of, or been there for their...
    • MorrisonFab
      I can for sure help with that for next year!! I talk to Mike a whole bunch and I’ll see what I can do! I can also talk to Matt about bringing up the forum in our tech talk and I will definitely be telling everyone about how this forum helped me...
    • MorrisonFab
      MorrisonFab replied to the thread Vanna White.
      here's the heat shield!!
    • MorrisonFab
      MorrisonFab replied to the thread Vanna White.
      Operation save all bumpers is underway and going well!
      • 45E02357-2F6C-42B0-8EC3-F55FDB46B56E.jpeg
      • 4449754C-2EF9-49DA-9961-766989993B1F.jpeg
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    • MorrisonFab
      MorrisonFab replied to the thread Vanna White.
      Also- if there’s any group of people who could appreciate how rad this is, it’s you guys. Got it two decades ago (sigh) for my first talon and have put it on all my favorites ever since :)
      • 3E7DC925-C8E2-4C9F-A632-7A289EF2E88F.jpeg
    • MorrisonFab
      MorrisonFab replied to the thread Vanna White.
      I keep trying to come up with a response that encompasses all the feelings your post left me with.I can’t.It’s been days and I just can’t. Those incredibly kind words from someone I admire, look up to, and appreciate fiercely… idk. Ain’t...
      • 8B45629D-67AB-45D8-8077-0E8A55D14907.jpeg
      • DA50D6D5-215F-47BA-AFAD-3E417FE3789C.jpeg
      • 9197B3C2-6AC6-4990-844D-B5C7FF2A61C3.jpeg
      • 2646C5BF-4670-495B-8CE3-4DFAEB36B74E.jpeg
      • 72E4D38F-75B6-4F2B-BFBB-45CF79779229.jpeg
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    • MorrisonFab
      I don't have that problem unless I am NOT LOGGED IN so I log in.
    • MorrisonFab
      MorrisonFab reacted to Ludachris's post in the thread Vanna White with Love Love.
      I love it! How many others out there have cut into the aluminum radiator (that you can't get anymore) because they couldn't fit the interooler piping clamps?!?!?! 😄 Priorities!This is one of my favorite 1Gs out there, but I'm probably a little...
    • MorrisonFab
      Hey, it’s Annika.My personal successes with these cars is 100% because this forum and the members on it. Without people spending hours that added up to months and probably years sharing their knowledge and tidbits of advice along the way...
    • MorrisonFab
      I wanted to take a moment to say thanks to everyone who has contributed to this website to help make it what it is. All those who have answered questions posted by others here on the site, know that you have helped someone out on their DSM...
    • MorrisonFab
      MorrisonFab replied to the thread Vanna White.
      It was super important to me to use the same intercooler I had on Prototype. Ron made it back in the day and I love it so so so much. The problem we were running into is that it’s also super important to me to use the LPS alphalocs (because come...
      • DB3FB319-558C-4055-813F-3359CBCAEC10.jpeg
      • 11B1274A-E84F-490A-96BD-03C9116AB468.jpeg
      • A0D3BC0C-209E-43A2-B4F9-CECF9FFBE7F2.jpeg
      • BF28DABD-F81A-4745-82CD-C50D71AD0298.jpeg
      • 8039CABD-26F9-419F-88DA-1185B890E35D.jpeg
      • 45CF1D18-E929-43BB-82C1-2AF645BBBF8E.jpeg
      • 4D149DC8-4C61-470D-9631-945318DCDDF2.jpeg
      • E097BDE3-F10D-42DA-9ABA-1356402E01F9.jpeg
      • A32256A1-EF8F-4731-9620-CDF3B7C9B7EA.jpeg
    • MorrisonFab
      Here's all Mitsu manuals:
    • MorrisonFab
      Found this link recently and wanted to share to the restWww.Charm.liIts a file directory of service manualsScreen shot
    • MorrisonFab
      MorrisonFab reacted to Ludachris's post in the thread Vanna White with Like Like.
      I just had two major unexpected costs hit us at once, it's not looking good. But it means a lot that you guys were thinking of me though. Appreciate that.And I just noticed this in your signature: " -free shipping...
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