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Building my Own DSM Eclipse


Probationary Member
Sep 30, 2010
Baltimore, Maryland
Well Im new to the Site. Recently I have made my way through waves of cars for choices. I said hey if I cant get an EVO why not get an Eclipse? I know two friends of mine that both drive Eclipses. Ever since I wanted to get one. But I have come across a problem. I having trouble finding Manual 2nd gens that don't have alot of miles on it.

I was thinking of buying a shell and working on it to look and run smooth like it came off the Line. But for one I don't know what to do or where to start. Plus I'm not as smart about cars as most but I do know a thing or two about most. So If you guys wanna help me out? Please do.


Supporting VIP
May 14, 2009
Vista, California
Well they say that these cars will turn you into a beast of a mechanic :D. I suggest just holding out for a bit and reading up on the forum. It seems that when you rush to buy a car, the exact one you were looking for just turns up right after settling for something less.


Proven Member
Mar 25, 2010
Thornton, Colorado
this is gonna be a big bummer... but 90% of the really clean and running 2g's that i've seen were all from california. you will be lucky to find a clean one else where.

good luck with the search!


Proven Member
Sep 29, 2010
City of fire, California
I think your better off waiting to get one that's already running with decent miles. It also depends on what shell you get and what parts it comes with. Either ways it will be can of worms looking for parts here there just to get it going. But it's a good learning curve but not everything will go smoothly as you think. How about a cheaper 1g?


Proven Member
Sep 1, 2010
Elizabeth City, North_Carolina
craigslist LOL and don't just check your area... check nearby surrounding areas too -nods- you might get lucky :)

i agree on try to find that's in decent running condition... then you can play!


Proven Member
May 12, 2010
miami, Florida
I bought a clean gst about 6 months ago on craigslist and waited about 2 months until she came to me. Dont rush yourself is a big pointer. Try to get one with a blown motor and start from their. I rather have a blown motor than a car missing many bits, it adds up quickly. Search and in about 3 month you will have a dreamer next to you, good luck.


Proven Member
Sep 30, 2010
Bloomfield Hill, Michigan
good luck with the build if you actually go through with it. Do you have any mechanical experience?

Blue Talon Boy

Proven Member
Sep 22, 2010
Leesburg, Virginia
I agree check craigslist. Not just your local but surrounding. Make some calls. Wait and you will find exactly what you are looking for. I would recommend getting one that is fully assembled though instead of the shell alone. Unless you are great friends with the guy at the local salvage yard ;)

On that note if you decide to go with a shell you can bet the first stop for parts should be your local salvage yard. You can pick up so much for so little. Another great place is right here, the classifieds. Always ask questions. We all forget sometimes so make sure you do it right.

Luck on your DSM and here's to welcoming you to the family.


Proven Member
Sep 3, 2010
Russellville, Arkansas
I suggest gettin a complete car. I bought one a month ago the motor was supposed to be good just no tranny in the car. No tranny no start. So i find a awd setup to swap into it. Well get the conversion done and get almost ready to start it find out it had very bad crank walk. Had to get a new motor.

Moral of the story of the tranny is out make sure you hear it run.

Black Widow97

10+ Year Contributor
Sep 2, 2010
Oxbow, North_Dakota
I bought a shell off the classifieds on here. 55k and no engine. It turned out to have some more problems but i got them all straightened out for the most part. You could try to find one without an engine or without an engine/tranny and just drop one in and hook it up. that would probably be the easiest way te get a clean ass DSM for the least money.


Proven Member
Feb 28, 2010
Fresno, California
Ya I say check craigslist that's where I found my baby. I bought it for 3200 with 171,000 on it. Ya the miles are up there but I plan on rebuilding the entire car anyway it's a good learning experience as well...but good luck with whatever you decide to do


Proven Member
Aug 25, 2009
Rockford, Illinois
Search and search until you find the one. Patience is key.


Proven Member
Sep 7, 2009
Tinley Park, Illinois
do it right, do the shell idea, build it from the ground up and when its all done, you would either love it and take it appart to make it better or we will find an add on craigslist or classifieds LOL


Proven Member
Aug 22, 2005
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
What's so bad about having a lot of miles on the car if you plan to build it anyway? Just find a solid car to start from. I'd rather buy a complete car whether it runs or not. Otherwise there could be all the little parts that nickel and dime you to death and rob you of your sanity.


Proven Member
Apr 12, 2009
Hanover, Pennsylvania
I have a running 95 eclipse up for grabs if you're interested, haha.

First off, welcome to the site and your worst nightmare. These cars are more addictive than crack when you start building one. Definitely spend some time reading through the site, look at the upgrade paths and vfaq's, and program all of the supporting vendor's numbers in your phone, you'll be talking to them quite a bit LOL.


Proven Member
Jan 14, 2010
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
Welcome to the site. Trust me about buying an eclipse too quickly. I needed a car, it was there, so i bought it. Now I regret not waiting and getting a turbo. But anyway, Craigslist is a great tool, and would recommend against buying a shell because you won't know if some one is trying to rip you off by saying they have an ecplise shell and it turns out to be an RS or GS when they said it wasnt. Well thats just my opinion. So goodluck and have fun with the new love of your life when she comes around.
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