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What is this called / Where does this go / What does this do? [MERGED]


Probationary Member
Aug 8, 2009
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
This is probably a dumb question, but what is the part called that holds the front suspension in place and bolts up to the knuckle in a 1g? Does anyone know where i can find this part? :hmm:


Probationary Member
Aug 17, 2008
Mascouche, QC_Canada
When I bought this car almost 3 years ago it had some left over parts taken off by the previous owner. I have completely refreshed this entire engine and nearly every sensor that it uses. I am confused about a particular part in the left over bin that was in the hatch. If anyone knows what this guy is and what it's function is I would greatly appreciate it.
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This vaguely looks like an A/C Dryer

Mech Addict

Supporting Member
Jun 9, 2019
Jackson, Wyoming
Am I the only one that tried harder to figure out what the thing was that has the "NOS" logo on it than the actual part the OP was asking about?
Looks like a ball cap..?

This vaguely looks like an A/C Dryer
I agree, more or less, except I don't think an A/C dryer has electrical terminal...? Haven't really had to mess with mine, but I can't imagine why it would.


Proven Member
Feb 6, 2014
Brownsburg, Indiana
It is a ball cap LOL
Ah. I see it now. I was thinking it might be a coozie for a 2 liter which would be awesome......... but I think thats just what I wanted it to be. :thumb:


Probationary Member
Apr 11, 2021
Hi sorry for the weird title but I’m new to the car scene so go easy on me. still trying to learn my way around a car, but I recently did a boost leak test on my 97 6 bolt swap gst and there’s a leak on the turbo piping on the passenger side. I don’t know what it’s called or where to find one so if any one can tell me the name or point me in a direction to get a hold of one that would be great. And I was thinking of getting a whole new pipping set up for my car but I get confuse sense it’s the 6 bolt swap and don’t know what to look for. So if anyone can help me I will greatly appreciate it

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DSM Wiseman
Jun 7, 2003
Minneapolis, Minnesota
That's the UICP (upper intercooler pipe) that goes from the (SMIC) side mount intercooler (in front of the RF wheel) to the hose which goes to the throttle body. It has the blow off valve (BOV) on it (pink thing). The factory Mitsubishi part # is MB906453 ( However many people replace all the turbo factory pipes/hoses with aftermarket hard piping when they increase boost with larger turbos (to handle higher boost w/o leaks and to fit an aftermarket BOV to handle it).
Last edited:


Proven Member
Jan 10, 2014
Bulgaria, Europe
If for some reason you can't find a replacement and need to get rid of the leaks, if the cracks are small enough you can use a soldering iron to patch it up. This is HDPE plastic and it melts and solidifies real easy. You can add extra HDPE material from stuff like plastic canisters or even zipties. I've done this sort of repair on my OEM UICP before and it worked great.


Supporting VIP
Aug 14, 2005
Wappingers, New_York
The throttle body location will be the same between the 6 and 7 bolt blocks. All you will need is a piping kit for a 2g (with a greddy bov flange, since that is what you have installed). I do not know what turbo you are using, but here is an example of a replacement option.



Probationary Member
Mar 1, 2021
Tibás, Central_America
Hi to all of you.

I am taking my door apart trying to fix my window rattling and not closing properly like it should.

I came to find this part:
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Which I'm not sure if it belongs to the car.

It was bolted in this exact position:

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But it's not connected to anything and the cable it's just hanging there.

Does anybody knows what this does?. I searched ORBIT 12V on internet but no luck. I'm guessing the owner before me did something to it which included that part. Or maybe it's from the car itself and now my door it's gonna fall in the highway.


Probationary Member
Mar 1, 2021
Tibás, Central_America
Looks like you guys are correct. My car did have an old alarm system that doesn't work anymore. So that it's just remainings of an old electric locks system. Thanks for the replies!


Proven Member
Jul 22, 2020
Queens, New_York
At first it struck me as resembling a clutch master or slave cylinder, which of course would make no sense in a door.

But obviously it's a solenoid-based door lock actuator, which in a sense is like a master or slave cylinder, but using electromagnetic rather than hydraulic force. Are you going to keep it in and find a way to install a new remote unlock device?

Btw I'm curious, but are there cars that actually use solenoids or motors instead of hydraulic clutches? Or at least did since very few cars are manual these days?
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