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  1. a_sehmi

    Wanted 1g 1GA Front Bumper & Doors

    Looking for a 1GA front bumper and doors. Preferably in SoCal. Do not need door panels.
  2. What is this called / Where does this go / What does this do? [MERGED]

    This is probably a dumb question, but what is the part called that holds the front suspension in place and bolts up to the knuckle in a 1g? Does anyone know where i can find this part? :hmm:
  3. FlashBack-Cro

    1G Door Side skirt diference 1ga gsx and gs models

    Hi all,My door side skirts are cracked on GSX 1ga. Im looking for it for a while now. I was wondering is side skirts from 1ga gs model are the same as gsx. When i look some pictures on web i think that they are not the same? Also, where can i get it to ship to Europe?
  4. Aaron Fliegler

    Fiberglass Eagle Talon Front Bumper and Side Molding Idea

    Hi. I understand the 2gb Talon front bumper and side moldong are hard to come by.I want to recreate these components out of fiberglass and I’m wondering if anyone would buy them.Thanks.
  5. b00st3d

    2G Billet Aluminium Handles

    $200 like OEM. -Without the pocket like my original welded aluminum handles, no longer available. I set up a store on my website to make keeping track of the handles easier. you can find the details and place orders here.These are machined from 6061-T6...
  6. CCMoto

    Power Locks

    I just picked up this 98 GSX a few days ago and this morning both the power lock button in the car and key fobs worked. Then I put new batteries in the fobs because the were weak and when I went out to the car my key fob didn't work. So I grabbed my door key and the buttons inside don't work...
  7. bettfootball

    2G Window Rattle Fix Tutorial

    I recently fixed the notorious window rattle problem on my 2G for the drivers side and wanted to do a thorough writeup because it seemed all the previous tutorials had missing pictures and steps. My drivers side rattled a tiny bit and I wanted it gone, so here is the fix.Tools you will need...
  8. 2G Eclipse or Talon Owners I need your help! In need of door jamb picture Canadian version please!

    I am working through the import process of a car from Canada and the inside door jamb label just below the door latch is missing on the vehicle. It is the safety sticker that shows weight, build date, VIN etc. Could someone please post a picture of theirs. If you want to scramble the VIN that...
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