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  1. 1997 Eclipse GSX Restore - First DSM/AWD

    Street Build 1997 Eclipse GSX Restore - First DSM/AWD

  2. 1993 Eclipse GSX

    1993 Eclipse GSX

  3. 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX White

    1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX White

  4. Sl0wdsm 1991 Eclipse GSX

    Drag Race Build Sl0wdsm 1991 Eclipse GSX

  5. 98 GSX

    98 GSX

  6. August578

    Should I buy this 1995 Gsx

    Hi there! So there’s this STOCK and decent condition gsx with a 2gb body upgrade for sale for a good price around me.But here’s the catch, after running a car fax the miles were potentially rolled back. I’m assuming it is because all of the miles line up until the owner previous of this guy...
  7. Beater



    Oil Starvation & Road Racing | Baffled Pan? Accusump?

    I’ve been reading quite a bit in the forums from throughout the years about drivers’ ongoing efforts to combat oil starvation on the track, most commonly due to the high G’s and intense cornering in Time Attack. I personally know someone who lost their engine because of this. I’ve seen a lot of...
  9. 1990 Eagle Talon TSI

    For sale 1990 Eagle Talon TSI

    SALE PENDING 4/11/2022 LOCATED IN BELLINGHAM, WASHINGTON ok. selling for real now LOL. READ WHOLE AD.Car has 6,500 miles since build and semi-restoration (5000 of which were mainly highway road tripping across the western states). Would ideally be purchased by someone who is a fan of DSM...
  10. Jess Plaisance

    Beginning to build my 94 gsx

    Hello guys, I’m coming into the car scene with my 94 GSX. My brother is helping me with everything because I’m young and know little about cars, he has 2 clean 3kgt. I have bought 2 DSM. I bought a gsx and a gst. The gsx just a shell, and the gst has interior. I have bought majority of the...
  11. Dead but not dead project

    Dead but not dead project

  12. GHSTII

    Wanted GT Spec 3 Downpipe for a 2G

    Anyone got an Apexi GT Spec 3 Downpipe for a 2G? Apparently they’re out of stock everywhere.
  13. GHSTII

    Looking for an FP Red

    I know it's a long shot, but does anyone here happen to have access to a new FP Red turbo for a '98 GSX that I can buy? The manufacturer is on back-order for up to two months, so I figured I'd try and shout into the void.
  14. Crashdot

    Can anyone identify this part?

    Hi, In my 99 Eclipse GSX, one of my front upper control arms and the matching mounting shafts were apparently changed at some point, but installed incorrectly or some bushings or washers have fallen out.These are unusual as they have a nut on the underside of the mounting shafts for some...
  15. 2G Losing Oil pressure. 99 GSX

    So my friends 99 GSX won’t hold oil pressure, it’s been sitting for 7 years, just got out of the shop. At first we thought it was just because it didn’t have a dip stick. But then continued to do it after he got the new one. As soon as it got up to temp it started to lose pressure or just...
  16. 91 Auto GSX - Winter Daily

    91 Auto GSX - Winter Daily

  17. 97 Eclipse GSX Monarch Green Pearl

    97 Eclipse GSX Monarch Green Pearl

  18. 2G Won’t accelerate past 20mph, dies when going slow speed

    I have a 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse gsx. The car drove just fine before for a while. The main problem I had was my speedometer didn’t work. I drove for a while without getting that fixed.Sometimes it hesitates getting it to start up. When I accelerate it won’t catch up to speed. It dies when...
  19. yuni8z

    looking for a gsx or gst

    hey guys I'm Yuni im looking to buy a cheap gsx or a gst kinda really need the shell mostly but hey if it runs it'll be even better.
  20. 95 gsx 2gb

    95 gsx 2gb

  21. Here’s my Paul walker tribute

    Here’s my Paul walker tribute

  22. 1997 GSX in Phoenix AZ.

    Street Build 1997 GSX in Phoenix AZ.


    Street Build FAB 1 GEN ECLIPSE

  24. 2G Lifter knock

    I’m trying to buy a 95 GSX currently and want to know how bad lifter knock is. And what the different possibilities of it is. (New to DSM). Have a video of the noise if anyone would like to hear pm me.
  25. Want 95-99 GSX, Manual Gear box, Running.

    Wanted 2g Want 95-99 GSX, Manual Gear box, Running.

    I’ve been looking for a 95-99 GSX for so long and can’t find one. Hoping that someone here might be looking to get rid of theirs and I’m willing to take good care of it. Manual gear box, running well, and driving well, mods or no mods, doesn’t matter to me. Shoot me a text (720-512-0009) if you...
  26. SlowpokeShred’s 98 GSX

    Street Build SlowpokeShred’s 98 GSX

  27. WTB 2G GSX 97-99

    Looking to buy A 2G GSX 97-99. Built or not If you have one that you are selling Just PM me. Shoot me a few photos and a price that you were thinking. Just looking for something that runs well.
  28. Looking to buy a car

    Just got into DSM in general and I’m looking to by A 97-99 GSX. Does anyone have any recommendations for where to look? Is there a place to look at cars being sold on the DSMtuners website? If so how do I do it? Anything helps. Thanks!
  29. 2G Just a beginner

    Hey, just starting to get into this DSM world. One of my friends got a 99 GSX and I have loved it ever since. Now I want to get one of my own. I’ve been doing tons or research about them and would love to get A GSX eventually but have been having a hard time finding a good one. Or even one in...
  30. Hi-Car


  31. Yepez12

    2G Car Running Rich

    Hello, I have a 1997 GSX. Car seems to be running rich. It smells a lot like gas at idle. I had a check engine light and replaced both O2 sensors. Ive driven the car like 3k miles and check engine light no longer comes on, but the smell of gas is still present. Monitors do not set. I smoke...
  32. Yepez12

    2G Problems getting monitors to set. 1997 GSX

    I have a 1997 gsx. Car is mostly stock, i have been having trouble getting the monitors to set. I used to have a check engine light. I replaced both O2 sensors and check engine light is no longer coming on, but monitors still wont set. I also replaced the fuel filter, spark plugs and also...
  33. Novakane2020

    2G Spyder starter wont engage the flywheel

    ok so i snapped 2 flywheel bolts off in the crank. that problem got fixed, i put the tranny (out of a 97 Gsx 5 speed) back in and the started wont engage the flywheel. Not really trying too have to drop the tranny again. Any thing i should look into before doing all that work?I also have a...
  34. TheFlashDSM

    2G auto gsx welding center diff?

    do i have to take my trans out to remove the center diff to weld it? that's all i need to know lol
  35. GHSTII

    General Is AEM the Only Legit EMS?

    As I've been looking into standalone ECUs, AEM constantly keeps coming up. I've got two questions:1. Are there any alternatives would you consider? I am familiar with Haltech, but I could use some additional insight. 2. Are all of them $2k? 😆 😆The important thing to note is that I need to...
  36. My baby

    Showcar Build My baby

  37. Grey Ghost

    Grey Ghost

  38. 2g dsm driveshaft shop rear axles 800hp

    For sale 2g 2g dsm driveshaft shop rear axles 800hp

    2g dsm LSD Driveshaft shop 800 hp rear axles brand new. Current wait time is around 10 weeks from all vendors. No wait time Brand new, never installed. Comes with axle nuts. Retail price is $1499.96 plus shipping with approx 10 week wait.Selling for $1250 shipped with no wait.Mitsubishi...
  39. MasterMatt209

    2G Brake line replacement options

    My 2g has been sitting for a while due to a busted brake line under the car. After working on the engine and cleaning the car up over time it’s time to get the brakes fixed. From my observation I’m looking at replacing all of the hard brake lines under the car. So all new brake lines at that...
  40. 1991 eclipse gsx “rolling shell” ft/fs NorCal

    For sale 1991 eclipse gsx “rolling shell” ft/fs NorCal

    Hey guys have this 1991 eclipse gsx for sale as a rolling shell. California car practically ZERO rust. Does not have the following: ecu, engine and accessories, transmission, transfer case, front axles, radiator, front bumper support, has everything else besides those things. Body is VERY...
  41. Trying to decide between 3 DSMs

    So ive been looking around for a DSM to grab and get back into them and found 3 so far.90 GSX 5spd 101k miles body is great just needs some TLC. Transmission synchros are going put for 2nd and no AC Clean Title $300091 Talon TSI AWD 170k miles 5spd Body looks strait but paint is rough...
  42. 2ga gsx

    2ga gsx

  43. 1998 Eclipse GSX

    Street Build 1998 Eclipse GSX

  44. Short 5th gear

    I have a 1999 gsx eclipse, and i take it out on the highway alot. With that being said this car rund pretty high rpms while going 80 mph. So my question is how could i get like a 25% taller 5th gear for when im on the highway
  45. 98 Gsx The Reaper

  46. Turbo is fun to drive :)

    Turbo is fun to drive :)

  47. DSM track toy in the Philippines

    Hi, I'm a Mitsubishi fan from the PhilippinesI want a 2nd Gen Eclipse with the purpose of being a track toy. Being a small Asian country, our tracks here are full of twists and we even have touge hillclimb events every once in a while. The problem I'm facing is that the local Mitsubishi...
  48. Worth the wait.

    Worth the wait.

  49. WTB gs gst or gsx shell

    Wanted 2g WTB gs gst or gsx shell

    Looking for a clean 2g eclipse gs gst,gsx shell I was on here awhile back but forgot my email and password so here i am again. If you have anything let me know my number is 70193655sixthree thank you I live in Minnesota
  50. Jim Brevikdal

    AEM AEM ems series 2 does not start

    hi, i need some help. Has an Eclipse 1998 GSX. have bought me AEM ems, have installed it. then I have MAP sensor and AIT sensor and 850 FIC. I'm attach some pictures so you can see how it's done. Have tried to get it started but it does not want to. hear it sparks incorrectly.Need help getting...
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