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  1. Jim Brevikdal

    AEM AEM ems series 2 does not start

    hi, i need some help. Has an Eclipse 1998 GSX. have bought me AEM ems, have installed it. then I have MAP sensor and AIT sensor and 850 FIC. I'm attach some pictures so you can see how it's done. Have tried to get it started but it does not want to. hear it sparks incorrectly. Need help getting...
  2. jkuga

    2G Jack's transmission rebuild extras

    Hello, with transmission parts becoming less and less available I am looking at getting my 99 awd transmission rebuilt. I got a quote from jacks transmission for just a standard stock rebuild (which I think is about all you can get anywhere at this point, short of a dogbox) and they also offered...
  3. Tanner Miller

    Sold 1998 Eagle Talon TSI AWD Turbo $5500 sold I have a near all original 98 TSI AWD. Wheels, BOV and stereo aren’t original. Turbo pulls strong. No leaks at all. Does have a few spots of minor surface rust on shock tower , under carriage, and a small paint bubble on rear...
  4. Jake_ISR

    Sold 1997 GSX project Fort Worth

    1997 eclipse GSX. $2300. Needs motor and trans. Custom paint job. Great shape. Extra parts to go with like brake kit and FMIC. 620-960-5087 text preferably.
  5. GSXsmith

    Fresh meat

    I’m new to a lot of things here. First time Mitsubishi owner. First project car. First post. Little mechanical skill. Lots of acquired mechanics tools. What I have recently bought: 1998 GSX automatic, doesn’t run, good amount of rust. I paid less thank $2k. My story: I’ve always had an eye for...
  6. Sold 1997 Eclipse GSX - Project Car (Runs)

    1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX - 7 bolt - 5 speed manual - 69,000 miles on chassis - Original Title Great looking eclipse with a rebuilt engine. It is now a 2.3 liter stroker with the internals to handle huge output. The car starts right up! It is ready to get its new computer, fuel pump, and...
  7. 2G New guy who wants to buy his first project car

    I have always wanted to buy a project car and I have come to the point in my life where I’m ready to get hands deep in something. I have worked on older carbureted cars before like Camaros and Chevelles with my dad when I was a kid but now I want to start something with my children and I have...
  8. Sjd6795

    ECMlink Boostest vs map sensor

    So I have done some reading and cant find an answer. Both my boost gauge and map sensor are showing around 15-17 psi at full boost, however the boostest calculated from the mas is reading 33. Why would this be showing basically double what my actual readings are? My first guess would be boost...
  9. 1996 gsx spark issue

    Have a 1995 Eclipse GSX, car turns over for around 30 seconds before starting. Gets good fuel pressure but doesn’t get any spark on any of the plugs. But eventually will start, which makes me think something is making the plugs not get spark until a certain time. Any ideas? Has a turbo timer...
  10. For Sale 1997 Eclipse GS-T Spyder

    Okay, it’s finally time to say goodbye. Due to financial reason of being laid of due to covid I have to part ways with my baby. She’s been with my uncle in Arizona for a while but with everything going on it’s time to let her go. Bone stock 97 GS-T Spyder with 76,000 miles. Yea, you read that...
  11. Greddylove

    Sold 99 Gsx clone 108k miles

    This is a part out( Or sell entire project)but shell must sell first or bundle and save see prices below. Rare slick top(no sun roof saves weight) This car is currently just a roller but have about 99% of everything needed to make it run. Needs a front axles. Clean title 1996 Eagle Talon tsi...
  12. KeyFlo_dsm

    1G Help with my first project.

    I’m hearing a rattle between 1k - 3k rpm. Shop said it could be stock exhaust vibration, or lifters. Any better idea what it may be? Could this become an expensive problem? I have a 1990 AWD 1G GSX fully stock, stock turbo engine. I greatly appreciate any feedback!
  13. Sjd6795

    ECMlink Knock WOT pulls

    Just got my DSMLINK v3 installed yesterday and finally had the time to start cruising and doing some pulls. I noticed it's pretty regular that I get knock ranging from 3-10 any time that I do a WOT pull. I'm very novice at tuning but I did manage to get my idle near perfect my airflowperrev is a...
  14. Boostedjesus

    For Sale 95 auto gsx built

    -$13,000– For Trade or Sale 95 clean title 148k miles on chassis, 5k miles on built motor, 3k miles on rebuilt turbo, trans and full refresh 500miles ago 7 bolt Eagle rods Wiseco pistons 9:1 comp. BS delete Gates timing belt Kiggly HLA L19 arp headstuds Mls headgasket Evo 3 intake Manifold Fp...
  15. Sjd6795

    General Blackbox to evo 8 ECU

    I have a 1997 GSX that the previous owner had put in a black box ECU, I am having trouble finding a shop that will tune it. I was told by english racing if I install an Evo 8 ECU they will tune the car. I found this guide...
  16. Sjd6795

    2G What's the deal? Timing belt

    Ok so I have all of my timing marks aligned correctly. I am trying to install the belt but it does not have enough slack, I have the tensioner pulley completely lose and the grenade pin still inserted in the auto tensioner. I followed the vfaq for correct routing and that does not work. All my...
  17. Sjd6795

    2G Lower intake manifold bolts...

    Trying to get my intake manifold off but I have no idea how I am suppose to access the lower bolts... I have tried with everything that I have to get a socket or wrench on there. The design is dumb it has the bolts positioned right under the runners I can barely squeeze my arm under there with a...
  18. Koda

    2G White/ red wire fuse box

    I have a 1995 eclipse Gsx and as I was doing the battery relocation I unplugged the two White Main power wires from the fuse box (in the picture below) One of them has a small wire (white with red) connected to the one of the main power wires but I can’t remember which spot the main power wire...
  19. Rick_4g63

    For Sale GSX parts

    (Parts for sale located in Sylmar 91342 /Palmdale 93591 CA) 90 GSX parts 2 core alum radiator $100 (OBO) Upper and Lower radiator hose (SOLD) Balance shaft -Belt (New never opened) $40 (OBO) Balance shaft tensioner (New never opened) $45 (OBO) *Edit* got my car tuned on 7/23/2020 and...
  20. NorthEasternGSX

    2G 90-96 Cam Angle Sensor test help needed.

    So my 95 eclipse GSX has had engine cutout on and off recently while on the road, and now it wont start at all. No spark, no fuel. My research suggests to check the Cam angle sensor (Cam), then the Crank Position sensor, then finally send the AEM engine management system (ems) back to be...
  21. drthorp

    2G '96 gsx transfer case help

    So my '96 gsx is leaking and I cant seem to see the exact origin? It seems to be dripping off the passenger side axle so I assume its that seal on the tcase. I read that its pretty easy to drop the t case and replace these seals (easier than the whole front side of the engine's seals anyway)...
  22. Seangoodie2

    For Sale 97 GSX Non-Eprom ECU

    Selling my 97 GSX Non-Eprom ECU. Bought an EPROM ECU so this is no longer needed. Looking for $145 but open to offers.
  23. Sjd6795

    2G Cayenne red pearl paint

    Anyone know the best place to get some quality but also reasonable priced rattle cans? I need some Cayenne red pearl for my 2g eclipse. I plan to paint my side skirts and door handle to match the rest of the car.
  24. Sjd6795

    ECUflash Weird AFR change

    So finally got my cruising AFR up to around 13 and out of no where a day later they just went to 11 and it wants to stay there. My Idle and WOT did not change at all so it has me confused. Any ideas on what could change cruising AFR but not change the WOT and idle?
  25. Sjd6795

    2G Front o2 sensor replacement

    Out of these two which do you guys prefer? Also a side question.. If you had the option for 850cc, 660cc, or 560cc injectors for my Small 16g, 2.3l with a...
  26. Sjd6795

    EVOscan Fuel trims never show up idle

    So still tinkering with my tune to get AFR set perfect. I have seem to get idle to be near perfect it still shows a little rich after pulling up to a stop light around 12.5 then eventually comes back to around 14. However when I let the car idle for 16+ minutes my fuel trims never changed, I...
  27. For Sale WTB GSX OR TSI north jersey

    hey everyone I'm looking for a running good condition tsi or gsx rather it be closer to stock but just let me know what you have if your in my area that be great feel free to call/text 9732197420 vinny
  28. Sjd6795

    General Wideband o2 reading really rich.

    Just got a sensor installed and my wideband gauge hooked up. At idle the car sits around 13.5 then cruising it's really rich at around 10.3-10.5. When I come up to a light and idle it's around 11.7 idle however once the car sits idle for a while it will go to 13.5. WOT it pegs at 10.0 and I...
  29. Adrian216

    2G GSX Lifter Tick? -

    Hey guys.. I just recently fixed some electrical issues with my gsx, only to be welcomed with the amazing sound of something knocking / ticking in the engine! Just when I thought everything was perfect... lol. Just kidding, I'm glad to be apart of the DSM World! I'm really hoping this sound is...
  30. Sjd6795

    2G 10 hours of work...

    So I recently rebuilt my throttle body and it will still leaking after putting it back on the car. Well today I removed the throttle body and used a dremel with a soft wire brush to clean and even out both sides of the throttle body, intake manifold, and throttle body elbow. I also placed...
  31. Sjd6795

    Sold Gsx spoiler

    Selling a white 2nd gen gsx spoiler in good condition: Make an offer Also selling tan and gray interior pieces out of my 97 GSX I have majority of all the interior panels including seat belts, center console, etc. I prefer local sale on these only. I don't have time to pack and ship things at...
  32. Sjd6795

    2G Idle increase after FP intake, FP exhaust manifold

    Since my idle increased after installing these I'm almost certain this was the reason lol. Fully warmed up my idle is around 1500, prior to install my idle was probably around 800. Could this also be due to my blown turbo though? I'm thinking about leaving the FP exhaust manifold on but changing...
  33. Sjd6795

    2G Oily smoke out exhaust

    So my gsx has felt sluggish since getting it but seemed stout. It's a 2.3l stroker so figured the 14b that's on it was a little weak for it, I changed out my stock manifold and intake to FP and that didnt make any noticable changed. Other then my idle being a little higher then before. However...
  34. Boostedjesus

    New here with an auto 2g gsx

    What’s up everyone new to dsmtuners ive owned my car a little over a year now its a 95 gsx auto with hx40, i got the car with a bad trans got a used trans and it started leaking from every seal possible, so it sat for ~8 months and im upgrading from ecm link v2 to v3 going flex fuel and speed...
  35. Sjd6795

    Returning DSM owner

    So I picked up the 1997 GSX today about 2 hours ago. I will go through tomorrow and do a thorough build update and take more pictures. Really happy to be back into the DSM game. A few things I need to solve is the check engline will come on flash a few times then go away when cruising at 60...
  36. Sjd6795

    Back into the DSM game (maybe)

    Been a long time since I have been on here, but I recently just sold my 2004 WRX STI. I am looking to get any manual AWD DSM that's in decent shape. I have been chatting with a guy that's about 6 hours away. He has what seems to be an overall good condition 95 talon TSI. It has just under 190k...
  37. For Sale Full 2ga part out and dsm collection

    Will update list as i clean out garage I'm not sure how to post images on here yet.
  38. Cranks but no spark

    Alright so I picked up a 1995 GSX a couple weeks ago. But I need some help from y’all since I’m new to these engines. I bought it running perfectly fine. One morning I started it up and 30 seconds later it shut off. Started it again same thing. Now all she does is turn over but won’t start. I...
  39. VampireVr4

    1G 1ga 90 gsx 1st and 2nd gear grinding

    I have a 1990 GSX. I'm confused about the whole shimming/fork vs syncros thing. My 1st gear grinds while rolling almost all the time, unless I go super super slow. At a complete stop it is fine. 2nd grinds below 4k rpm. I have a little bit of play from shifter bushings I presume. At first...
  40. drthorp

    2G 46g3t Manual crank turning

    Been doing a some work on my '96 gsx (timing, water pump, crank/cam front seals, etc.) and while turning my crank to align the timing marks and it wasn't really difficult to turn by any means but the was more resistance at some times than others. I have all the spark plugs pulled but I have the...
  41. allenjeck

    Sold 90 & 91 Eagle Talon AWD TSI turbo $3,500

    I have a complete white 91 Eagle Talon AWD Automatic 2.0 Turbo. It has major rust issues on the button side of the body and frame. Unsafe to drive in my opinion. Too much to repair!! Gas tank has been removed but I still have it, with repairs done to tank and pump. 2nd car: Orange 90 Eagle...
  42. drthorp

    Sold WTB: 2G GSX/GST

    I have been in the market for a turbo eclipse for a while now since I've owned 2 already and loved them and I decided to post this to hopefully get some help. I have cash on hand for an eclipse somewhere in the 3k-5k area. Just needs to be rust free-ish and not a total project car. I also have a...
  43. 1995gsx600hpbuild

    GSX Build

    Hey soI sold my 1995 gsx I started building when I was 15 (couldn't afford parts) and I just found it and i'm buying it back and have the money to build it now. Im shooting for 600hp and want help knowing what parts to buy don't wanna buy every single top of the line part but don't want cheap...
  44. Zippy daily

    Batterykiller719 submitted a new DSM Profile : Zippy daily Read more about this vehicle here...
  45. ulitka

    For Sale SOLD!!! For sale a 98 GSX 5 speed rolling shell rust free

    For sale a 98 GSX 5 speed rolling shell rust free. I hold a clean title on hands under my name. It was a Florida car then North Carolina, car was never exposed to salt, no rust. Shell comes with new brakes, driller slotted zinc plated rotors, new pads. Hand brake is working great. Brake system...
  46. Piantine

    For Sale WTB 98/99 ECLIPSE GSX

    Looking for a 98/99 Eclipse GSX in one of the following colors: 1. Barcelona Red Metallic 2. Magenta Gray Metallic 3. Monarch Green Pearl 4. Summit White Looking for an automatic. Would prefer as close to stock as possible, this car WILL BE A DAILY, stored during the winter. MUST BE RUNNING...
  47. MNMavrik

    Sold WTB: 2G Turbo Manual

    Hi, I am looking for a clean, mostly stock GSX or GS-T manual. I am not picky about color, but I am picky about condition. Willing to travel just about anywhere to get one. My budget it $5k. This is the car I've wanted since I was 13 and I finally have the resources to do it. I look forward to...
  48. bettfootball


    I'm selling a nearly perfect 100% replica decals of the OEM GSX, GST and MITSUBISHI rear decals. I happened to buy a couple of these decals almost 10 years ago and wanted to have them re-made. Everything else currently available is not perfect, and 100% of the others available are individually...
  49. GST-RIDER 95

    Help me test my 97 2gb ECU Redlands to Temecula.

    While in the process of helping my cousin do a head gasket and timing belt replacement, a live wire touched the ECU and left some burn marks on its cover. We essentially want to know if anyone who owns a 97 gst or gsx and lives in the Inland Empire would allow us to plug in our ECU to see if...
  50. Sold 1998 Eclipse GSX - Turbo - AWD - very good condition

    I am in San Jose CA, I just listed this car for sale on craigslist SF bay area Very rare, 1998 Eclipse GSX in very good condition. I put $3,000 of maintenance work into this car in the last 12 months, and drove less than 2k miles since. New front tires New front axle Good rear tires New...
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