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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


10+ Year Contributor
Oct 14, 2009
Tulare, California
I apologize in advance for the 20 questions I've been playing, just new to this and trying to get everything sorted out to get it smogged and on the road for the wife (you know how that is). Anyway, a friend 45 minutes north of me was nice enough to let me borrow his stock intake tube, air box and 2g BOV. As I was removing the injen (non re-circulating style) intake and replacing it with the stock unit I noticed a few things, I sure hope you guys can help me out.

In red, this tube was just laying down on top of the transmission not attached to anything, is it EGR? If so, where does it go, and how does it attach? The second red is where it looks like it terminates below the battery.

In yellow, this was just laying by the water neck and sensors with no vacuum line (the small one as shown) attached to it. I put a hose on it and attached it to the factory intake tube, not sure if that's where it goes.

In blue, there are no threads, no bung or anything, just a hole here, what goes in here? I would think the EGR or something would go there, but obviously can't fit over that, and sure as heck can't go in it. I'm so frustrated, it's been a non-stop headache trying to figure this crap out, guess I'll just learn as I go.

DO NOT pay attention to the zip ties in the picture, I didn't have any 1.5" hose clamps but didn't want the hoses slipping or pieces falling off while I was mocking everything up. I sure hope you guys can help me out again, which I really appreciate! Thanks in advance!



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What you have circled in yellow is your cruise control solenoid. It mounts to the passenger side fender and has nothing to do with the intake tube. For the vacuum lines search under "taboo vacuum diagram" you'll find everything you need to know
that hose that is hanging above the transmission is more than likely for your charcoal canister and that connects to the missing spot on your intake pipe

correct - connect the tube circled in red to the nipple circled in blue
Thanks for the help. Only thing is, the one circled in blue looks like it should have had a nipple or something on it but has nothing, just a big hole so I can't get that hose over it. Try and rig a nipple up or what? Thanks again!

Yes it comes with a removable nipple. That's where the hose from underneath the battery comes from.
Right on, I'll have to see what I can find. Thanks fellas, you guys are such a help, I really appreciate you guys giving me a hand!

you can actually just take that big canister out and plug the vacuum lines and plug the hole in the intake with the bolt.. its unneeded and it makes more space.. just my .02cents
I'm with you there, but isn't it needed for emissions testing in California? That's the problem I'm having and why I'm putting stock bs back on it temporarily. =\

K, got a nipple and got it hooked up. I am officially stock (for now). Thanks guys!
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