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Nov 28, 2019
Mar 19, 2006
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Proven Member, from Connecticut

jjrock5 was last seen:
Nov 28, 2019
    1. idkiliketurbos
      Hey man, I came across a few more of your youtube videos and it made me wonder if the car was still around at all since I had seen you sell of a decent amount of parts a little while back. Great job with both cars you've had!
    2. TJCTalon
      I was wondering if you got my PM's. Ive sent two already.
    3. mustard95tsi
      I've got a big 16g with minimal shaft play for 300 if you're interested.
    4. 2g awd dsm
      2g awd dsm
      hey man stopping by to just say nice build. ive watched alot of your youtube vids over time as i am subscribed find me on youtube: 4g63dsmpower
    5. magik95
      Whats man? Hey I was wondering how well that 20g hybred worked out for you? I know its was a old video on you tube but Im really considering doing that to my talon. My 16g is due for a rebuild.
      Did you have a thread on it or blog?
    6. perfuseme
      Hi i am interested in your 3 inch mandrel donut. If it is stainless steel il probably take it. Do you know if it is from pro works? My email is perfuseme@yahoo.com as is my user ID on DSM
    7. GsXdSmKingGsX
      PM me your FB dude lol.. I imagine you say some interesting things and i want to stay updated on your gsx
    8. flyineagletsi
      Didn't I send that adjustable t25 WGA that I made to you? If so, how is it holding up? I think I am good on the bov though. I've had PLENTY of PM's about them already lol. Thanks
    9. volcomsnow245
      what happened to the hx35?
    10. wotm
      did u get my message with the adress?
    11. 95eclipser
      hey man are you running a q45 tb?
    12. joshjordan
      hey man vey interested in your safc 2. call or text. 541-971-7312
    13. GsXdSmKingGsX
      Update that ish! =]
    14. GsXdSmKingGsX
      Crap lol. I want one for a backup haha.. Did you really go back to a T25???
    15. GsXdSmKingGsX
      Hey your the one that bought the holset and made the youtube video about it correct? You should sell me your FP Green =]
    16. GsXdSmKingGsX
      Your video on the Punishment FMIC is very useful. I couldnt quite figure it out till now. Thanks
    17. bNasty
      you dont want to just pick up a dp later? at least youll have the cat back section
    18. bNasty
      just let me know if you want that exhaust
    19. GIRman67
      I think I have a 2GBOV still from my HKS Swap I'll check later today and PM you again I'm kinda hoping for parts trade instead of cash if you by chance have something that I need and think it would make a good trade PM me or just email me smogpump@hotmail.com
    20. danielsl1999gsx
      Ahh dude.. No #### im kinda happy i found you on DSMTUNERS! i was a fan of your YouTube part up dates but you stop so i gave up lol, but never knew that you were threading about it! On here! So just spent about the last 40 mins reading through 11 pages and dam looking good man i have to say! How much is this running you so far? Cant wait to see your set up!
    21. Aproductions
      what did you end up doing, did you get stock mounts for the front and back and then put the inserts on or what.

      "I have a question regarding the inserts. I plan on using these for my 2g, the front and rear mounts have a few cracks on them, from age. While they were in the car, I felt the engine 'dance' back and forth everytime I gave it gas and let off bacause of this.
      Should I replace the mounts before using the inserts or are they good enough keep? The rubber is not completely shot but they are visibly cracked. Im assuming they were about to tear if I had kept the car on the road(Im doing an engine rebuild now)."
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    I like cars, thats about it.


    -John- '99 GSX
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