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1G tips on 1000hp build


Proven Member
Jul 4, 2003
Albuquerque, New_Mexico
I don't think you will get 1000hp with pump gas. My input is consider better fuel & a lot of boost. Turbo will need to be able to supply 100lbs/min plus, so "big". Maybe a ls1 swap with boost. Your goals don't seem to be very realistic.
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Founder & Zookeeper
Nov 12, 2001
Newcastle, California

Vegas Smith

Proven Member
Dec 2, 2002
Houston, Texas
hi there need some input on 1000hp build (streetcar on pumpgas ?)
what kind of turbo/wastegate?
in/ex mannifold /throttle body?
clutch/flywheel ?
fuelpump? (mech/electrical)
basicly all the bolt ons

thanks in advance
I'm being completely honest and not trying to be rude: the fact that you're asking this question, which is completely ridiculous btw, means that you have no chance of achieving this goal. Your best bet is to shoot for 5-600hp and then reconsider if you want to move forward. It's like asking "how do I become a billionaire?"


Proven Member
Feb 10, 2012
Winnipeg, MB_Canada
Pump gas isn't good past 600ish HP. Maybe for a 500+ cube big block, but not for a 4G63. There are 1000HP 4G63 street cars out there, but they are few and far between, and in one case I know of, is a billet block.
A 1000HP 4G63 doesn't last long, may not idle well or operate very well at partial throttle, and would require an incredibly specialized drivetrain and clutch to make it useable. This is easily a $50,000 project.


Proven Member
Sep 23, 2005
DFW/Austin, Texas
hi there need some input on 1000hp build (streetcar on pumpgas ?)
basicly all the bolt ons

thanks in advance

what kind of turbo/wastegate? 100+ lb/min capable
in/ex mannifold /throttle body? full upgr8
clutch/flywheel ? clutch holds torque not hp.... and you didn't say anything about your torque goals. Not easy to predict what clutch you will need exactly.
fuelpump? (mech/electrical) plan for failure if you use electric, going lean making this much power destroys expensive parts quickly.
injectorsize? large full upgr8 3x rows of 2000cc injectors

You're going to be overnighting a lot of parts from Japan for this dream to come true.

Consider the dyno graph of a 1000hp car. Where does it make 1000hp in the rpm band? Are you going to drive your car at that rpm on the street? I don't doubt that you can have a 1000hp street car but, as others have pointed out, it's not a realistic goal. The only thing needed for a car to be a "street" car is for it to be able to pass inspection/registration process at the DMV/inspection station. In Texas this is horn, lights, license plate light, seat belt, and mirrors.

A 1000hp DSM is making 250hp per cylinder and depending on your bottom end decisions, makes about 500hp/liter. Let's convert these numbers over to a generic 6.0L LS engine..... and see how hard it has to work.

4G63 2.0L 4 cylinder
500hp per liter @ 1000hp
250hp per cylinder @ 1000hp
333hp per liter @ 666hp (2JZ 1000hp specs)
166hp per cylinder @ 664hp (2JZ 1000hp specs)
166hp per liter @ 332hp (LS 1000hp specs)
125hp per cylinder @ 500hp (LS 1000hp specs)

2JZ 3.0L 6 cylinder
500hp per liter @ 1500hp (4G63 1000hp specs)
250hp per cylinder @ 1500hp (4G63 1000hp specs)
333hp per liter @ 1000hp
166hp per cylinder @ 1000hp
166hp per liter @ 500hp (LS 1000hp specs)
125hp per cylinder @ 750hp (LS 1000hp specs)

LS 6.0L 8 cylinder
500hp per liter @ 3000hp (4G63 1000hp specs)
250hp per cylinder @ 2000hp (4G63 1000hp specs)
333hp per liter @ 2000hp (2JZ 1000hp specs)
166hp per cylinder @ 1328hp (2JZ 1000hp specs)
166hp per liter @ 1000hp
125hp per cylinder @ 1000hp

I hope this makes it easy to see how hard each motor is working to produce the output in relation to other motors with different characteristics. Yes, you can cross the ocean in a rowboat and some people have done it.

Kai Hefner

Jun 21, 2018
Calgary, AB_Canada
Pretty sure this is a shitpost,

Bolts-ons? Pump gas? Streetcar? Seems like you'll be lucky to hit 500hp, no offense intended.


Proven Member
Mar 2, 2004
soutomaior/spain, Europe
thanks for all the usefull replies guys got some homework now
and for the rest of you guys ?
no this is not a sh** post
just feeling what is possibel with the dsm
and yes i have been a member for quite a while but i was 10 years out of the game simply didnt
have the time
i own a 1990 gst that will make between 400 and 500 hp(properly tuned)
recently i bought a 1994 gsx wich was very hard to find on this side of the globe
so i want to build something out of the ordinairyout of the awd, at least on this side of the earth
now i have some more time on my hands to pick up my hobby
so i have to start from scratch
thanks again:thumb:

Kai Hefner

Jun 21, 2018
Calgary, AB_Canada
Good luck then man, hope to see you do something cool.

If you don't mind me asking, what side of the earth are you from?

Kai Hefner

Jun 21, 2018
Calgary, AB_Canada
Google was quick to show me where Heikant was in the Netherlands. I assume that's where.

Oh guess I'm too lazy to look over at the location. Typing is apparently easier.


Proven Member
Dec 9, 2010
wampum, Pennsylvania
Coltboostin and I street drive our cars (on occasion) and both have made around 900hp, you would want a turbo 100mm or larger and at least 2000cc worth of injector and standalone, not to mention the best of the best internals if you want it to stay together long term, and you really are looking at around $50k if you want it done up nice, trust me.
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