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Taboo speed shop vacuum diagram and removal for 1g and 2g.

Posted by ndilo21, Sep 11, 2005

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  1. ndilo21

    ndilo21 Proven Member

    Joined Aug 30, 2004
    void, New York
    I've noticed a few threads with people looking for these pictures since the website is no longer available. A wiseman suggested that I post them in a tech article so here they are. I was going to include the original text from the taboo site, but the site does not support the right click function. I put links for the archive of the site on the bottom of the page if you would like to view this text.

    EDIT: The original text was sent to me by Pube Stache and I have included it in the article. I've also received a few PM's about the advantages of this mod. The primary function of this mod is to clean up the engine bay by reducing the amount of visible vacuum lines. Although the power gains from this mod are minute your car will run "cleaner" due to the lack of EGR. If you don't know what EGR is, here is a helpful link: http://www.ukcar.com/features/tech/Engine/techno/exgr.htm

    EDIT No. 2: The images for the original document have gone missing so links have been added for the original diagrams. Refer to post No. 2 for the "after" diagrams. -19Eclipse90

    2g Before and normal vacuum wiring:
    On account of the above picture gone missing, the '95-'97 diagram is here:

    The '98-'99 diagram is here:

    2g After:

    The WGS, FPS, EGRS and EVAPS ports don't need to be
    plugged. However, leave them plugged in to prevent the ECU
    from throwing CEL and plug the port of the evaporative
    canister hose on the turbo inlet hose after you remove the
    canister. The boost gauge may be ran off the "P"port of the
    throttle body or the FPS line.

    Also found the diagrams for the 1g-

    1g Before and normal vacuum wiring:
    On account of the above picture gone missing, here's the 1G turbo diagrams:

    For completeness, here's the 1G 2.0L non-turbo diagrams:

    1g After (I've got 2 different pics):

    The WGS, EPS and TVV ports don't need to be plugged. However, plug the port of the evaporative canister hose on the turbo inlet hose after you remove the canister (not shown). The boost gauge may be ran off the "P" port of the throttle body or the FPS line.

    The fuel pressure solenoid can be safely removed. Its function is to increase the fuel pressure on start-up by closing the vacuum path to the fuel pressure regulator which is suppose to prevent the fuel from evaporating when the engne is hot. This is not a problem when high volume fuel pump is being used or might take just a bit more cranking in case of completely stock fuel system.

    1g "Race only" set-up:

    Tabbo 2g:
    Tabbo 1g:
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  2. 19Eclipse90

    19Eclipse90 DSM Wiseman

    Joined Sep 29, 2003
    OKC, Oklahoma
    This is way past due. Despite our best efforts, people still use the above diagrams to delete their vacuum lines. Since this remains an extremely popular thread and people continue to link to it, adjustments have been made to the diagrams to illustrate the correct way to do this. Folks -- do NOT "T" into your BOV line!!! Here are the corrected vacuum elimination diagrams. It is worth mentioning that, unless you've made other arrangements, the PCV valve and brake booster line MUST remain connected to the intake manifold.

    Thanks to kenamond and knochgoon24 for their respective (links below) contributions to this site which were leveraged to create the two diagrams for the bleeder styles:

    If you want to know about the catch cans and why I did not include them in the diagrams below, it is simply because the PCV system is so well described with potential setups for different applications illustrated here: http://www.dsmtuners.com/forums/articles-engine-fuel/366890-4g63t-pcv-system.html.

    FOR YOU '95-'96 GUYS
    -- Check out this walk-through posted by 1995-tsi-awd: 2G Walk Through How To Remove Emissions

    EDIT: The '98-'99 models have a little "different" setups than earlier model 2Gs and have been a source of confusion for many people. Diagram "A" below is the original diagram for those vehicles. Diagram "B" is the vacuum reduction version. Items marked with blue can be completely removed from the vehicle, which would also include - on AWD models - the hard lines outlining the passenger side of the engine bay running to the charcoal canister.

    Also, there are a number of people who suggest keeping the check valve installed and using a piece of hose to route it outside the engine bay or underneath the vehicle. It is up to you if you want to do that as cars have been run both ways without issue.

    1G Diagrams - Refer to Post #1 for original diagrams

    2G Diagrams - Refer to Post #1 for original diagrams


    98-99 Diagrams
    w/ and w/o (respectively)

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