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Tips for the shows


Proven Member
Mar 9, 2003
Maryland, Maryland
Actually the engine bay has silver still inside of it. The engine bay is the only peace of the car that I am really not happy with. It still needs a little more cleaning up but its I think ok for now. Also were did you get your valve cover done I have been trying to find one like yours very shinny but all the ones that I have seen are dull or become dull quick. But I don't think the judges notice that too much sine the car still has silver on it and all. Also this year will be my first real year of showing the car so I havn't had the judges really pick at my car yet. I Have had the car in and out of the shops for the last two years and now its currently in the shop having the whole interior fiberglassed should be done soon. Well I hope to see you at some of the shows this year just stop by and say Hi. --Brent


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Proven Member
Jul 2, 2004
Edmonton, Alberta_Canada
The front kit has to go, it does not flow with your car. I hate to say this term myself, but its rice. The teeth are just gross. Other than that, you're doing awesome. The paint looks great, the engine bay is hot, and go with what everyone else has pointed out already and you'll start seeing some awards. People want to see a car with detail and attention paid not something that you just blew your money on for someone else to slap it on for you - not saying thats what you did, hopefully you get my drift. A nice mix of carbon fiber and fiber glass in your interior will get some looks.

Attack Eagle

Proven Member
Nov 1, 2003
El Paso, Texas
1 customize the front bumper by removing the teeth, mold in the sideskirts. These are custom touches that you can point out as not just a "bolt on kit".

I hate to say such a thing but the interior is not "gaudy" enough. you need more green, things like the "leather" door panel inserts, and additional green trim.

3rd you need to carry that theme thru under the hoood, polish and chrome is great but it is bought not customized. Try getting those parts powdercoated with a translucent green that will match the paint.

4th you may consider having the inside of the headlights color matched to the body.

5th redo the box to atleast make it look integrated, better yet as someone mentioned do some Glass work to make flowing custom enclusures for the components.

6th color match the brake calipers so they stand out.

7th and most important, keep photo records of changes and modifications and create and practice a simple presentation that points out the custom details of your particular ride.
THat being done, you can either win or not, but you will know you have a super sharp ride that will blow the doors off the competition.


Proven Member
Nov 2, 2004
Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania
Thanks again everyone for the replies.

Again, does anybody know a tutorial on the web about fiberglassing. I really like the door panel idea. Also, where can I get some carbon fiber pieces for the interior of the car?

Should I change the headlights and tailights or leave as is?

SlammedSliver99: I had a shop chrome it for me. The guy sanded it down and then had it dipped, so I have some custom work done. :p

Did anybody ever try the powdercoating gun they have available at Sears? Wondering how the quality was.


Proven Member
Nov 10, 2002
Seattle, Washington
what are your harnesses mounted to? I would consider getting a harness bar (i'm guessing they can't be that hard to find for 2g's) and putting that in. Not only would you get rid of the silly angle on the harnesses, but it would be safer. crazy harness angles are not so good.

Other than that, it's not terrible looking for a show car. Not real keen on the z3 fender, and the bodykit is "meh" but i'm a "look stock, go fast guy", so you should probably go the opposite direction of what I like. ;)

Not having graphics makes the car look clean, even with the bodykit though.

Attack Eagle

Proven Member
Nov 1, 2003
El Paso, Texas
remember, no matter how good looking stock is stock.
Judges are looking for every aspect of teh vehicle to be customized.

That's why I recommended you simply color match the headlight buckets. Can't buy em and they will stand out as custom.

There are several locations that have additional carbon fiber trim for the interior, including complete dash overlays.
Carbontrix is one i think of, as well as squidskins.


Proven Member
Jan 20, 2003
Kalamazoo, Michigan
1. get that header sent out to be jet-hot coated
2. green surround on vents & door handles (just the surround)
3. put in a proper (and safe) seatbelt bar
4. dye the seatbelts green or get green ones
5. new hoses (black) in the engine bay, and try to fine ones with no lettering
6. loose the backseat latch hooks and fill the holes
7. paint all exposed screws and bolts black


Proven Member
Jul 26, 2005
blacksburg, Virginia
make a custom fiberglass box for the trunk
Get a VIS invader hood
get a OEM bumper with that Ralliart Lip from ebay
Paint part of the hood
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