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Nov 29, 2020 at 11:25 PM
Aug 15, 2003
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Supporting Vendor, from Virginia

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TSiAWD666 was last seen:
Nov 29, 2020 at 11:25 PM
    1. TSiAWD666
    2. polverari
      Hello. Can we talk about the RaceCapture system with dsmlink? I wanna try it on my car
      1. TSiAWD666
        Sure, what questions do you have?
        Sep 19, 2019
    3. orangedsm
      Is your wing a part of the Brilliant kit? Or is it separate? Love your car! Thanks for all the posts!
      1. TSiAWD666
        His kits don't include a wing. He does guide you to finding one that meets the needs of the rest of the kit. Mine was custom made by DHP Composites. And thanks!
        Mar 8, 2018
    4. WFO-TSi
      A while back Kyle from Archer Fab dropped a spoiler about making a IWG T4 manifold for you and I have eagerly been lurking around for a comparison between the old FP 3076 and your new EFR 7670. Have you had a chance to put any miles on the EFR? I’m curious how they differ in spool and if the larger A/R exhaust housing allows it to exhale a little easier.
      1. TSiAWD666
        The switch to the 7670 necessitated a lot of other custom changes like tilting the radiator for clearance, relocating the oil filter housing for exhaust clearance, and a new exhaust route. This is all still in progress, so no feedback yet on the new setup. I'll post a write-up when I have some. Hoping to have this on track in November but not sure that's going to happen, timeline is tight.
        Oct 24, 2017
      2. WFO-TSi
        Wow, for that kind of investment in funds and effort I hope the #’s MatchBot generates are accurate. Thanks for the update, and good luck on meeting your timeline!
        Oct 25, 2017
    5. nightstocker99
      hey man,
      my name is Brandon I met you this weekend at hyperfest. I was telling you that I had two dsms. we talked a little about you venom intake before you went out and raced,
      1. nightstocker99
        who was the guy with you that drove the red gsx
        May 24, 2016
      2. TSiAWD666
        That was WillRaceForBeer, but he's almost never on here anymore. Ping me on facebook and I can give you his name.
        May 24, 2016
    6. DeadlyAKrunna47
      Your car is lust to my eyes.
    7. 95DSMGSX
      Hey John! Its Andy from Jersey. Hows it going man? Wondering if you still have my email on hand, because the people following the page would love to see more of your race car! If you have the time, send over some good shots. Thanks man
    8. tank2220
      beautiful machine. well done DSMer.
    9. sax_man
      Have you considered going to a better alternator to help with some of your problems? Or are you sticking with the autozone one because you can replace it for free?

      You should try reaching out to this company and see if they would throw you a sponsorship. I stumbled across their high output alt, and for some reason I thought about your car- http://www.maniacelectricmotors.com/hiou140ampal5.html
    10. jkimes
      Wow, amazing car. I'd probably sell a kidney for that body kit. ;p
    11. Tribal_RS_96
      Awesome Eclipse!
    12. TSiAWD666
      Thank you!
    13. TrickeyFrickey
      Your ride is just jaw dropping man Major Props!!!!
    14. TSiAWD666
      I don't personally know anything about the Megan Racing o2 housing you speak of. I've never owned it. I don't know why there would be a bolt but is it perhaps plugging the o2 sensor bung?

      I only know what I've read about the OBX manifolds in that their build quality is sub-par and I think they're not braced well and so crack over time. If it were my car I wouldn't go anywhere near it but I have the luxury of being able to afford quality even when the prices are nutty. I would personally shy away from it and save your money for an FP. The cast design on the FP will last you much longer than many "cheap" tubular designs as those will crack over time, meaning you have to spend time to pull the whole damned thing off the car and get it welded. The extra cost of an FP over a cheaply made tubular will pay off in the long run.
    15. Gst23rol
      So finally I got the Megan Racing o2 housing but I have not installed yet. What do you know about it? It came with a bolt, so what is it for? Does it mean if I remove the bolt it will work as an external dump and is going to be loud or louder than if I leave the bolt? what about if I leave the bolt will it work as a recirculated????
      thanks so much I am very confuse, I don't know much about it.
      Also what do you think About OBX manifold. I would like to get de FP but it costs $350. do you know about any other brands?
      P.D: I do not race I just do it for fun!
    16. TSiAWD666
      I totally see the resemblance to an FTO and even thought that myself recently! Especially the special racing model ones in Gran Turismo!
    17. vince6756
      Your car kinda looks like an FTO.....but cooler.
    18. ed1380
      I give you my 99 and you give me yours. deal? It's the same color so you wouldn't even notice the difference :D
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