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  1. 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX

    For sale 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX

    1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX project. Clean California title on non-op. Title in handDoesn't run needs a cylinder head and original block cleaned up. Car is complete minus cylinder head (sold to a friend since my car was stiing).The car is automaticRear LSDDoes not come with Evo 9...
  2. 2g auto gsx w Motegis

    Street Build 2g auto gsx w Motegis

  3. 2G Remove shift knob in automatic

    I want to replace my shift knob for my 99 eclipse gs automatic, but I don’t want to mess anything up. Anyone know how to remove it?
  4. TheFlashDSM


    FIRST OFF! I would like to give a HUGE thanks to DSM tuners for supplying such a great platform for me to figure out how to build this car! legit I couldn't have done it without dsmtuners and some select members! weather it was wiring problems, engine building components, fuel system, engine...
  5. 99’ eclipse GS

    99’ eclipse GS

  6. 99’ eclipse GS

    99’ eclipse GS


    General Automatic Transmission Tips from John at IPT

    For those that are not familiar with the general upkeep and service of automatic transmission's, John, at IPT Transmission, has THESE TIPS for you:Thanks John.
  8. 6G72 Eclipse RS (Sold due to hard times)

    Street Build 6G72 Eclipse RS (Sold due to hard times)

  9. DukeTalon99


    Hello everyone, I just bought an eagle talon tsi awd automatic from my brother, I previously had a 1g tsi but due to fate and this pandemic I had to sell it and my brother agreed to sell me one of his dsm awd since he has others but this car has never used it I bought it about 10 years ago and...
  10. alewis122

    1G 1994 GST Auto trans. compatibility

    Hey everyone,This site has been a world of help for me and friends so thank you in advance. I need a little help on a "good working condition" automatic transmission I bought I few years ago for my GST since the original transmission in the car has failed and will only go into the reverse...
  11. 2G DSM Auto Trans / Torque converter pilot bushing / bearing

    I just sold the engine out of my 2G FWD and am selling the trans to a friend of mine. Unfamiliar with all the ins and outs of the DSM world, there is a pilot bushing installed on the end of the crankshaft for the automatics. Okay, no big deal, just go buy another one if you need one...
  12. v8s_are_slow

    2G DSM Automatic Transmission Tear Down and Assembly Videos

    Made a few videos that I posted up on Facebook but I know that information can get lost very quickly. I'm doing an auto swap and wanted to tear it down to make sure everything is clean and has good parts along with doing a few upgrades. First time ever working on an automatic and the information...
  13. allenjeck

    Sold 90 & 91 Eagle Talon AWD TSI turbo $3,500

    I have a complete white 91 Eagle Talon AWD Automatic 2.0 Turbo. It has major rust issues on the button side of the body and frame. Unsafe to drive in my opinion. Too much to repair!! Gas tank has been removed but I still have it, with repairs done to tank and pump.2nd car: Orange 90 Eagle...
  14. 2G Hyundai F4A33 for 2G DSM

    So... Call me crazy. But has anyone tried this? Or have any info (gear ratios the same?) Apparently the F4A33 was used in V6 sonatas I’m assuming the bellhousing is different..I’m heading to the junkyard Friday, and am scooping one up to see if I’d simply be able to switch some stuff around...
  15. PGHtsi

    For Sale 1993 Tsi Auto For Sale. All original

    1993 Eagle Talon TSI, Automatic transmission, all wheel drive. Original owner in his 60s. No check engine lights and has transferable Pennsylvania antique license / registration plate. Does not need to be inspected due to the antique plate.Solid body, very nice interior. Power windows and...
  16. Brandonn

    2G Gst Auto VS 2G GSX Auto

    Hello everyone. So I've been searching but can't seem to find quite a direct answer. I have a 1995 and a 1997 Auto GSX and i was wondering if the GST auto trans is interchangeable with a GSX. I have found forums of people swapping a GSX trans into a GST but what about using a GST trans for a...
  17. Laiden

    2G Manual To Automatic, Swapsies?

    In my previous post I talked about wanting to swap a GSX into a Sebring. Really the biggest part(s) that will be holding me up in the future will be the transmission swap. The GSX donor is a manual but my wife wants an automatic.I've read about all that is needed, new rear diff, the tranny...
  18. DirtyWaterDSM

    For Sale 2G AWD Automatic Transmission/driveline parts

    I have a fresh 2G auto GSX Transmission including all related parts (CV axles, driveshaft etc) make me an offer on something you need. There is nothing wrong with any of the parts, I bought it for the engine. Text only please @ 475-235-7841 Parts are located near Augusta GA, I am willing to...

    1g/2g Automatic Shift Point maps

    Factory Shift point maps for 1g Auto Cars. I made these for aftermarket shift boxes that have an auto shift feature, such as the SmartShift 100.1 by ForcedFour. One is for Economy Mode and one is for the Power Mode. I am sure that the 2g maps are close but I don't have a 2g FSM to pull them...
  20. MorrisonFab

    1g DSM Auto Shift Lever and Bracket

    When we acquired an automatic, one glaring difference was the shift lever off the transmission is (almost) as awkwardly tall as the shifter inside the car; and is right where you want to run the intercooler piping. This lower profile shift lever is ~1″ vs. the factory 3" tall, and has been...
  21. Turbochargedmommy

    2G Help my 95 Mitsubishi Eclipse ATX won't shift out of second

    Please help my 95 Mitsubishi. Eclips is stuck in second gear automatic transmission was driving fine then bam stuck what do i do to diagnose the problem i need it fixed asap
  22. 420a automatic transmission fluid change.

    Cant find any info on my tranny. I need the capacity for the 4 speed automatic that came in the rs base model eclipse. Someone told me 9 quarts of mercon 3. That doesnt seem right.. If someone could get back to me with that id be quite greatful. Ive searched and found i think its the a604/41te...
  23. Caseyrobinett_2011

    On3 performance 450whp auto??

    Looking for some info on the On3 Performance gt35r turbo I'm thinking about going with one of these on my 1999 eclipse gsx automatic. My question is has anyone run any on3 turbos if so what are your thoughts on them and yes I know there not going to be on par with an authentic but with all the...
  24. o0GuitarKid0o

    Resolved Lost 2nd & 4th; F4A33 Auto (kickdown band)

    sorry this is so long, dont be scared ive listed alot of stuff so you guys can help me!issue:free rev with overdrive on , off no issuesalright ive researched alot even replaced my pulse generators due to them being out of spec . this fixed some shifting issues but now i lost over drive it...
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