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Misfire in cylinder 2?

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Proven Member
Jul 21, 2011
Alliance, Ohio
My car is misfiring in cylinder 2 any suggestions on what it could be?

Just rebuilt the top end the plugs are new and i just replaced the wires on the second spark plug

evil tsi

Proven Member
Feb 26, 2011
findlay, Ohio
switch injectors with another cylinder and see if the misfire moves, if so its an injector


Proven Member
Sep 12, 2005
Elk Grove Village, Illinois
Pull the injector and look for cracks/grime on the injector. Sometimes it is easily noticeable.


Proven Member
Jun 27, 2010
Toronto, ON_Canada
Before you start moving your fuel injectors around, have you checked to see whether or not your spark is miss firing. It could still be a fault downstream from the spark plug up.

You mentioned that you changed out 1 spark plug wire, what else have you tested?


Proven Member
Feb 17, 2010
Westfield, Pennsylvania
Also before you swap injectors around check and make sure that injector is plugged in all the way/getting a good connection (if you haven't already).


Probationary Member
Aug 23, 2011
calgary, AB_Canada
i have an issue also in cylinder 2, ive replaced injectors, fuel filter, checked timing belt for tensioner slip, checked coil, new spark plugs, wires. their was a little bit of oil on the bottom of the new spark plug when i pulled it out which suspects me to think it wasnt firing, i pulled the spark plug wire and it was sparking and the engine was still doing the same thing it was before which was running bad, i have a super slow acceleration with popping. what could it be?


Proven Member
Oct 19, 2009
south river, New_Jersey
I also had this same problem on my 2g. One day after about a minute of warming up the engine started misfiring and I had no choice but to drive it the rest of the short distance home. I knew it was cyl 2 misfire because i unpluged the injector and nothin changed. I checked the spark and was getting spark all and also checked that fuel was getting in there because the cylinder would be all wet as well as the spark plug. I was thinkin it might be bent valves on my new motor with only 3k. I then tried swapping the coil pack transistor with a spare one i had and TADA no more misfire.


Proven Member
Feb 3, 2010
Roanoke, Virginia
I would start from the cheapest option.
Coil pack
then I would kind of know what I'm dealing with..

[email protected]

Proven Member
Jun 11, 2011
saint albans, New_York
id inspect in this order

swap spark plug wires to see if its the problem (move the one from cyl 1 to 2 from the head and the coil pack)

if not swap spark plugs with another cylinder

if not try moving your injectors around

if not try borrowing some elses coil pack

also try a compression test you said the head is rebuilt maybe the valves arent seated right and it isnt buildling enough compression
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