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420A 2gNT No power to starter just click


Probationary Member
Feb 6, 2022
Parkersburg, West_Virginia
I have 96 gs with a 420a 5 speed Manual I got the car 6months ago it was sitting in a old factory/storage building for 14 year after the previous owner passed but I can get no power to the starter I have replacrd the battery ofc starter,clutch safety switch,starter relay,fuel pump,tank,sending unit checked all fuses to do with ignition but only think I get is a click.


Proven Member
Feb 9, 2019
That almost sounds like a bad ignition switch. But the click you're hearing is probably the starter relay, which would mean the ignition switch is functioning. Have you checked all your ground straps? Specifically the one that is on one of the belhousing bolts. When I left mine loose once the starter was not functioning. Reinstalled it and started right up.


Probationary Member
Feb 6, 2022
Parkersburg, West_Virginia
Yea all the grounds look fine I forgot to mention at one time a sub was wired in but no amp could the wiring for the sub have a factor in it older Sony xplod


Supporting Member
Sep 11, 2017
Cincinnati, Ohio
Is there an adjustment on the clutch switch? Make sure that’s good.
I would start to diagnose from the starter. Check for 12v at the starter.
Make sure the starter bolt is grounded.
Check signal wire for 12v when ignition is turned to start.


Nov 14, 2013
Independence, Kansas
As a test, jumper the small signal terminal on the starter to the big battery cable lug and see if it turns over or still just clicks. Sounds like a low battery issue, so make sure the battery is really up to snuff. If that makes the starter turn over, then you have a wiring issue somewhere. but the click sounds like bad 12v or ground as @BLACK'98DSM referred to.


Supporting Member
Jul 30, 2014
Down the block, Minnesota
Make sure the ears of the starter don't have paint on them I had that same issue. Also if you put new battery terminals on the red and black painted ones, they don't work very well. I had to trace down a no start because of that also.


DSM Wiseman
Jun 7, 2003
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Often bad starter large cables and their connections. If one of these is internally cracked or corroded, or the cable ends terminals connection point is dirty, corroded, rusty, or not tight, it will drop too much voltage when the large 50-80A starter current is trying to flow so there won't be enough voltage left to run the starter and you will just get a starter solenoid click. This and weak batteries are the #1 reason starters go click. I suggest replacing those large cables with ones that already have terminals on them (putting separate terminals on the cable ends always adds resistance and is a poor connection anyway). And you should have the positive go directly from battery positive to starter positive. And negative directly from battery negative to a starter mounting bolt.
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