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    • Canadian_CD9A
      Canadian_CD9A replied to the thread 420A Too much boost.
      Remove the boost controller and try again. If it still makes 10 psi, you'll need to switch out the spring (if possible).
    • Canadian_CD9A
      Canadian_CD9A reacted to twicks69's post in the thread Bigger stronger w5m33 gears? with Like Like.
      I'll be here to work on them!
    • Canadian_CD9A
      Run it the way it was tuned. If you dump it on a setup tuned for recirc, you’re losing air from the system that was already measured by the MAF and accounted for in the ECU. The ECU assumes that air will have to go through the motor and adds fuel...
    • Canadian_CD9A
      Canadian_CD9A replied to the thread Trans Rebuild in 2024.
      I'll skip to the conclusion and tell you what they'll tell you: if you want to keep stock gears and have some longevity, dial back your power goal to 450 hp max and never touch that 600 level. If not, it's a PAR or PPG gear set, which will total...
    • Canadian_CD9A
      Canadian_CD9A reacted to turbosax2's post in the thread Transmission cooling with Like Like.
      Here's my setup I put together over the winter:TRE welded 1/2" NPT fittings on the transmission Setrab 50-619-7612 cooler Marco UP3 164-020-12 pump Mocal AF8_240 filter (240 micron) XRP -8 ProPLUS PTFE hose/fittings Controlled by RaceCapture...
    • Canadian_CD9A
      Anyone who's been around a shop fire knows that one minute everything seems fine, right before an angry fire breaks out.By the time you get your extinguisher, the fire has had a head start. That's why it's important to have an extinguisher...
    • Canadian_CD9A
      So....I got my daily truck running to where I want it to be. I have a couple mods I want to do this year to hopefully get it into the single digits. It's pretty crazy to think about it as it is 100% street truck.Now, I am focusing my...
    • Canadian_CD9A
      They're fine as long as you make sure the gears that the axles slot into are chamfered to enable the clip to slide, and that you replace the Belleville washers inside with pieces that won't break.
    • Canadian_CD9A
      Took it for the first drive yesterday. Although only a few miles everything went well. No crazy noises and no puddles under it LOL. Today I decided to wash it up and give it a quick detail.
    • Canadian_CD9A
      After 3 years finally starts for first time
    • Canadian_CD9A
      Fixed the problem areas on an OBX LSD for my Neon. I was surprised to find one of these Neon/420A LSDs for sale from a wholesaler in 2023, couldn't really say no at $400 when the alternative is $900. The issues with the OBX are the fact that it...
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    • Canadian_CD9A
      Fresh code for those who need it - 262392087237257235 - expires May 3rd, 2024. Edit: I hadn't refreshed this tab in a while and see I was beaten to it. Oh well, you can't have too many Rock Auto codes.
    • Canadian_CD9A
      Oh, it is. You can also get Winnipegged if you show up behind the Legislature building after midnight. Anyway, get back to work on the car.
    • Canadian_CD9A
      Up here, we call stabbings Winnipeg Handshakes.
    • Canadian_CD9A
      Bare shell resto would be at least two more years. I could have it on the road next summer, but it's a bit silly to install a whole car's worth of brand new hardware and refreshed parts, just to put them on a chassis that needs work, and...
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    • Canadian_CD9A
      Back at it today! Had some time to kill with the holiday so I drove out and did some more wrenching. The transfer case is back in and the driveshaft no longer drags on the ground, which is a win for transport.Then came some further testing...
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    • Canadian_CD9A
      Canadian_CD9A reacted to 1990TSIAWDTALON's post in the thread My Other Baby's with Like Like.
      Ok, I found more WAYBACK pictures that I had been looking for. 1971 Camaro SS 350, 2 600 Holleys, Comp Cam, 10:1 with 3:73's. Ran 13.2's in street trim. 1970 Chevelle SS - 350, 4 speed, 4:11's. Never had her to the track. A friend of mine got...
    • Canadian_CD9A
      Thanks for sharing the info! I ended up going with the Kirkey Road Race aluminum seat because it was the narrowest one I could find, and it barely fit. The previous owner installed a welded drag roll bar that fit around his Kirkey drag race seat...
    • Canadian_CD9A
      Spring is here (ish), which let me move the Evo out from its out-of-town, climate-controlled storage, and into the shop on the other side of the building. The first priority for today was to get the transmission into the car, so that the car can...
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    • Canadian_CD9A
      Eight years after buying the big boy IWG EFR turbo, and three years after getting the hot parts kit from Morrison Fab to make it work. I’ve picked up a low-profile wastegate actuator to tuck the canister as much as possible. It’s probably not...
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