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  1. Parting out -96 GS

    For sale 2g Parting out -96 GS

    -Fenders $40/each -Interior *sold* -Transmission *sold* -Shifter and cables *sold* -Clutch pedal and reservoir/cylinder *sold* -Brake pedal *sold -Brake booster and cylinder $50 -Front bumper $50 -Back bumper *pending* -Side skirts *sold* -Headlights 2pairs (works but top mounts are glued back)...
    $10.00 to $1,000.00
  2. Wanted Looking for a 1g or 2g AWD

    As title says im looking for a 1g or 2g AWD. Talon or Eclipse is fine. Im located in Socal and can travel for one if needed. Cash in hand not looking to spend more than about 5k.
  3. 1998 Eclipse GSX

    Street Build 1998 Eclipse GSX

  4. Want a 97-99 gsx eclipse bone stock

    Wanted Want a 97-99 gsx eclipse bone stock

    I am looking for a 2g eclipse, preferably a 99 gsx, but I am willing to make exceptions. The car however needs to be stock or somewhat close to it as I want to build it myself. *DO NOT WANT A SPYDER*
  5. 2G Separation between quarter panel and door on exterior 2g eclipse

    Hey guys There is a pretty good bit of separation between the right fender panel and right door going outwards on my 2g. Only on the right side. Got any ideas on how to fix this or what the problem may be? Thanks
  6. Short 5th gear

    I have a 1999 gsx eclipse, and i take it out on the highway alot. With that being said this car rund pretty high rpms while going 80 mph. So my question is how could i get like a 25% taller 5th gear for when im on the highway
  7. My 1998 Eclipse GST

    My 1998 Eclipse GST

  8. EclipseTrbo420A

    Wanted 2g WTB 1999 Eclipse OZ rally 10th anniversary edition 5 speed

    Hey guys I’m back after some years. I’d like to get into a clean stock or mostly stock OZ edition manual. The eclipse was my first car and I want to add one to the garage again. Red / white / black preferred. 412 260 one theee nine 7 if you have something, let me know!
  9. 1gb eclipse side molding

    Hey guys I’ve been searching for side molding door strips but havnt found anything. I broke mine trying to remove them so I can paint my 1g. Anyone know where I can find them?
  10. Turbo is fun to drive :)

    Turbo is fun to drive :)

  11. Sjd6795

    2G Hard to get into gear when engine running

    So just recently I have started having issues with my transmission. When the car is off shifting is smooth, when the car is idling it's very hard to get it into any gear, once you get it into gear you can hear some chatter/metal rotating on metal noise, this goes away once you start driving...
  12. WTB gs gst or gsx shell

    Wanted 2g WTB gs gst or gsx shell

    Looking for a clean 2g eclipse gs gst,gsx shell I was on here awhile back but forgot my email and password so here i am again. If you have anything let me know my number is 70193655sixthree thank you I live in Minnesota
  13. 1G Custom Widebody Application for my 1G

    Here is a video of my "not finished" custom widebody 1g. (not in a good quality, but i will share the detailed pics and videos further) its around liberty walk and rocket bunny. it looked kinda sick to me. Also i will keep interior fully original and trying to find all the needed parts...
  14. Salty-Seagull

    2G Visual Guide: Eclipse Tail lights and Rear Reflector Garnish

    This guide covers the tail lights and related parts used on the 1995-99 Mitsubishi Eclipse.Disclaimer: this info may not be comprehensive or exhaustive, and may contain mistakes or errors. If you see a mistake or something missing, feel free to drop a comment. :)Note: Most of the parts shown...
  15. Salty-Seagull

    2G Visual Guide: 1997-99 Eclipse Fog Lights and Related Parts

    This guide covers the fog lights and related parts used on the North American 1997-99 Mitsubishi Eclipse.Note: RS models used non-fog light covers instead of fog lights (see below).Disclaimer: this info may not be comprehensive or exhaustive, and may contain mistakes or errors. If you see a...
  16. Salty-Seagull

    2G Visual Guide: Fuel Door, Release Handle, and Related Parts

    This guide is for the North American 1995-99 model year Mitsubishi Eclipse and 1995-98 Eagle Talon.Disclaimer: this info may not be comprehensive or exhaustive, and may contain mistakes or errors. If you see a mistake or something missing, feel free to drop a comment. :)Exterior Parts...
  17. Salty-Seagull

    2G Visual Guide: Side Mirror Trim

    This guide is for the interior trim and fasteners for the 2nd Generation Mitsubishi Eclipse & Eagle Talon side mirrors.Note: Most of the parts shown in this guide are in used condition.Power Mirror CoversLeft: MR155927 Right: MR155928Manual Mirror CoversLeft: MR155925 Right...
  18. Salty-Seagull

    2G Visual Guide: OEM Mitsubishi Eclipse Keys

    This guide covers the original keys for the North American 2nd Generation Mitsubishi Eclipse, including part numbers for the blanks.These keys were used for all models including RS, GS, GS-T, GSX and GS & GS-T Spyders.Master Key Blank: MB543949 Sub Key Blank: MB543952
  19. Salty-Seagull

    2G Visual Guide: Cargo Covers

    This guide is for the OEM cargo covers with related parts for the North American 2nd generation Mitsubishi Eclipse and Eagle Talon.Disclaimer: this info may not be comprehensive or exhaustive, and may contain mistakes or errors. If you see a mistake or something missing, feel free to drop a...
  20. 2G new to the dsm scene - 96 eclipse GS manual

    Whats up guys i just got my first dsm car, a 1996 mitsubishi eclipse GS with the manual transmission. 243k Miles. I'm from Yelm WA but I like to hang around Lacey and Olympia quite a bit, so hit me up if you're from around here!
  21. Tanner Miller

    Sold 1998 Eagle Talon TSI AWD Turbo $5500 sold I have a near all original 98 TSI AWD. Wheels, BOV and stereo aren’t original. Turbo pulls strong. No leaks at all. Does have a few spots of minor surface rust on shock tower , under carriage, and a small paint bubble on rear...
  22. Sold 1997 Eclipse GSX - Project Car (Runs)

    1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX - 7 bolt - 5 speed manual - 69,000 miles on chassis - Original Title Great looking eclipse with a rebuilt engine. It is now a 2.3 liter stroker with the internals to handle huge output. The car starts right up! It is ready to get its new computer, fuel pump, and...
  23. Sjd6795

    ECMlink Boostest vs map sensor

    So I have done some reading and cant find an answer. Both my boost gauge and map sensor are showing around 15-17 psi at full boost, however the boostest calculated from the mas is reading 33. Why would this be showing basically double what my actual readings are? My first guess would be boost...
  24. MojaMike

    Longtime DSM Owner in the Memphis Area

    Hey y'all: Nice place you've got here!I own a '97 GST that I bought new. It's been my daily driver ever since. The paint is shot and it's getting close to 200K miles, but still running strong. I guess I'll keep it.Still stock. Planning to replace everything that is wearing out, restore it...
  25. 1G stock compression?

    what is the original compression in psi of the eclipse? Mitsubishi Eclipse GS 1992 (engine is original,no turbo) i got: 120 psi, 0 psi, 120 psi, 120 psihow good are 120 psi in terms of engine health, and what could be wrong? at 200 km/h i felt a power loss. at lower speeds it felt like 50...
  26. Cranks but no start

    Hi guys. I just bought a 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS off a close friend of mine. Long story short, it was his high school car that he junked about 5 years ago and I thought it would be funny to buy it and bring it back to life. No laughs yet, just cries I drove it from Yuma, Az to Los Angeles...
  27. Mitzu Garage

    98 Eclipse GS | LS1 Swap Help

    Please be respectful, this is very sentimental to me. I have a bunch of questions. I have a 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS. I’ve been debating on what to do with it. I’m really into the 4G63 platform and have a GS-T as well already in my garage. I’ve always wanted to work on a car with my dad but...
  28. Sjd6795

    ECMlink Back with another log

    So my closed loop operates fine but I currently have open loop locked because it seems to be more consistent and I want to focus on WOT. I just fixed a huge boost leak where the motor mount had worn a hole in my j pipe and the car hauls ass, however I am still seeing a ton of knock and its...
  29. Sjd6795

    ECMlink Knock WOT pulls

    Just got my DSMLINK v3 installed yesterday and finally had the time to start cruising and doing some pulls. I noticed it's pretty regular that I get knock ranging from 3-10 any time that I do a WOT pull. I'm very novice at tuning but I did manage to get my idle near perfect my airflowperrev is a...
  30. Sjd6795

    ECMlink DSMLINK v3 questions it arrives today

    My DSMLINK v3 is out for delivery right now, it is a used unit. I have done some reading and gathered that I should Download a stock file configuration and or make sure all sliders are set to 0 and I adjust for my injector size.I've recently did maintenance such as head gasket, timing...
  31. Sjd6795

    For Sale Stock parts from my 2g

    I have some stock parts that I pulled out of my 2g, the valves are well used and missing one exhaust valve due to some damage. The rest are all fine when I pulled from my head, the cams I'm pretty sure are just stock cams if anyone can identify the markings on them further that'd be great.I...
  32. Sjd6795

    General Blackbox to evo 8 ECU

    I have a 1997 GSX that the previous owner had put in a black box ECU, I am having trouble finding a shop that will tune it. I was told by english racing if I install an Evo 8 ECU they will tune the car.I found this guide...
  33. Mitzu Garage

    Sold 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T / AUTO / FWD

  34. Sjd6795

    For Sale Balance shaft kit, balance shaft delete kit, Topline head bolts/washers

    Left over rebuild itemsBRAND NEW Topline head bolts/washers - $25 Shipped Balance shaft delete kit - $45 Shipped Balance shaft belt and pulley - $45 ShippedUSED Stock cam shafts out of 7 bolt - Offer Intake and exhaust valves - Offer
  35. Sjd6795

    2G What's the deal? Timing belt

    Ok so I have all of my timing marks aligned correctly. I am trying to install the belt but it does not have enough slack, I have the tensioner pulley completely lose and the grenade pin still inserted in the auto tensioner. I followed the vfaq for correct routing and that does not work. All my...
  36. Andrew Dussap

    2G Car died while driving

    Got my car today early in the morning, turned on the car and begin my day without any problems until I hit a stop sign, as I proceeded to make a right and start to accelerate just under of around 20 mph the car immediately shut off and Died. I Car has gas, the fuel pump is working, ignition...
  37. Sjd6795

    2G Lower intake manifold bolts...

    Trying to get my intake manifold off but I have no idea how I am suppose to access the lower bolts... I have tried with everything that I have to get a socket or wrench on there. The design is dumb it has the bolts positioned right under the runners I can barely squeeze my arm under there with a...
  38. HELP! 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST Spyder rod knock

    Hi there! I recently (less than a week ago, on the 8th of August) purchased a used 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST Spyder. I paid $3200 for the car, which had 177k miles and generally was in very good condition (it seemed). Owners claimed it was taken good care of, hasn't been in any accidents and...
  39. Koda

    2G Bad Knock/Screeching

    My 1995 Gsx started making this awful sound after pushing 18psi on my brand new hx40. It gets worse the louder it revs and the knocking is accompanied by a terrible screeching sound from the valve cover it sounds like. I have a data log and video to go with it. I have no idea what this sound is...
  40. For Sale 2GA twisty Side skirt full set

    Located in WA: 98012 Selling a complete set of gray 2GA twisty side skirts. Tab holders intact. Left cap has tear that I was going to repair, but sold the car so now getting rid of the remaining parts in the garage. $200 obo + shipping. Willing to deliver within 10 miles of my zip.
  41. Fox1486

    For Sale 2g FWD 5 speed Transmission

    I have for sale a used FWD Transmission for a 95-99 2G Mitsubishi Eclipse or Eagle Talon. It was rebuilt as a Shep Racing Stage 1 FWD, around 116,000 miles. I probably put about 35k-40k miles on it after the rebuild.While driving it to work one day, something "popped" in the Trans. Not sure...
  42. NorthEasternGSX

    2G 90-96 Cam Angle Sensor test help needed.

    So my 95 eclipse GSX has had engine cutout on and off recently while on the road, and now it wont start at all. No spark, no fuel. My research suggests to check the Cam angle sensor (Cam), then the Crank Position sensor, then finally send the AEM engine management system (ems) back to be...
  43. Cj Hill

    Any 2G DSM's in North Jersey

    Whatsup guys/gals. I'd love to get some DSM people together in the North Jersey area, I'm in Passaic County myself & honestly do not see any other 2G's on the road. 3G's ofcourse & 4G's are just as common. Besides just getting a local community started I have many questions as far as repairs &...
  44. alewis122

    1G 1994 GST Auto trans. compatibility

    Hey everyone,This site has been a world of help for me and friends so thank you in advance. I need a little help on a "good working condition" automatic transmission I bought I few years ago for my GST since the original transmission in the car has failed and will only go into the reverse...
  45. Sjd6795

    2G Fuel pressure gauge install

    Curious on where to install a fuel pressure gauge on a 2g when using the stock fpr it bolts directly to the fuel rail so no way to put my T barb with my sending unit in between.
  46. Sjd6795

    Anyone had any experience with PREracing?

    Here is a link to their website. I have contacted English Racing but they no longer offer Black Box tuning for our cars. Claiming that they always come in bricked, even after confirming with them that mine is not bricked and I have been making adjustments myself they have not responded at all...
  47. Sjd6795

    ECUflash Upgrading injectors today latency values

    Going to be swapping from my 450cc to 680cc injectors today and I am curious on the latency values. Do I just add to my current values the recommended amount for the 680cc?
  48. Sjd6795

    2G Cayenne red pearl paint

    Anyone know the best place to get some quality but also reasonable priced rattle cans? I need some Cayenne red pearl for my 2g eclipse. I plan to paint my side skirts and door handle to match the rest of the car.
  49. Sjd6795

    2G evo8 injector inspection

    So I have the opportunity to get some 560cc evo8 injectors local for $100 maybe less depending on some feedback from you guys. I've been looking around for some 650-850cc injectors and just can't find any for a fair price. I'm almost at the point of just buying brand new.I noticed one of the...
  50. Sjd6795

    ECUflash Weird AFR change

    So finally got my cruising AFR up to around 13 and out of no where a day later they just went to 11 and it wants to stay there. My Idle and WOT did not change at all so it has me confused. Any ideas on what could change cruising AFR but not change the WOT and idle?
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