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Oil Starvation & Road Racing | Baffled Pan? Accusump?


Proven Member
Jul 1, 2021
Nashville, Tennessee
I’ve been reading quite a bit in the forums from throughout the years about drivers’ ongoing efforts to combat oil starvation on the track, most commonly due to the high G’s and intense cornering in Time Attack. I personally know someone who lost their engine because of this. I’ve seen a lot of answers elsewhere, but I want some more recent opinions.

So my question here is for the ones of you who may have been doing this for a while…

Can you give a 2022 update on what solutions have provided you confidence in the longevity of your track car?

Thanks in advance!


10+ Year Contributor
Dec 16, 2008
Casa Grande, Arizona
Sticking with a 200TW tire and higher if you don't want to dry sump. You can weld trap doors in, accusump, I always overfill the crank case. Dry sump is the only real solution for a "fast" car


Nov 1, 2008
London, UK, Europe
I made a baffled sump and dropped my pickup down closer to the bottom using a shrounded pickup. I also made a passage in front so i gained close to 1 Quart extra of oil but its also only able to enter from the bottom to stop all the oil reaching that chamber. I could go forwards because im using an evo OFH placing the filter out the way of this expansion. Others like to go out sideways like moroso did but thats only because they kept the stock ofh and filter sits in the way of any frontal expansion like mine is

My pickup is surrounded and that entire area above is fully sealed meaning no matter what side direction the oil cannot escape. I did that so its harder for oil to get out but still allows oil to return back through the hole. I did a youtube video on it also and its helped loads as before going on a long left hand on ramp i could see a decent pressure drop but not worrying drop but now im luckly to see 2 psi drop if that!

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